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  1. Hello to the esteemed forum members, after moving house, I moved from the Hot infrastructure to the Bezeq infrastructure. I continued to receive charges for hot infrastructure and mistakenly thought it was the payment for the infrastructure in my parents' house, for which I had previously paid. Turns out the parents paid for their own infrastructure, and I was charged for the infrastructure in the house I left. For a long time. During this period, I was connected to Bezeq's infrastructure. Bhut claim that there was no disconnection request and that their equipment was with me and understood all this time they gave me service. I can probably get some kind of Bezeq / Bezeq international certificate that during this period I surfed with my username on Bezeq's infrastructure. If anyone has an idea what exactly to do in order to get some refund or compensation I would be happy. Regards, Miracles
  2. Hello dear forum members, I encountered the above problem some time after installing my 3950x, before that I do not remember there was anything like this, so it makes sense that the factor is in the processor or the new version of the BIOS I had to install to support it. (Windows 10 Pro) Fault description: When connecting a mass storage device, whether it is an on-key disk, or a 2.5-portable disk, or an external disk with a separate power supply, for some USB connections, at first the device seems to work fine, but once you start copying a heavy file , After a few hundred MB the transfer speed will decrease to 0, and it will not be possible to transfer more data. Sometimes the drive will disconnect, sometimes it will reappear but will not allow files to be transferred, sometimes the well-known "device you connected failure and cannot be worked on" message will appear. The fault does not exist in the USB connections marked in the board booklet as number 1 and 2 at the moment my external drives which are permanently connected, are connected there. I realized that some of my USB connections are responsible for the board and some for the CPU, but I could not figure out if 1 and 2 belong to the processor or the board. By the way, all the connections are USB3, there are two 3.1 gen2 connections that I have not tried a non-random fault, and do not know or related to electrical voltage problems as it appears specifically when trying to transfer a certain amount of material. In general I have a large number of devices connected via USB, including 3 of my monitors that include usb hubs and at the moment it seems that the problem only appears when it comes to drives. In terms of what I'm thinking of doing, I'll probably try to update the BIOS to the latest version (I'm currently with one version before the last one), not pinning too much hopes on it. I realized that it might be worthwhile to raise the SOC voltage but I do not know how much. In fact, when I think about it, with my old processor the SOC voltage was slightly above the default, I think it was originally for holding the memory frequency stable. If anyone has any insights or suggestions (or questions ..) I would love to hear. Editing: I turned to the manufacturer's technical support but it seems that they have switched to employing fish since I have not heard anything from them and more than a week has passed .. Regards, Nissim
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