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  1. I do not understand too much about the protocol and its problems, but what I read in the forums is that it is impossible to exploit this problem to steal money. The operators of the site apparently stole the money and blamed the malleability.

    In another context,

    I do not think that Batkin did not come to replace banks, it was intended to exchange cash, the notes / coins themselves, and to facilitate certain transactions.

    If you want someone to keep you on the Bitcoin you put him in a dedicated bank just like you pay money in a bank instead of putting it under the tiles. If you want to take a loan, credit will still contact the bank and so on.

    There are actions that today banks do like bank transfers, credit card payments that simply can not be done with regular money only. If I have a hundred shekels in my pocket, I can not order a product online without a third party transferring my money to the seller (my bank, my credit card company, the seller's bank). If I have In my wallet I can transfer the money directly to the seller without any third party just like I would do face-to-face.

  2. The government also can not force you to pay taxes in the sense that you are talking about it, there is a law that says you have to pay taxes and if you go through it you are accused of a criminal offense.

    You pay taxes according to what you report to the state! The state does not check your bank account every month and decides how much tax you have to pay - it is your responsibility to report to the IRS.

    If they do not believe you and suspect you are raising tax they will investigate you, this can include checking books, occult tracking and more. A bank account gives them the option to freeze you assets and that is more or less over. Even now a bank account does not prevent tax evasion, people use cash, if it is a large-scale users abroad banks that even help whiten the money.

    It forces you to pay taxes by laws, if you pass them you are punished.

  3. Bitcoin is actually more real. In this sense, Bitcoins must invest in the mining itself (electricity and hardware costs) and there is a more stringent limit on the quantity that can be produced.

    Fiat money is produced by banks arbitrarily.

    Suppose you took a mortgage on a new house, the bank does not open the safe and gives you money in cash. It changes the value of the computer (such as changing the value of the Excel table for them) and your bank account has tapped a million shekels. Of course, you do not give this money to the contractor in cash, but by bank transfer. You subtract from your Excel table a million shekels and add a million shekels to the contractor's Excel table. In practice most of the money is a commitment contract to banks, it does not really exist.

    What limits the banks is the reserve ratio, the ratio of the real money (cash) held by the bank to the money it created. In Israel, this ratio stands at 6% - for every real shekel the bank has, they create NIS 16.67.

    Bitcoin, by the way, has other significant advantages such as micro-payments. Currently, it is not possible to transfer very small payments because of high clearing fees. With You can pay 20 agorot for reading an article or watching a video on YouTube.

    (Bitcoin currently specific will probably not fit this but in the future will address the problem or you can use other currencies)

  4. (Or anyone else who can answer)

    Can the LEDs be fixed? (When the computer is not connected to the TV that at least I can put them on what color)

    And how the power thing goes

    The Androino connects to the 12V transformer and provides the LEDs with electricity? Or we need one pair of 5V and one 12 V

    I believe it is possible, you can program the arduino to activate one function or another if there is no information through the script.

    Hardoino needed 5V, through Or transformer. You will need an 12V transformer anyway.

  5. Hello, as I wrote in the past I am looking for To work with Conro and PCIE x16, but it must be manufactured.

    I also saw names but I could not find them on their site. Is there anyone who can give me a direct link to one of the boards in Pendes?

    The budget is about 700, no OC is planned, or anything like that. I'm not locked into a particular company, but it's important to me that this is not an unknown company.

    Thank you very much to all the helpers : hi:

  6. The Hanmarkx will hold your computer very well

    You can take a cheaper package from Compucase or another quality company (do not buy from a non-quality company)

    Copy the model of the board if you were recommended and ask the panda to invite you, and tell them to have a complete conro support

    As far as I know, Pendes does not make special orders, is there another model on their site that suits me?

  7. logicpc.co.il


    Code Code Product Price Quant. Summ

    0 338 Compucase-HEC Midi Tower CI-6A19 W Front USB 300W 323.00 ¤ 1 323 ¤

    1 8146 Corsair VS1GBKIT675D2 (2x512MB) DDR-II 667 Value Memory 657.00 ¤ 1 657 ¤

    2 8633 Enermax 400W E400AWT Liberty 20 / 24PIN Power Supply 461.00 ¤ 1 461 ¤

    3 9020 Gigabyte GA-945P-S3 RH Intel 945P Motherboard 671.00 ¤ 1 671 ¤

    4 8954 Intel Core2 Duo 1.86GHz 2MB E6300 Box CPU 1230.00 ¤ 1 1230 ¤

    3342 ¤

    Kind of payment: Credit card (equal payments) 1 + 0%

    Delivery: Without delivery 0 ¤

    5 3342.00 ¤

    The package includes a doubt that they do not have it, no doubt, ask them if you can get a refund, if they bring you a refund it comes out about 3240 shekels

    That too m logicpc.co.il

    Thank you very much for the specification.

    Can I take another cheaper package (without having any trouble afterwards)?

    Will the power supplier carry the computer with the X1800XT card, hard disk, burner, DVD and other hardware?

    Product breakdown

    Quantity. Total products

    1 Intel Core 2 Duo E6300 1.86GHz 2Mb Tray 1,250 NIS

    1 Value Select 1GB (2x512MB) PC2-5300 -667 CL5 DC Kit 675 NIS

    1 Enermax Liberty 400W Active PFC 475 NIS

    1 Compucase 6A19 Black Midi Tower No 268 ש"ח

    Total 2,668 NIS

    I tried to copy the specs to the panda (their store is really close to my house) but I could not find the motherboard, except for the board if everything is fine and matches the specs that you are in France?

  8. I suppose that will be enough for you.

    Code Code Product Price Quant. Summ

    0 7188 Antec Sonata II Piano 450W SmartPower 2.0 Case 770.00 ¤ 1 770 ¤

    1 8146 Corsair VS1GBKIT675D2 (2x512MB) -II 667 Value Memory 657.00 ¤ 1 657 ¤

    2 9020 GA-945P-S3 RH 945P Motherboard 671.00 ¤ 1 671 ¤

    3 8954 Core2 Duo 1.86GHz 2MB E6300 Box CPU 1230.00 ¤ 1 1230 ¤

    3328 ¤

    Kind of payment: Cash 1 -2%

    Delivery: Without delivery 0 ¤

    4 3261.44 ¤

    Thank you very much for the comment and all other comments in ink i.

    I have a few questions I would be happy to answer, from which spec store?

    Will I have a chance to expand the RAM (buy two more steaks) and still work on a dual channel?

    In fact, the package and the vendor do not seem so good to me, are there other alternatives (I prefer a good supplier and a simple package)?

  9. Thanks for the answer, I also have an ATI X1800XT video card so I need a strong and reliable power supply to hold the system.

    From what I understand you can buy a conro in this budget (preferably on dual core?), If I add 200-300 shekels it will be possible to take More normal and better supplier?

    By the way, if anyone has the power to build a Conro-based specification up to NIS 3300 in shekels, I would be very grateful to him.

  10. My budget is currently NIS 3000 (can be exceeded) per processor, , Ram, chassis and power supply (everything else I have).

    Does Nitzan introduce a Conroe-based specification into this budget without compromising the quality of the parts (not planning to purchase a supplier / board / ram from an unknown company)?

    If it is not possible what budget is possible? How are prices going to show in two weeks, a month, etc.?

    Last question, did Conroe processors even physically arrive in Israel?

    Update: I am currently looking for a Conroe based spec for up to NIS 3500 (if possible cheaper), the parts I need are: CPU, , Ram (at least a gigabyte and as fast as possible), a chassis (simple), power supply (to hold the system plus ATI X1800XT).

    Priority for stores as close as possible to her room area.

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