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  1. Well I finished the game ..

    I played on a level of difficulty before last, from Saturday until this Saturday.

    According to the data of the game I played 8 hours and completed 60 percent of all the things that needed to be collected (Email etc)

    Which is about an hour a day ...

    Anyway in my opinion Crysis2 should get a game this year, I was just fascinated and watched every screen And listened to every explanation just to understand the plot and to be part of it.

  2. What my dad does before a traffic light is to take the foot off the gas, and let the fourth gear stop the car, as soon as it stops, Klatch-neutral-barks and that's it. Personally, just before the traffic light, I throw it at Neutral and give it a cruise with a drop of brakes. That's how you get to the traffic light and stop in a way that no one in the car feels :)

    + 1 I play Ben 2 methods and brings some interest to driving .. Slowly I'm getting better but I have nowhere to aspire

    When I go with my father they think it's an automaton. You do not feel the "connection" of the Klatch to the engine

    But for me it's because I've learned about a diesel clutch that allows you to surf without gas at all.

    And now Brno is a "short" Klatch who can barely find the start

  3. You know it's a little sick on your part, yes?

    4 seasons in less than a week? WTF? It comes out about 6 hours a day, every day ..

    Seeing this whole season, it's about, 2-3 episodes a day. But 4 seasons? Oh well..

    Anyway, now imagine you had to stop after each episode (think mainly about the second half, ie episodes 6-12) and wait A full week Until the next chapter.

    Aren't you going to wait until the fifth season is released before you start watching? :)

    Um sick ... I would see 2-3 episodes going to eat, training some forums and more 2-3 episodes

    I intend to watch the fifth season every time an episode comes out I will follow ...

    And I won't have as much time as I have now and Dexter has set up an addict before I run the 10 episode every season I tell myself that's enough for today

    And at the end it ends with tension and I find myself there 11 and 12

  4. Wai is really a burst of nostalgia. I remember the whole bit of the Sound Blaster 16 / 32 / 64 anarf which had to set the card and what IRQ is sitting ...

    To change the volume, you had to go into an external program and change from there ...

    The memory management in Dos (MameMaker)

    I remember once finding software that "expanded" memory on disks from 1.44MB. It added about 100-300KB and I was really excited about it, and I formatted all the disks. : screwy:

    Remember the period that the CDROM drive entered for use?

    So I started to walk around in the market all sorts of 200 discs and demo games ... I remember sitting for hours on these disks ...

    I once died on Split Screen games that can be played on the same computer in pairs ...

    Wacky Racer - Once I died for it.

    We had a sound card with an amplifier button on the back ... which of course broke down at some point and we were left without a sound card for a few years

    I remember my dad brought his friend a stinky computer like 486 that we tried to take his sound card to without success and in fact it was the first computer I opened

    And as for CDROM the disks we were getting with the Cornflakes should have one of those throw here with 200 games on it ..

    Reminds me of the start of the burning that only one person was burning all over the neighborhood and it was of 4X

  5. Well then I'm definitely one of the youngsters here ..

    Our first computer was Pentium 286 or 386 or did not recall already with 200 Mega Hard Disk

    Then we brought 166 which we improved all the time and we reached 32MB mode We ran on it win95 at the same time but still

    My brother preferred Norton and Dos .. At school we had computers with win 3.11 that connect to the server and they had a gigantic ignition button on the side without mice and 5 Intz

    Well, I'm young

  6. I finished watching californication right now but I wouldn't invest money in it to see ..

    Big Bang I saw the first season, I did not like the old American jokes and the sound that actually raises the dust of the laughing crowd

    Now I succumb to peer pressure in the forum and go see Dexter!

    Keep fighting and throwing recommendations every now and then that's fine I'm sure it helps more people ..

  7. Well I'll start with the big bang .. Thanks for the recommendations friends

    But some questions

    Dexter is just murder because he was abused because he was a little boy? Or is there something deeper?

    Lost I saw to the end but the ending had to be in season three fourth

    The house I didn't connect with

    To anyone who asked about the genre then I do not have anything specific?

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