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  1. Truth - I've been having this for 3-4 years. It really feels like a Microsoft virus ...
  2. Speaking of a well-known troll from another forum. Probably jumped to visit here too.
  3. The demand is insane. Hundreds of computers arrive in the morning and in the afternoon many sales people among them on the last computer. A less desirable side effect is that most reputable companies (HP, DELL, etc.) have approached Chinese manufacturers, buying equipment from them and putting their logo on it. Happens mostly on the cheapest computers. The warranty and service are fine but in practice this is a computer with quality control and Chinese materials.
  4. I have encountered a lot of camera related issues in WIN10 that were resolved after this change. Max if he does not help he cancels.
  5. Try it:
  6. Disconnect the SSD and see if the computer will boot from the USB then format the SSD (of course back up important information if needed) and boot from the USB.
  7. Try it:
  8. In this case, ask for a way to reset / hack a password and then set up a child account with restrictions. What you describe is a way to spy on people. Your excuse is nice, no one knows if it's real.
  9. The only "problematic" thing about concavity is that it makes the screen feel smaller than it really is.
  10. Even if there is a possibility (and to the best of my knowledge there is not) - what makes you think someone will answer you for it?
  11. As for the bug - I know. The question is whether they will be fixed on a spot or whether there will be a more serious change, which version will be supported later, etc.
  12. Nice of them to put out this version to warm up our CPU for winter.
  13. I was looking at the time for exactly what you wanted - 4K, HDR1000 and support for GSYNC and feature gaming. I was looking to upgrade from dell 2412um. I realized that there are only a handful of ACER and ASUS screens that set to $ 2000 or more and are also unsuccessful in all aspects. In practice I decided to buy an intermediate screen for the next few years until the technology I am interested in is affordable. In Samsung C1080HG27QQN. The main reason I chose it is because it supports HDR70 at a reasonable price while everyone else gives hdr600 (which is nothing in practice). Some points: 400. I switched from IPS panel to VA panel.
  14. It asks if you want to continue with the existing information only with SSD or do a clean install and start from 0.
  15. Use the tool to install on USB. Use it to do a clean installation and then actuate over the internet.
  16. If it is octave and connected to the internet there is no problem. Install clean WINDOWS 10 on the new SSD and on the first internet connection it will be activated automatically.
  17. A. In my case their service was just fine. It took them a while to respond but in the end they handled above and beyond. B. This is a bug that is clearly covered in TLH. I really do not understand people who thought they would get the products.
  18. It's possible. A little headache. We locally host a WordPress based site with Tara + storage. Local storage saved us a lot of money. This is a site for the internal use of a few dozen people so that 100 MB is symmetrical enough.
  19. It is good to know that there is software that can raise ISO from UEFI and SECUREBOOT. It's just a pity it does not allow running WIN TO GO without VHD.
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In June everything will work out? The MWC 2021 exhibition begins with a Corona-adapted version

Instead of a grandiose mobile celebration in Barcelona - we get a relatively small event in Shanghai this week, and plans for a European comeback this coming June The MWC (Mobile World Congress) was the first notable technological event to suffer last year's coronation, with naive restrictions in the first stage, Complete cancellation of the physical event afterwards - and at the same time promises that next year everything will return to normal, when it is likely that at that point in time no one guessed or predicted that even in 2021 ...

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