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  1. ^ On a normal day you are right. During Corona, Hut's infrastructures simply did not stand up to the burden. Not that Bezeq is amazing, but at least the neighborhood connection didn't affect you.
  2. Next time - don't forget there's M2 in the new.
  3. One of the most awkward, inaccurate and inaccurate apps I have come across.
  4. This is not another option. These are two completely different things.
  5. ^ Really. really. No. The discussion opens - In the picture you brought, you right-click in the place marked and do what I wrote.
  6. Run a command line as a manager (cmd + run as administrator) and run the following command: wmic bios get serialnumber
  7. Only you know your back. Go to the store, sit down and see what is convenient for you. I use Waxman's BROKER at home and their racer at work and they fit me like a glove to the back. My boss sat for a second on the RACER and said it was really uncomfortable. Everyone and his back.
  8. anthem worth something today? How's it for SINGLEPLAYER?
  9. You don't know what you have until you lose it. This is a permanent piece of income for Intel and it will feel good in its absence if and when AMD pushes its foot in the server field. The aforementioned exhibitions are for innovation and really have nothing to show there processors. People do not want to see the same processor as a stronger but a gimmick like "intelligent" auto.
  10. If we wanted proof that AMD was hitting Intel market on the thigh. We are back to the days of NETBURST (for those who remember). On the other hand - the lesson that Intel learned then led to the CORE processors and its lead on the market up to the RYZEN. Maybe that will make Intel's next generation return to the lead.
  11. It should be noted that there are 3 sub-models for this screen in each of which we corrected the mistakes they made before. Also - DISPLAYHDR 400 has no value. There is also no LOCAL DIMMING.
  12. Or in short - streaming existing games to weak platforms. Not even worth the basics in my opinion.
  13. Hollywood goes head to head with all their jeep. The trend is only intensifying. Aladdin was just a horror, it's hard for me to believe that the original product was any worse.
  14. Does the TRIAL version show anything? And why are you actually locked into this software?
  15. In Chrome's settings go to Advanced-> Site Settings-> Alerts and there you will block any site that does not belong to Google.
  16. Just click "Remove" to EVERYONE and add the user you want to have access to.
  17. The permissions on a home network are user-only.
  18. In another forum they wrote that it is not a problem to use a transformer even though it is 110V. At your own risk and of course at your own risk.
  19. Try playing with the REMOTE CHARACTER SETS in the software settings.
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