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  1. Without referring to the identity of the writer, I agree with every word.


    From my review in another forum:


    a quote

    There are characters (Rosa) who are simply for abuse to promote the nonsense of the writers.

    The pinnacle of records for me was devoting an entire chapter to awarding a prize to police officers who did not prevent a crime because Shabach witnessed it.
    The whole episode is full of phrases like "unrecognized", "unregistered" etc. instead of "illegal".
    A series about cops (!) Praising disrupting an investigation, failing to stop 2 criminals and abandoning the victim just because it fits the writers' agenda.


  2. - I was looking for exactly what you wanted at the time. , HDR1000 and support for GSYNC and feature gaming. I was looking to upgrade from dell 2412um.

    I realized there were only a handful of screens of And ASUS watches for settings and cost $ 2000 and up and are also unsuccessful in all the above aspects.


    In practice I decided to buy an intermediate screen for the next few years until the technology that interests me is reasonably priced.

    On the way I saved myself an upgrade of my 1080 gtx.

    I finally chose the Samsung C27HG70QQN. The main reason I chose it is because it supports HDR600 at a reasonable price while everyone else gives hdr400 (which is nothing in practice).


    How many points:

    1. I moved from panel To the VA panel. In wide angles there is indeed a slight change in shades but since I am sitting in front of the screen I do not encounter it at all.

    On the other hand I discovered that there is such a thing as black paint. After years with an IPS screen I got used to black being dark gray. On the first play of the video it just immediately jumped to the eye. Of course not But the difference is very noticeable.


    2. - The colors and brightness look good, of course 1000 is better but that's what it is. The main problem - backlight dimming. In normal viewing it is not so noticeable but when the screen is completely black in mode There is insane light leakage (total 6 DIMMING zones vs. thousands in FALD ...).

    In practice it does not bother me, there are people that it drives them crazy. incidentally, Still handles everything related to HDR in a horrible way.


    3. It is not clear to me the insistence on 2.1 - Currently the screens give maximum performance in DP. Especially now a hardware bug is now found in HDMI2.1.


    4. I bought a 27 screen because 32 seems too big to me, especially for 2K. In practice since the screen is concave it feels almost like a 24 screen.


    5. The screen works great in games. I have not encountered any problem with it being "gsync compatible" and not official gsync. I said hello to tearing.


    Overall I am very satisfied with the purchase. It cost me 1500 NIS in the last Black Friday (BF + 200 NIS Bank Hapoalim + credit for the delivery because it was late).


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