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  1. Quote of Moon-Mage

    It's because you're dumb, the vaccine contains the formula for producing spike protein that does nothing on its own and the virus contains ... all the genetic material of the virus (and just to make it clear of course that this genetic material also includes the formula for producing spike protein).

    do not feed the troll.

  2. tpm does not require disk encryption, it is just one of its convenient applications. It can also be used to prevent the use of MIMIKATZ or such and such variations.


    If indeed drive encryption becomes the default this will be a way for Microsoft to forcefully push the "Microsoft account" because this will be the only way to release a locked computer.

  3. As already written - 2 systems on each drive with BOOTLOADER one on the main one to choose between the two or install separately (2 BOOTLOADER s) and choose with the boot manager from which drive to boot.


    Or just put one inside a virtual machine and enough 😀

  4. Omri - I really do not understand why you are arguing with him. He comes in early and his goal is for the scam to go up as much as possible.

    Whatever you say will not convince him simply because he benefits from it.


    I bother to respond to warn an innocent user who will run into this thread and consider buying this thing.

  5. Quote of ~ BaRaK ~

    By and large I also get along with 1070 on 1440P but some games like Cyberpunk, Red Dead Redemption, Control, Assassin's Creed require quite large compromises in the Haggadahs to run at least reasonably.


    I so much like 3080 but there is nothing and nothing. Completely delusional ...

    I with 1080 have already given up on the above at this resolution

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