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  1. tpm does not require disk encryption, it is just one of its convenient applications. It can also be used to prevent the use of MIMIKATZ or such and such variations. If indeed drive encryption becomes the default this will be a way for Microsoft to forcefully push the "Microsoft account" because this will be the only way to release a locked computer.
  2. I wonder what the reason for TPM is. Could it be that Microsoft wants to push drive encryption in the future by default?
  3. The simplest? Back up anything not in the cloud and delete the mail profile from the control panel. Open Outlook and start from 0.
  4. very strange. The computer was bought in Israel? How did you contact them?
  5. If you are in the same room without walls, etc. and the reception is not good, you will be responsible. Not bad chance that the internal antenna is disconnected / problematic.
  6. Drives using PCIE can reach up to 4 times the speed of standard NVME counterparts. In any case your NVME based drive will be above and beyond. It should be noted that in 99% of cases even a SATA based drive will suffice. Why do you want to upload the system from an external drive and why will it be used?
  7. 3.1 average SATA drive will suffice. 3.2 M2 is already possible. THUNDERBOLT has already enabled PCIE4. It all depends on where it will be connected.
  8. I wanted to read the article but the site did not allow me to pay in Bitcoin for the Powell.
  9. By the way: are-blanketed-in-snow-and-ice-tech-news-startup /
  10. Leave you is just jealous. I believe in a youtube video.
  11. As already written - 2 systems on each drive with BOOTLOADER one on the main one to choose between the two or install separately (2 BOOTLOADER s) and choose with the boot manager from which drive to boot. Or just put one inside a virtual machine and enough
  12. Omri - I really do not understand why you are arguing with him. He comes in early and his goal is for the scam to go up as much as possible. Whatever you say will not convince him simply because he benefits from it. I bother to respond to warn an innocent user who will run into this thread and consider buying this thing.
  13. With a little luck they will eliminate in law the obscene idea of ​​short and that's it.
  14. Bitcoin is history. I moved to the GAMESTOP blockchain.
  15. I with 1080 have already given up on the above at this resolution
  16. You've been blabbering on like Bitcoin's while its shattered value was $ 100, meanwhile its shattered value has gone up 400 times. Won't you get rich? Reminds me of the Southpark episode on "theoretical dollars"
  17. I ask again - why do you treat the common people after the millions you have made?
  18. Apparently Intel does not particularly believe and neither do the customers. The CEO resigned and the stock soared by 10%
  19. I recommend that you contact the presales of relevant companies and ask for suggestions. At least write down how many users, what uses, budget. something.
  20. You are right but they are not the only ones. Practice - if you were now going to start from 0 I would not think of them at all. Explorer is an antique product whose final support ends in another two months. The EOL product even before you start working with it.
  21. Thank you for remembering the mice after you made your millions from Bitcoin. or not.
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