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  1. Previously I thought of the 8 PRO only that the digested screen is annoying. In the end I found that the FE 5G is always a Qualcomm processor so I bought it and I am really satisfied. Thank you!
  2. s20FE good but in the country there is only an Exonus version and I heard a lot of bad things about it edit: It seems that the same model the stores do not agree about the processor inside. Some write Exonus and some Qualcomm
  3. Hi. I'm looking to buy a new smartphone. There is really no budget limit, I simply can not find anything that meets all the requirements: IP68 in-display optical fingerprint reader (fast) UFS3.1 90-120hz refresh rate always on display Flat screen with no bumps on the sides. Is there such an animal?
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Now it's official: the comeback of the GeForce RTX 2060

Now it's official: the comeback of the GeForce RTX 2060

The intermediate model from the Turing generation adopts the number of active units in its refreshed super version, equipped with double the volume of graphic memory - and goes out to provide a solution to some of the constant demand for more and more video cards