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  1. Good evening, question to experts, I am connected to Bezeq Fiber 1 GB and everything works fine and fast. I have an LG OLED screen in the living room, wired to the router and in the family room Plasma screen PANASONIC VIERRA VT50 Very, for example I see the menu of Netflix but it is not able to run a movie, and so is YouTube. The question of whether it is possible with the help of an external component or network adapter to overcome the problem of speed thanks in advance
  2. Bezeq is upgrading to 2.5GB with a new model router, but my Intel NUC6i7KYK Mini PC does not support the above speed but only up to 1000 Mbps. So I searched and found an external network adapter that supports up to 10Gbps.https: //www.bhphotovideo.com /c/product/1437108-REG/owc_other_world_computing_owctb3adp10gbe_thunderbolt_3_10g_ethernet.html If I connect Bezeq's router to the adapter and connect the USB C to the computer, will it increase the speed to 2.5 GBbps?
  3. Of course I did it and more advanced methods, but did not help. I also opened 4 tabs in EDGE and the same 4 tabs in Google. After about 10 minutes Google disappeared and EDGE remained
  4. I tried everything the professional forums offered, of course also disabling hardware acceleration. The driver of the video card is updated to fix. It happens on all sites after about 10 minutes. At least press RESTORE and it returns accurate. I will probably change browser, too bad thank you very much
  5. google chrome closes every few minutes, all the tests and trials and performing the tips from the web do not help including removal and reinstallation of Google Chrome I attach a file:
  6. Thank you very much, according to reports from other users, they also have the same problem with the impression and keeps it in txt order.
  7. All attempts to open and associate text files with the familiar icon (blue notebook) were unsuccessful. Admittedly opens and saves text files fine, but without the familiar icon but in the form of a small page with lines so it looks like: the regular icon that should be is:
  8. Thanks, I have nothing to remove because it is not yet installed. I installed the QBITTORRENT without a problem, but still the old utorrent is simpler and without any fuss I found a version of the old UTORRENT and installed it without blocking, excellent download thanks a lot
  9. Hi friends, I installed Windows 10 Pro 64 and everything is fine except utorrent which does not give access this message I get: please your help
  10. Installed on a SMART SHARE computer and I share the drive with the media on the LG OLED screen that is connected directly to the router, smoothly without any problem. I have another screen that I want to share via WIFI. The question with I buy the Xiaomi Mi Box S 4K which is Android will it recognize the media drive through the same SMART SHARE?
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