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  1. All the computers I installed had OEM licenses, but we installed on the same computers. Why do you not use the license of the same computer that you format?
  2. First of all, you can perform a clean installation of 10 with a key of 7 (although not upgraded) and the system will function properly. I did this dozens of times in my previous job. Just make sure to install the appropriate version according to your license (Home / Pro). As for the material you have, precisely because it is on drive D you can only format drive C during the installation process of Windows and thus save the material. Of course backing up must be done beforehand and also regularly regardless of this process. And I also highly recommend performing a clean install, you will burn a lot of time on trying to fix the error and even if you succeed in the end it is still better to get a clean system than a system that has undergone a lot of updates / patches.
  3. If it still does not find, open a run line and write a control update inside it
  4. You have no problem, the speeds of the 970 are more or less normal, and in the 840 you get hallucinatory numbers because of the rapid mode as they said (you can also check the technical specifications of the 840 and see that there are much lower numbers than the test you got with the 970) .
  5. By and large, the images you uploaded do not show the possibility of changing the DNS server that the router addresses, but do see the option to configure the DNS server that the router distributes to consumers in DHCP. It should be taken into account that on some devices a different DNS server is configured manually (instead of getting the server address from DHCP) and then they need to be changed manually. Define here, delete the first row and fill in both rows a primary and secondary DNS server:
  6. A little tip, try to build the array of DATA on RAID5 (requires at least three disks). That way in the future, if you need to increase the volume, you can easily do so by purchasing another disk and that's it. In RAID1 you will have to break the array and build a new array (which means exporting all the material and then returning). Which will also increase performance.
  7. A network card that syncs to 100 megabytes means that not all 8 wires are normal somewhere between the computer and the switch. Have you checked with a network tester the cable in the wall that all 8 are working? If so, the problem may be with the cable between the computer and the wall or between the wall and the switch. Of course there may also be a problem with the computer / switch but this is less likely. And another thing, CAT6 is usually recommended because as it is said the CAT7 is already very hard and difficult to thread, and even so CAT6 can transfer 10 GB (like CAT7) only CAT7 can transfer this speed over longer distances.
  8. The problem with cellular communication is that it is very unstable in terms of speed. In my house (a neighborhood of private houses, so probably the load on the antennas is relatively low) there were days I would get 50 megabytes (mostly at night), sometimes 10 and sometimes even 3 megabytes. Plus with my grandmother always when I'm with her the internet is always insanely slow (something like 1-2 megabytes, in 4th generation of course). There may be places where it's a spin and maybe with other cellular companies it's a spin (I'm on 012) but it's probably always going to be some kind of gamble. Indeed, in terms of connection stability (= lack of disconnections) it will probably be more stable than any wired internet infrastructure you can connect at home because it depends on the antennas that the cellular companies maintain and does not depend on a separate infrastructure of each building / apartment. It happens maybe once in a few years that there are national glitches and that too for a few hours.
  9. In the Default Gateway you anyway give the address of the router. And yes, you will only change the last group (called in professional language octave). Because otherwise the address you give will not be in the same subnet of your network (in the case of a home router).
  10. If the fix you are doing is through Windows as you say, then you are fixing the address in your computer's network card settings. It is important to understand that the address is associated with the network card and not the computer. On servers, for example, there is usually more than one network card. Each network card has its own MAC address and its own IP address. You can also try connecting a laptop to the same network both wired and wireless and running ipconfig. You will get 2 different outputs (of the two network cards) Each of them has a MAC address and a separate IP address. And as for the range that the router divides, each DHCP server (in this case it is the router) has a definition of which address range it will divide. If you manually set in the network card an address that is in this range, the router may hand it over to another consumer on the network (because he does not know you have already caught it manually) and then you will have an address conflict. OK. Check the router's settings which address range it divides and determine the address that is outside that range.
  11. First of all, it is not recommended to open DMZ. The more open ports there are to the internal network, the greater the security risk. A port is not something that is opened every day, it is better not to be lazy and open only the desired port. Firewall does not just exist and the ports are not open by default. And as for the internal IP, I think it is better to configure through the router so that all the fixing of the addresses is concentrated in one place. If you still set through the network card, then as they said do not set to an address that is in the address range that the router distributes so that there will be no address conflict.
  12. Who is your supplier? I with 200 megabytes + hotnet and downloads from a private tracker usually comes to the 15 megabytes area there were also several times I got more
  13. You can also share from Windows HOME. I share movie and series folders from WIN 10 Home and watch like this through Streamer.
  14. You set printer settings in your computer to their IP address, which means that if their IP address changes in the future (for example, if it is disconnected from the network for a few hours, for example due to a power outage), the computer will show it offline and you will not be able to print. It is not mandatory to determine that the address does not change often and even if you already know how to change it quickly through the control panel, but for the long-term convenience it is recommended. If you still want to make a determination, write down which router you have and try to guide you.
  15. Don't forget to set the IP address if you haven't done so yet. If possible, it is better to configure the router rather than manually from the printer settings.
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