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  1. Clearly, social networks are built on an algorithm of interaction. Threading comments between two people cursing each other is more popular than one well-worded comment from someone fluent and moderate. People see a paragraph and do not bother to read at all, the "Amalek" culture. These algorithms may give us the dopamine we are looking for, but they are poison to the culture of discussion. I do not see it changing for the better as long as social networks make money from it, and have the human race be successful in the future.
  2. If one thing we have learned from the launch of NVIDIA is that the actual results are noticeably lower than the claims at the announcement event. So if AMD claims in the announcement that they are comparing to NVIDIA I expect that as in the past in practice they will be a competition just because of the price.
  3. Is it possible only without Clickbait Lior titles? I also did not rub my eyes at the price in your previous article on the computer screen :) Suppose we are on this site because the content interests us, and you can put more informative titles
  4. No word on the price of games for consoles? The new generation games cost $ 10 more than the same game for the old generation, it more than compensates for the console prices, and everyone goes over it in silence.
  5. Lol, I read the article twice now to look up where you quoted it from until I realized there was a subtitle :)
  6. I really want to know who else buys their devices knowing there is no play store. Is there anyone like this?
  7. The game will include PVP, once that is the case if people are allowed to play offline it will open up the option to cheat and equip the character with better equipment without the Blizzard having a way of knowing they cheated. Believe me you will cry a lot more when cheaters make PVP unmatched than because you have to play always connected to Blizzard's server.
  8. All of Google is one big disappointment since they stopped using the Nexus and moved to pixels. They even stopped giving dessert names to their operating system. And that means someone up until the 6P the only phones I had were Nexus. Lucky to have Android on phones from normal companies.
  9. The QLED is an LCD upgrade, it's not really analogous to OLED. There will be the microprocessor in the future (really close I hope) which I think will crush the OLED completely
  10. The QLED is an LCD upgrade, it's not really analogous to OLED. There will be the microprocessor in the future (really close I hope) which I think will crush the OLED completely
  11. Do you think the one with the old TV that "plays tons of games" plays as often as a gamer who buys a laptop for NIS 12000? I have an Old TV, and in less than a year I have already lost a pixel in it. And every phone with an old screen burned something (usually the Android navigation buttons) I researched the subject a lot before I bought my old TV, and yes, I doubt it is rare enough in reasonable use, but you do not buy this computer for reasonable use :) I also spoke With a doctoral student in chemistry in general this is his area of ​​expertise (I am far from understanding specifically what he does) and he said that Old is quite a saturated technology, the maximum you can do is really put in mechanisms that will try to moderate the degradation of the pixel
  12. You do not want to buy a laptop with an OLED screen even at a lower price. In standard-use TVs everything is fine, there is no uniform picture for several hours, and where there is, as in the channel icon, the new TVs know to recognize the icon and remove it, or at least do something to prevent burning. I give it a half year roof before starting to flow complaints about the HUD of games left burned, or even the taskbar and start button.
  13. I know, me too, it has nothing to do with the nature of the film or its success, but
  14. If you listen to the 700 conspiracy conspirators a million of which was bought by Disney to inflate numbers and leave, people went on a crusade against this film and they do not realize that it does not interest anyone but them, I went to see him in VIP, on his second weekend, Almost full, and it was a very nice movie, if I had to rate it then somewhere in the middle, I loved it more than the first and second Captain America and the first and second lines are sure. But I and the rest of the hall that watched Disney's plants, and here come the negative ratings accordingly
  15. Do not let the facts confuse you! Is just the place for 6's first weekend earnings in the world in the history of cinema but yes, an absolute failure is perhaps obvious if you close your eyes
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