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  1. I tried to send a heavy email and it is not sent, every time I want to send or receive an email he tries again to send the heavy email and fails and gives me a message that the email cannot be sent. That's why I get messages after a long time. How can I cancel this email? He was not found in the messages sent.
  2. When I turn on the computer the regular hard disk 1Tra Western Digital makes a noise like the noise of a faulty fan for half a minute and then stops. What do you think is the problem? Is he at the end of the road? In the meantime, to be on the safe side, I responded to the data
  3. I managed thanks, the speakers were set to 5.1 and should have been 7.1 and only then hear
  4. I removed the sound card and reinstalled and did not help yet do not hear anything. If I buy a ticket for one of the connections I connect it to the first little blue or top two
  5. I have an I3 computer and I can not hear anything. Probably the card built into the board will malfunction. How do I know which card to buy on eBay to fit the board in the picture. Which of the connections do you put it in?
  6. I have an asustec b85m-f board when I test heat with the speccy software shows me a 104 degree heat. The computer works normally and physically I do not think the board is hot. Should something be done or left.
  7. Can reason, will not do the job? Is it possible to get more with such an amount?
  8. I was offered to buy an unused I74790 computer, almost 8 GB of SSD128 disk memory and a 1Tra disk for NIS 1100. My uses are mainly Internet and documents and Cubis music software.
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