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  1. Yes from the headphone port on the TV, which is analog. For analog input on the receiver, I see you can connect to the inputs AUDIO1 \ AUDIO 2.
  2. Do you have a 3.5 headphone port on your TV? You can use it and connect analog to regular inputs.
  3. This Phnom 1090 processor is old but not so old, and it has more than enough processing languages ​​in its standard, so you will not actually find any software in the world that does not work properly.
  4. OEM means that the Windows license is valid for only one computer, the one that will do the installation and activation on it. You can however upgrade a hard disk memory card processor. Replacing a motherboard may be a problem with an OEM license, although sometimes they either approve a motherboard replacement or if you call Microsoft support they will also approve you to upgrade a motherboard.
  5. You will see that you can save yourself a headache by going down to the details of how the different architecture is between the processors, and check you will get performance on Benmark websites. There are several such sites, I only trust PASSMARK. It is based solely on true results and good weighting.
  6. You do not need a certificate from anyone, in the field of computing and communication you have endless learning materials. Make it a habit of learning 3-4 hours every day in a particular area, and see if it appeals to you.
  7. Each component in the system will open a service booklet and you will have explanations there. In principle to connect an audio system it is not rocket science, read some explanations and you will know well.
  8. There are several sites in Namtzmak on the net that check by processor or video card or SSD. Some of these sites are not the most accurate and reliable, but the PASSMARK site is completely reliable and based only on true results and a large sample.
  9. Laptop speakers most of them are not considered at the same level as some quality stereo system. Put something like this basic within the space limit
  10. Could be a problem because your DAC is stereo, and unable to receive a multi-channel signal. You will need to make sure that the port on the Cellcom converter is for stereo and not multi-channel.
  11. If if you were able to solve the computer adoption, and still have mouse bugs, then maybe the mouse problem, there are some really problematic ones like that, that's why I only buy Logitech.
  12. Have difficulty because not at a sufficient level for the field, at best will find some junior or managerial position. Especially if you go to a practical engineer, he will especially have to prove knowledge, which will not be rejected. This is why I have often repeated that success depends on self-learning as a habit for the rest of one's life. The field of web development, part of it, is not with high demands to integrate in it. So it might be worth considering it, if not doing a bachelor’s degree.
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