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    Card not passed oc or mining. Used for games with a resolution of 1440p. Not LHR version. Standard version!

    4,500 ₪


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    New m2 internal drive with warranty for delivery to all parts of the country plus 20 NIS can be collected from the Haifa area

    400 ₪


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    For sale, the above card is in an unopened box. international responsibility. Free Shipping.

    3,600 ₪


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    AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti 11G in excellent condition, no serious OC passed free shipping

    1,499.98 ₪

  5. For those who want GEN4 now it's a bargain price, I know that I myself bought one albeit a little more but from stores and not open packaging
  6. So what? I did not hear about Josephus I understand and not only them, at this price it's a bargain, I would buy but I have no need
  7. אין לי שום קשר למוכר, נתקלתי במקרה, משתף לברי המזל שיספיקו לקנות את זה במחיר כזה נמוך
  8. Who would have believed, it would not weigh half a tera !!!! Returning to the beneficiary ?? When games were around 11GB only ..
  9. But Moon Mage, there is an international warranty, there is no bet here, the part is shipped to Taiwan, the only bet is to buy ADATA product from abroad point.
  10. The part sat with me for a few weeks while I waited for more items for the same computer, when I contacted the seller did not offer me any help other than the address of the ADATA support site, from where you already know the story. And let's go, let's say Amazon would replace the part for me, what would happen if the part broke down during use during the warranty period beyond the 30 days that Amazon offers, you would get the same service I received
  11. It is worth noting that their customer service system is draconian, need a million small details to open a call, then you can respond only once to each of their response, if you responded, that is, you can not contact them, until I went so far as to ask a good friend in Taiwan to call To them suddenly things moved a little, but to get the drive not yet on the horizon, according to their reaction to the suggestions he gave
  12. I opened a discussion on volume but in my opinion it is very valid for consumers as well, I will not write here to all the details I will only link to the original discussion, for your reference.
  13. Highly recommend reading before purchasing
  14. I bought last year one of their SSDs, the most expensive at the time actually, the GAMMIX XPG S50 PRO. 1 TERABYTE. I bought through Amazon, the drive came faulty and the seller told me to contact ADATA customer service in our area. That it's Taiwan. I sent them the drive, since 7 months have passed, once a month they "update me" that they will not send me the drive this time either, because the EMS service they work with is not currently sending to Israel, fair claim, maybe, but 7 months have passed since the drive is with them, and there is no Horizon to see it come back to me as long as there is some Corona closure there, they completely refuse to send me the drive in FEDEX or UPS, I even offered them to give me the money back, of course they rejected this offer firmly. In conclusion, ADATA who robbed me, my money with them, my drive with them, and them it is not interesting that customer service does not actually function in a normal way See you were warned, do your account if it is not better to pay $ 20 more and buy a self-respecting company Yours truly Josh
  15. Note that you are buying an NVME M.2 adapter and not just SATA
  16. Hi, a month ago I asked who is interested in reviewing the efficiency of this technology at the refractory level and say that for me the reason for using SSD CACHE is so I can store all my games in one place, that it needs at least 4TB that the price of such SSD is around 2000 NIS cheapest, so I wanted a standard HDD for storage but I did not want the loading times to be high, but as close as possible to the SSD that is possible before I publish here the only benchmark I did (CRYSTAK DISK MARK) I will mention, that I do not use STOREMI even though I am on AMD platform because I decided to try SSD CACHE and RAID 0 and the platforms of Intel and AMD just do not support it, if you want more details on how I did it, etc., happily. I pulled from an old 4TB NAS that serves as a MIRROR, and even so most of my files are cloud-backed games. So come on to the pictures above you can see my basemark which is a standard HDD up you can see the speed of two HDD drives in RAID 0 without SSD CACHE and here's our thing, That sometimes SEQ1M reaches 600 and sometimes convenient To him about 400-500, it is not clear to me what causes this oscillation. Game loading times were filmed but I have no knowledge of video editing, I tried ... I have the recordings but I do not really have the patience to learn editing, maybe someone here will want the clips and turn them into a YouTube video or something, not really burning for me. I will also note that the loading times are slightly better than my regular SSD which is relatively old unlike the SSD that is used as CACHE. All I wanted to get was a 4TB game library for the price of an HDD and a little more for a small SSD, which would load quickly, and the goal for it was fully achieved. Hopefully someone will benefit from this discussion if suddenly someone comes up with an idea for a benchmark write to me here and I will try to execute it. If anyone is wondering what my specifications are, it is excellent in my profile, even though I wrote here a lot I did not feel it was necessary simply.
  17. Obviously SSD is faster, but RAID provides SSD CACHE information faster than without RAID
  18. Hello! I put together a RAID 0 array of two terabytes per drive (a total of two drives) + 256GB CACHE of SSD and another one 4TB HDD drive that always backs up everything, however, RAID 0 ..... The array is slightly different from what storemi or intel rapid store offer , Because they do not support RAID at all, for that matter I use software called PRIMOCACHE and it is highly recommended for those who are interested before they jump to remind me that SSHD already exists, I think SSHD failed because they came with max 8GB cash and it just is not enough for anything, normal game today reaches 50 GB easily, 8GB will not help anything. Anyway, for those who are interested (especially in gaming) there is this excellent benchmark on YouTube: I would love to do a bench Markets in my system for your enjoyment, please ask and I will try to provide results as soon as possible, with RAID, without RAID, etc., indicate which software you want me to use. Merry Christmas and a wonderful year Yours Truly Josh
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