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  1. You've been blabbering on like Bitcoin's while its shattered value was $ 100, meanwhile its shattered value has gone up 400 times. Won't you get rich? Reminds me of the Southpark episode on "theoretical dollars"
  2. I ask again - why do you treat the common people after the millions you have made?
  3. Apparently Intel does not particularly believe and neither do the customers. The CEO resigned and the stock soared by 10%
  4. I recommend that you contact the presales of relevant companies and ask for suggestions. At least write down how many users, what uses, budget. something.
  5. You are right but they are not the only ones. Practice - if you were now going to start from 0 I would not think of them at all. Explorer is an antique product whose final support ends in another two months. The EOL product even before you start working with it.
  6. Thank you for remembering the mice after you made your millions from Bitcoin. or not.
  7. What is unsafe? If you mean you're afraid of crashing - that fear should also be on a one-day-old disk. Always keep the important information in another place.
  8. Appears on the site. 670 before shipment. Highly recommend trying chairs before buying.
  9. I buy at Waxman (usually surplus). Sitting in Petah Tikva. Jump into their showroom and "measure". I bought the RACER model two months ago and I am satisfied.
  10. Without referring to the identity of the writer, I agree with every word. From my review in another forum:
  11. I also like their chairs but need to make sure the discount is real. I bought a month ago the model of the RACER NIS 12 more (after the assumption).
  12. I guess this is an Android app? The simplest way is to run an EMULATOR like NOX on a computer with BT and connect to it remotely.
  13. Truth - I've been having this for 3-4 years. It really feels like a Microsoft virus ...
  14. Speaking of a well-known troll from another forum. Probably jumped to visit here too.
  15. The demand is insane. Hundreds of computers arrive in the morning and in the afternoon many sales people among them on the last computer. A less desirable side effect is that most reputable companies (HP, DELL, etc.) have approached Chinese manufacturers, buying equipment from them and putting their logo on it. Happens mostly on the cheapest computers. The warranty and service are fine but in practice this is a computer with quality control and Chinese materials.
  16. I have encountered a lot of camera related issues in WIN10 that were resolved after this change. Max if he does not help he cancels.
  17. Try it:
  18. Disconnect the SSD and see if the computer will boot from the USB then format the SSD (of course back up important information if needed) and boot from the USB.
  19. Try it:
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