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  1. Not closed but according to the picture it looks like you are using PCI EXPRESS .... which is short PCI ... is there a situation I do not see well?
  2. Amazing on the honor ... can you calibrate printers too? Good service is worth money ....!
  3. Do you want to run on your machine or on GoogleColab? If it's just learning the subject offers you to work with Google Collab if you want to do more complex things ... I recommend doing it on a stationary computer rather than a laptop.
  4. Hi, I would greatly appreciate if you could view this website: And fill out this short questionnaire (please view on your computer and not on your mobile phone) https: // forms .gle / 3fy3SoFpUWcEUCkK6
  5. Hi I need a recommendation for hdmi capture that turns out to be a standard camera.
  6. Hi I just wanted to say thank you ... at the end I bought TS-431P2 I expanded his memory to 4GB and connected two 8GB drives looks like a bomb.
  7. Hi I want to look for a NAS on which to keep the data preferably that was fast. I want 4 cells and right now I would like to fill two cells with 8GB each. It's important to me that it does not contain WIFI or protocols that I do not use for video music ... or backup software. Something works with something recommended ..... and there is no price limit ...
  8. Hi, about 20 years ago I had exactly the same dilemma that you owe it .. I did an electronics practicals ... and then I did a bachelor's degree in computer science (I started university and graduated from college). (Now I do my master's degree) and I hate math. ... and all these courses I did re-exams and in linear I did a re-course ... Take advice from an old man, do not give up on yourself at such a young age .... close the corner of a bachelor's degree ..Even in college .. Intel has employees with a green badge (employees Contractor) and a blue badge (employees) ..... it's not fun to be a green badge ... you feel ... less good .... especially having blues that are 1000 times lagging behind you ... open your ass for a year and a half closed
  9. You did not close what you wanted ..... What the problem ... What glitches do you get .... What directories do you use?
  10. 1) Qualcomm is a nap ..... Everything about Aram and modems ... they are the best .... nothing to do even Intel and Marvel and Samsung failed to reach its performance. 2) They also knocked other companies out by forcing all competitors to pay royalties.
  11. Definitely agree .... and further reinforces the argument before putting together such a computer .... need to understand exactly what to do there .... 1) The amount of information to analyze - the size of the drive can be too small (usually 2TB is really small) Expected learning time - RAY or cloud may provide faster response. 2) Quantity of pitches from the source of information - a direct connection to the memory of the computer. 3) Tree size (depth) more than that .... I don't understand why there is a computer that is both an internal server for years apps and a training system .. Each additional app takes memory from the computer and slows down the workout. I must point out that not always the classic solution (one computer running) is a good idea.
  12. Heh something very similar happened to me ..... I removed the video card without releasing it from the catcher .... The plastic joined the video card .... and the fins remained on the board if exposed ..... for now everything works ...
  13. Do not understand why not take a portable ICE LAKE processor and put it on a desktop computer? Am I missing something?
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