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  1. This is fine if you have a hard drive that contains an operating system + backups.

    Only claims that an operating system should be on the first (smallest) partition and, if possible, transfer content that changes a lot to other physical hardness.

    For example -

    1: Hard

    C- + Software.

    D - Backups.

    2: Hard

    Downloads, games, etc.

    If you have downloads and games etc in the same hard operating system, then you may experience "yawns" and blasts.

  2. Whatever you did, knowingly or unknowingly, this is called short stroking your stiffness.

    That is to take the first 80GB where the head moves the least to read / write and use them for windows - it gives the maximum speed to your system. In fact, the smaller the partition, the faster the business - I used to use an 40GB partition.

    So I would advise you to stay with what is or even reduce it.

    What's more, I would separate between a hard drive and an "archive" (things that you do not use almost so as not to interfere with Windows to run) and there in the other tough things that change a lot and should read / write to them a lot, good performance.

    I have a similar situation with an upgrade - The toughness of 500GB:

    C - actually It is installed .

    D - hardening partition of 500GB archive.

    E - A partition that holds downloads and backups of the E-.

    F - drive Which holds the browser's cache and other such nonsense that need maximum access speed (small files), shutting down a computer, it is saved to E.

  3. UD is simply a sign that it's a model with things beyond.

    They put my body there Bigger and more high-quality components ... so you can say that he has a chance to survive at a higher voltage, etc.

    I bought a board also from a UD brand, and it has my body Large and exits that were not in other tables, but that does not mean that other companies have nothing to offer.

    Asus for example the more expensive models also excise fixtures And higher-quality components.

    On the specific model of the card do not know.

  4. The specification as you brought is not logical in any aspect.

    If you are going to play:

    1. The name of the panel is based on H67 rather than H61 (much more options - recommend BLKDH67BL).

    2. Replaces the i3 or i5 processor (no matter what you're comfortable with).

    3. A separate video card name (ATI 6850 is very worthwhile today, or NVIDIA 560).

    4. A normal provider name.

    If you are not going to play:

    1. The board name is H67 rather than H61 (if expansion options do not interest you, stay with H61).

    2. Replaces the G620 / i3 processor.

    3. A normal provider name.

  5. At the top click on View> Toolbars> Status bar

    It should return you to the toolbar below, then on the right corner you will have the same zoom you wanted ...

    You can also use a keyboard combination - + Ctrl + (more efficient), I attach these combinations to the mouse (I have 2 more buttons on it)

  6. M705 feels smaller than the hand (physically is not small), but I got used to it.

    The truth is I compromised because I wanted a mouse ... Better wait for more comments.

    DeathAdder I just held a hand in the store, I did not have it, I know of the reviews and recommendations of the site (again, I would buy it if I were going on wires).

  7. The project book documents everything, but the circuit will probably be a bit different (5 years have passed since then, new things are coming up and in the project we insisted on using certain components).

    But their work method and goal are the same.

    My project in the Ministry of Education archives is not considered official? (I had no money to date for a patent, that's thousands of shekels).

  8. Hello everyone,

    Not long ago a patent was issued for a project that I built as a practical engineer (a final project), on which I did not register a patent ...

    It turns out that this is the educational institution where I studied and of course forced me to leave my project book there - it seems that they just took the idea from there and rebuilt the project.

    Of course, I have a project book, descriptions and drawings, and even a built-in system. You can also get information about this from the Education Ministry (as proof that I did not write now).

    Is it worth me to sue for such a thing?

    This is a project on behalf of "young entrepreneurs" and therefore also the moral problem ...

  9. The processor is weak. But it is relative ...

    Look here as a comparison, it's similar to Q8XXX in performance.

    You'll go through a compression test, sound processing and various games and you'll be impressed:

    The bottom line is that you got what you paid for, there is no need to be upset or to chase the Bunch results because they are designed for very specific tests.

    The "Bor and the Book"

    1. This is not a comparison Of 3Ghz and also My old 4 is 3Ghz but nothing to compare.

    2. This game is a rough lie, go to the 10 stand, and you'll see Warhammer II (probably the heaviest there) that you see that it depends on a processor and there is a bottleneck.

    Edit: "TAMIRRR013" (your last comment)

    There is a big difference between playing 32 FPS and 45 FPS (as an average), as you move away from the 30 area the game feels smoother.

    But you got a 30% performance boost, are you complaining?

  10. Without this diploma no academic institution will accept you, regardless of the psychometric score.

    The Open University will accept you without the first or without the second.

    The question is, if you were not able to study for a matriculation certificate, why do you think you will succeed in academic studies?

  11. I have a doubt "GYRO" old, registered on it 400W, Ben 7 years, still working on the computer with 4 3.0GHZ HT, with GT8600 video card.

    The truth has never made me a problem ...

    I changed it when I put the HD4870, I was afraid it would explode or something. Since then I am a proud owner of Enermax Liberty 400W.

    On the other hand I had a doubt that EZNool's 400W did not survive two months in the same old specification (the spec even was lighter that I had already based Core2duo).

  12. In a big way, this means that our time is short with us - the fact that everything is slow can also show that there is a problem with accessing the data, but you can see what the situation is in terms of metrics.

    Download the Crystal Disk Info software, and run - there it will register if there is any problem that SMART detects (but in your situation it seems clear to me).

    I strongly recommend that you back up important information as soon as you can.

  13. What effect? This site has about 1,000 average surfers per day, the population in Israel stands at 7 million inhabitants.

    I'm sure the people you communicate with everyday life have never heard of HWZ whether it's a high school, military base, or just a standard workplace ...

    Today people who are going to buy a product, consult with a "friend who understands", guess what, is a thousand of those who surf the site :)

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