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  1. CAT7 threading is a difficult story 

    Is the cable you have today with or without insulation? If so the connectors you took from metal?

    It is recommended to check the connectors again, that the connection is correct and check that all 8 tendons are well connected.

    If you are going to pull the cables alone recommend in any case buy a wiring tester of RJ45 a pair of work gloves and liquid soap or threading material

    Think CAT6 is enough for the home

  2. An integer or a decimal number?

    One option is to divide the number by individual digits and convert to ASCII by adding the value of the character '0'

    Something in the style of for the number 1234

    Loop as long as the number is greater than 0

    So make modulo 10 get 4 add to it a value of the character '0' and save to the string variable as an addition

    Divide by 10 (123) and repeat the loop

    And finally reverse the number ("4321")

    Or divide in advance by a large number (double of 10) to get the most left digit ...



  3. Quote by af db creid

    There's a programming forum, it's a software forum. Ask the principals to move.

    Sure C or maybe C ++? If you do not know - did you use cout or printf?

    seriously? iszogi? Are names changing in Hebrew? disable warnings? And besides he said to receive for int and not string. Magic numbers. Line drop after scanf. No buffer cleaning. if empty and after else. There is no code style uniformity. Code duplication. Incorrect operator priority (no brackets when needed). And after all that, the code is not at all operation What is required.

    I have not seen such a code in a long time.

    Glad to challenge you keyboard troll

    I'm trying to help someone and get ricochets from you? 

    Write your amazing code and refer it to the writer

    I did not ask or ask your opinion


  4. Attaches a partial solution

    Note to do an input health check

    If you give an odd-sized cycle also K should make an odd

    If S is even in length then K should also be even




    #include #include void main (void) {char s [255] = "0"; char output [255] = "0"; int k, i, k_part2, j = 0; printf ("hi world ... \ nPlease enter string-"); #pragma warning (suppress: 4996) scanf ("% s", & s); printf ("\ nPlease enter value for k-"); #pragma warning (suppress: 4996) scanf ("% d", & k); k_part2 = k; if (k == 1) printf ("\ n% c", s [0]); else {int x = strlen (s) / 2; int iszogi = strlen (s)% 2; if (iszogi! = 0) {output [k_part2 / 2 + 1] = s [x]; for (i = 1; i <= k; i ++) {if (s [x - i] == s [x + i]) {} else break; } for (i = (x) -k / 2; i <= (x) + k / 2; i ++) {printf ("% c", s [i]); }} else {for (i = 0; i <= k; i ++) {if (s [x - i] == s [x + i]) {} else break; } for (i = (x) -k / 2 + 1-1; i <(x) + k / 2; i ++) {printf ("% c", s [i]); }}}}


  5. True, but

    All companies do it ...

    Intel sells its processors at a net profitability of more than 100% (and even much more), following the announcement of Lowered prices by 50% and they still make a profit.

    Intel requires you to upgrade a board every two years - if you want to upgrade a processor. What AMD enables (shows that technology is possible) in order to profit on the motherboard chipset.

    NVIDIA released the new cards with the intention of first suffocating the market and worrying about limited inventories.

    Samsung have sold explosive phones just to beat the On launch date.

    Apple has canceled the port of the headphones and moved to its own connectors.

    Google sold drugs to the people during the 4 that a device sold for $ 200, in order to break market prices and today premium devices are sold.


    There are not many righteous in this market

    Capitalist development and market - the deadline is more important than the quality of the product.

    We will address bugs in software updates.

    Where did we get that you get a message from the garage that you need to come and burn new firmware to the chalk of the car ...


    Luckily we have the right to study the market and buy what suits us, want Fix it They want to Buy a PC


    I was under the impression that they are making this move, taking the development of the processors on themselves is a piece of work.

    Especially since it's only for their products and not for anyone else, a tiny little market,

    And in addition to re-adjusting their operating system to that ... impressive


    Thanks to everyone for the pleasant discussion

  6. Totally agree with DrShawarma.

    95% of the people in the forum are not the target audience.
    Not much Computer makers who manufacture their own hardware (Samsung is an exception And good SSD also HP) including Processors and operating systems.

    Like on an iPhone Does not say what the size of the battery, what the speed of the processor ... 

    They're in the section of trust us it works ... (and most of the time they are right)

    Enchantment for those who need it Of 12 hours of work, a computer that will do what the average person needs in an excellent way.



  7. Yes!3026&authkey=!AA3aS29ZKHHdA-Q

    Take down those two

    Put them in a folder on drive C (this means the files after you take them out of compression)

    Install if there is an installation

    If not right-click on the four "other" devices that appear on your list (one by one)

    And update driver (select the option to search in the folder you created)


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