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  1. I do not have a collection of disc games, and the disc drives have long since disappeared from the laptops and desktops. 1. Is there a justification for the NIS 400 difference in favor of Blu-ray? How much does buying discs really save? 2. Are there other significant benefits to one of the platforms? (Resolution for example).
  2. But if I look at the most basic position offered here in the 3.5K it is based on the GTX-1660 whose performance is only 25-30% stronger than that of the GTX-790.
  3. Is it possible to achieve a reasonable graphics stand with a proper graphics card and processor with a 1.5-2K budget? Or maybe consider assembling a new computer with an up-to-date processor based on the GTX970 video card and Antec VP-550P power supply from the current computer?
  4. I got the motherboard of my old workhorse (2015) based on i7-4790, GeForce GTX970, Fatal1ty B85 Killer with a quality case of NZXT. Although a simpler version of the motherboard is currently available, but the real question is whether it is not reasonable to keep the 650 NIS repair (and maybe 1000 if another component is knocked out), or is it worth investing every penny in a new computer? The computer functioned as a graphics and gaming stand in an excellent way And quiet to this day.
  5. Updates (for the benefit of future generations 😄) I was happily able to save the contents of the hard disk using an external USB device. A test worth doing before taking the recovery disc. * In any case, there is no reason why we should not be equipped with an external backup drive of some good tips at its relatively low costs: ₪ 480 = 4T.
  6. All your games and attempts to raise him anyway are deteriorating his condition. In such a situation, if the material is very important, do not touch or put it in the computer at all and contact the company to recover information (the cost ...). Summary of previous chapters: I eulogized the disc two months ago, even then I made ten attempts at it while exchanging connections, which did not seem to do him any good. I bounced the computer again to a store that would check the sequence of BIOS crashes that occurred this week with the main SSD (everything is fine), and on the way I suggested that he do another test for the disk that crashed on another computer. He confirmed to me that the disk was up with him. I was happy. I have listed above my experiments on an old computer (with XP) from 2005. A phone call today revealed that it came up via an external USB device (I will check with him again next week). If it works, back up with an external disk (recommendations?). In case it does not go up, I saw that the price ranges for restoration are high and start from 400 NIS per half tera to 2000 NIS. The question is whether there is a difference in the capabilities of these companies, because of course not enthusiastic about completely losing the material that is on it.
  7. Very likely. The thing is that attempts to upload it to another computer stop at a white Windows logo stuck in the center of the blue background. Must find a way to overcome this barrier and back up quickly. Playing over and over with the connections I played a lot. In an antique computer from 2005, the BIOS recognizes it, but it gets stuck in the logo.
  8. Windows10 stopped detecting a secondary internal hard drive - (Toshiba DT01ACA100 (SATA III, 7,200rpm it started disappearing gradually until it disappeared completely.
  9. Some questions: 1. Due to the problematic reliability of external drives does it make sense at high volumes? 2. For 100 NIS you can get speed (USB 3.2) or another 1T: which is more important?
  10. We installed Family Link about a year and a half ago on the daughter and mother's device. After 8 months, strange effects began, which temporarily disappeared as if the suit was mobile and returned after two months: 1) the lock opens and the restrictions menu is changed not by us to "unlimited" or the daily limit is updated to a higher time. 2) The lock opens when listed externally: "Unlimited" - but within the restrictions menu, the restriction still exists without change (!) 3) The girl gets extra time in "bonus time" that we did not add. We performed a number of tests to rule out the possibility that the daughter was responsible for this, such as changing passwords (email and locking the mobile screen). The extra time was done before our eyes when we saw that the daughter was not on the phone or computer. After months of thinking it was a prank or a technical glitch, wondering if it was possible and it was an outsider doing it to watch the girl with her phone locked? When we tried to remove the monitor or download the software from her and us - this always locked the device for her. It is not possible to get Google, and even if it is, you will explain such complexity to some Indian representative. How is it recommended to act?
  11. Eventually the Lenovo IDEAPAD S145-15IIL 81W80094IV laptop was purchased [the early days of the corona, a sense of siege and lack of imports from China - so the choice was made from the options available on the shelves]. In retrospect, it can be said that on the one hand the computer is stable, fast and meets the purpose, and on the other hand it has 2 quite noticeable disadvantages: 1) The plasticity of the device - the offending record. It is likely that after a fall or two the device is finished. 2) Minority USB inputs when one of them is intended for the network (it is required to buy an adapter, which makes the job cumbersome for those who prefer to work with a network cable).
  12. I'll give the answer myself, as these are currently leading models in terms of threshold data for mobile devices (i5, SSD drive, 8GB memory): The old 81LG00CYIV model has the advantage as stated in dual 512GB SSD memory The new 81W80094IV gives an apparently high processor speed at 20% 250 grams and thinner. Since it is set to Lenovo's new sphere, I thought there were likely to be further improvements in the design, screen, communication and overall levels I did not consider. In addition, today, beyond the cloud, external or internal storage can always be purchased at low prices for generous volumes.
  13. The 2 models at the same price - the older one has a double-sized SSD, the newer one is heavier at 250 grams, in terms of the other parameters if there is a significant difference in speed and who benefits? LENOVO IDEAPAD S145-15IIL 81W80094IV Notebook Intel® Core ™ i5-1035G1 Quad Core, 6M Cache, 1.0 GHz up to 3.6 GHz, 8GB 4GB - ON BOARD DDR4 2133 | Storage Volume: SSD 256GB, Screen Size: 1920 * 1080 15.6, Intel® UHD Graphics 620 Video Card, | WIFI 1X1 AC + BT4.1 | Weight: 1.85KG LENOVO IDEAPAD L340-15 81LG00CYIV (Older Generation) Product Type: Laptop, Processor Model: Intel® Core ™ i5-8265U Processor 6M Cache, up to 3.9 GHz Internal Memory: 8GB 2400 mHZ, Storage Volume: SSD 512GB, Screen size: FHD 15.6, Intel UHD 620 video card model: | 11ac, 1x1, Wi-Fi + Bluetooth 4.0 | Weight: 2.2KG
  14. 1. Is there a free and safe SSD tool to do this? 2. What about the possibility of a Windows 7 malfunction, or a security issue stemming from the fact that support for it was discontinued? (I'm not thrilled to replace the 7, because I'm missing some installers for some programming, and maybe it's worth waiting for the Windwows 12 question if the home-leveling bug is a necessary replacement?). 3. Do I still have individual gigas on the drive, so maybe this is a matter of space?
  15. 7. When you move documents on CopyFist or drag between folders - get stuck for long seconds and the Folder window turns black with an "unresponsive" window title. The same call reads when renamed to the document.
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