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  1. Exploding numbers that do not interest the consumer. Until applications come out that require it there is simply nothing to invest. I replaced the SATA-based M2 with Samsung's NVME. On a day-to-day basis you hardly feel any difference. Tested in normal work, games and several virtual machines at the same time.
  2. And if you've already cleaned up an old BUILD, you'll use the WIN10 Update Assistant. It will update you to the latest BUILD without any unnecessary updates along the way.
  3. As a principle of password-free access it is not standard and generally not recommended. You can create a user with a password and give them the above sharing permissions and their details set on Android.
  4. ag43

    Orders from Amazon

    I actually encountered them with no small problems (delay in express delivery by almost three weeks !!! and more). The attitude I received was atrocious and there was a feeling they had no idea how to care. A few weeks later someone started working for us and told me my situation was good compared to what he encountered.
  5. Which laptop? 2 screens + intense work without a thunderbolt is not a hit to say the least ...
  6. I'm waiting for 5 orders from Amazon. 4 of them with Israel Post, even the one I paid a full shipping price. You will know when they will arrive. The hallmark is that an 2 disk or key that I added to one of the orders as a 6 $ total filler was shipped separately via DHL on Friday morning and will arrive at the delivery point tomorrow ... Incidentally, I found that just across the road from my workplace there is a pick-up point for several deliveries. Shortens the delivery time every day, very convenient.
  7. ag43

    Dramatic drop in SSD prices

    All updated IMAGE software makes CLONE to GPT without any problem. If secure boot is enabled it is a bit troublesome but not too much.
  8. ag43

    Games on 2K

    What do you say about HDR?
  9. ag43

    Games on 2K

    I have never heard of an association between arbitrary screen size and headaches and eyes.
  10. 40% הנחה...
  11. Everyone thinks it matters. Note that this is about displayhdr600 and not 400 which is worth nothing.
  12. I ordered it: If you are interested in 32 inches it comes out cheaper in NEWEGG.
  13. Are you aware that this is probably the best gaming series in the world right now (along with some of the Asus models)? It's their high-end model. I did some research recently because I also targeted the 27 \ 32 2K niche and besides the NIRTO there are no unusual problems in this series. I'm waiting for Amazon to kindly send the Samsung I ordered.
  14. I just ordered the original screen you linked to in the 27-inch version. For me, HDR was more important than anything else. If you are looking for a good 2K screen there is now a sale on Amazon:
  15. ag43

    Games on 2K חצי מחיר מבארץ.
  16. nordvpn:
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