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  1. A home theater receiver from a good company, and a not simple model but a little higher will make great music without any problem and it will be better for those who also watch movies that will be more comfortable unless in advance you are satisfied with two channels then better stereo amplifier and it is more than enough good sound. Those who prefer a dedicated stereo amplifier are more those for whom the stereo field is important, and are not willing to take compromises and invest in the field. So prefer a stereo amplifier stereo amplifier.
  2. You will probably see that everyone wants to make a good profit and why not? But we need to move in the direction we can succeed in. Programming is a field that can easily be seen if suitable not, because there is endless material on the net. Try to study on your own and see if it attracts you and there is interest.
  3. HDMI TO DVI cable works very well, I have it connected like this.
  4. A stereo for the home is not a matter of power like those of external amplification, but more a matter of quality offers you to take an interest in the field and read material
  5. Such symptoms can be a problem of loose contact, first check with other cables to rule out a problem from them. If it does not help then it is a problem with the speakers, there may be a contact problem in the connections, which is simple to fix at any lab, or there is another problem with the speakers, need to check to diagnose the problem.
  6. All well-known and famous companies are good, if you are looking for something quality, then you should have an SSD of CRUCIAL, and an HDD worth of WD from the new models, and not of their savings.
  7. Try to delete all files and partitions first, then format.
  8. You need a drive with a SATA connection and not M.2 and on the board if you need to connect to a SATA 3 connection, write it on the board, for maximum speed. It is possible to install Windows 10, no problem. Happy holiday, Happy Holidays.
  9. Yehudaa


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  10. AC or other standards is something that has nothing to do with settings, but rather comes from how we built the network card or router. TYPE C, I did not go out to try should ask anyone who understands this, but in principle any USB network card should work well.
  11. The router probably does not work in AC standard but in standard N, but even with standard N you should get a speed higher than 30, unless there is a limit on your network card. Check elsewhere and be smarter.
  12. Hello Most routers allow which range is smoother and smoother, will detail more how the recording is actually how at any distance and what speed. Through a lake to enjoy the Faber 1G need a WIFI network card at least in the AC1200 standard.
  13. It is not customary to make a discount only with resistors, and build some special electronic circuit for that matter, and probably in your case it is a waste of effort and it is better to buy a transformer for 30 shekels.
  14. But with all the complaints KSP and Ivory are still my favorites to buy parts and it is because of large stock and availability to get the product on the spot, and who knows how to explain himself if God forbid there is a problem, then give him a warranty and do not shirk it.
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