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  1. I don't know what's going on here !! :o

    Everyone here is more jabber than the other .. But strange that when there is a conference .. Everyone seems to me a nerd one by one ..::)

    : Lol:: Lol:: Lol:

    Lol yes...

    It's like making an appointment with someone on EC Que ... She says she's thin and beautiful: gorgeous: And at last ... a creature : Silly:

  2. So my DVD is a criminal or something .... I see everything with him without a problem at all ... I put the DVD in and then straight out a window pops up that says the DVD has recognized the area of ​​the disc and then immediately rises power 4 Are you sure what you say ??? ???

  3. frimware, it's basically what burns you on the cockroach, it's super how many double-zone replacement, you need to find a site that has your particular model and download the file, it's kinda complicated to install it if you do not have experience, The two times that have changed ...

    Why do you have to deal with all this nonsense? !!!! ??? Because Eros is there !! ?? Buy a DVD that's already Multi-Zone .... Why buy a lament that you know you're looking for to change it ?? !!! ?? ??? ??? ???

    Once again ... my advice is to buy Pioneer 16 * 40

  4. I have a Pioneer Multizone 16x I use power 4. The quality of the sound and the picture is amazing! Although it depends more on your speakers and video card ..... but I can tell you that I have a great experience with Pioneer when it comes to DVD!

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