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  1. Thank you for saving me unnecessary writing. I planned to explain to him in detail what is wrong and what the problem is but there is no point in feeding the troll.
  2. Do not buy car charger. It is much better to buy an electric converter so you actually have an electrical outlet in the car. So it turned out that what I bought allowed me to recharge all the laptops I had, the kids' tablets and laptops, no matter what type they are (yes, I'm talking more about the time when almost every mobile phone had its own charger) Edit: I attach what I bought. In my opinion, it is worth every shekel. My life is gone after 8 years. https://he.aliexpress.com/item/32800991105.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.27424c4dhftf6z
  3. The bounce: Does anyone really have a solution? I'm not talking about downloading the video to a local file, just a continuous continuation of downloading the video to browser memory.
  4. Hi everyone, I have an acquaintance who got a new employee job at an insurance agency. Need a working computer. He is interested in 2 screens. In terms of a computer, it probably suffices for the minimum recommended here: https://hwzone.co.il/specslist/details/?id_bundle=236225 In terms of a screen from personal experience I recommended it to Dell. https://www.pc-online.co.il/single_product.php?ps=14771 So aside from a video card that I suppose it needs to work with 2 screens, what else should \ change? Basically the goal is to reach a minimum expense. Any change that would save a few shekels and not hurt a blessed system. I would love for any relevant comment. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I'm not sure this is the right forum but it seems the closest to me. I notice that while watching videos, downloads are often stopped when the video is paused. I guess it's meant to save bandwidth if someone doesn't watch the entire video. It bothers me because sometimes I want to put the video on hold, if for example I prefer to watch high resolution and want to watch everything continuously. But when I return to the tab, I find that they are only a few seconds ahead. Is there a simple solution to this? I'd rather it be something for a chrome browser. Just that an entire video is dropped non-stop when tax / comma watch video. Incidentally, if it is relevant it is also relevant to videos in Coursera Judimi and PluralSite.
  6. I would love if you could post an opinion on what you are using including pros and cons so I can know if it fits me too. In addition, what is the resulting file size?
  7. The operating system provides services to programs that run. It also divides the work into cores according to its parameters. This means there is a very low likelihood that it will actually work as you say but it will be very accidental and unlikely to be easily repeated. In short, the operating system will decide.
  8. The goal is to experiment. It's clear to me that I can reach a 10GB network with copper cables.
  9. My mistake. I was referring to a switch on a link that Kyotech gave no router. Thanks for the info on the adapters. Can you send a sample link please or say exactly what to search on Google?
  10. I probably didn't make myself clear. Of course I'm also talking about Router Fiber. Luckily without me explaining myself as a kiutek, I gave a link to something relevant. It is clear to me that this is not necessary. I just said that if the cost is not excessive I will do it as an experiment. Each computer has two network cards. The usual, RJ45 and optical, which I have no idea what it's called. I just realized that you can buy an optical switch for $ 130. In addition, a ticket costs at least NIS 450 each (at least according to what I found) and a 3 meter cable costs about NIS 100 as well. (And two of them, too) This means that the cost of this little project is in the 1600s.
  11. Bottle neck linking to the outside world. But it doesn't bother me at the moment. And obviously I need that. It's just an experiment I thought would try if the cost wasn't excessive. This is the case with a standard network card on all computers and routers. Fiber communication is just something I am considering.
  12. Hi everyone, I am moving to a new apartment soon (there is all the mess with the closure so I hope there is no unexpected change) thinking about a home FIBER network project. All mobile phones will of course be connected wirelessly. But I currently have one stationary (basically for work) and will soon have another for the girl. There is no real reason, but I was thinking about buying compatible media cards (2) and connecting them. Of course not a direct connection but through a router (or something else if you say it's better). It's obvious to me that it won't affect the speed out because I currently have the 500/10 haute connection and I am satisfied but in the Fiber connection of course it will be a bottleneck. This is an experiment I plan to do only if the cost is not excessive. Anyone have an assessment? I searched for a bit and saw for example a few seconds of computer tickets in the range of NIS 350 to NIS 2000. But I don't understand the difference between them. I would love for comments so I can know more about the topic.
  13. yigael_o

    power shell

    Don't think there's anyone here to solve your homework. If you have point questions you will probably help.
  14. I recommend learning the Express version. Basically this version is limited in all kinds of exams with the main limit being DB up to 10GB in size. Not something that should bother you with your studies: Read: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SQL_Server_Express Download: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/sql-server/sql-server-editions-express successfully . Edit: If you want a sample DB to give it a try you are not the first. Try the free DB that almost everyone learns about ... https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dotnet/framework/data/adonet/sql/linq/downloading-sample-databases
  15. It will help if you say in which language. In a big way you will start listing the language name and RANDOM on Google and it will probably promote you quite a bit.
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