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  1. Is the i5 generation 11 with 8 cores more powerful than the i7 generation 7? Thanks in advance
  2. Dell is an i5 processor 11th generation 8 cores Memory RAM 8GB disk - M.2 256GB Lenovo is an i7 processor - 7th generation RAM 16GB SSD 540GB disk has an advantage over the I5 over the I7 because it has 8 cores? And at hard disk level is SSD better than M2? Thanks for the help
  3. Hi Merry Christmas I am debating between the above 2 models offered to me. Office and Office use. Unreliable price because it is a computer for daily work that I will take from home to work on a daily basis. Dell Vistro 15 3000 (i5) 15.6 ”Lenovo ThinkPad (i7) 8hGen 14” Is there a preference for a certain model? I know Dell with a 14 screen that I have with 4 GB of memory. I do not know the Lenovo at all, I only know that it has 2 USB ports (I have a USB adapter TO RJ45). The computer will be permanently connected to a mouse keyboard and external screen. In your opinion, thanks in advance
  4. Hi first thank you I will probably go for stationary + camera. What I did not find is IP cameras for a reasonable price. I also did not find a supply (only the expensive 1080). NIS 2500 budget (possible without a screen because I have a screen for several years). By the way, what is the equivalent of AMD to Intel's I5 processor?
  5. Hey can anyone please help It is debating whether to buy a screen with a built-in camera (if there is one) and a desktop computer, or alternatively an ALL IN ONE computer. The 2000 budget is easy for everything. As mentioned only for distance learning. Thanks in advance .
  6. Hi Shabbat Shalom is looking for a computer for a woman (a teacher by profession) and a computer for online learning The purpose of the computer will only be used for this of course (including Office documents and the like), so you do not need a computer. With a screen?
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