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    Intel Ci7 6700K @ 4.5Ghz - HT ON
    Asus Z170 Pr0 Gaming; Bios rev. 0802
    Kingston HyperX Fury 8Gb x 2 DDR4 @ 2133Mhz CL14
    ASUS Geforce GTX 980 4Gb "Strix"; ASIC - 81%
    Crucial MX100 256GB SSD + Western Digital 1TB "BLACK" HDD
    CM HAF 932 + Seasonic 750w X-Series GOLD PSU
    DELL UltraSharp U2414H Monitor @ 1920X1080 / 60Hz
    SteelSeries 6GV2 - Cherry MX Black Switches
    Logitech G300s Mouse

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  1. Hello, I am a specification component that will form the basis for reasonable gaming + Adobe software in the above budget. Currently it will be installed in an aging 1080 specification but in the future will be replaced in 2070 or 3070. I would be happy for your opinion on the above components. Thanks in advance
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