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  1. Please read the rules of the forum and do not give headlines that help in understanding the problem.
  2. Where exactly are you trying to create it and what name + paste a screenshot of the error message
  3. I know it does not exactly answer your question pain, who also understands a thing or two about computers (actually about 20 years of professional experience in the field) - for me the battle of blockages and restrictions is a "lost battle" in advance and I will explain - let's say you block the computer, then they will surf on the phone. Block the phone and they will surf the TV. Block the TV They will surf at a friend / cafe or even at the nearest mall that offers free wireless and unlimited surfing. In short - you understand where it is going ... there is no chance in the world that you will have full control over the places your children will go. And eventually they will also find a way around the restrictions (you will not believe how resourceful children are). What is the solution if approx
  4. Hello, I would like your opinion on the new specifications that will be used by me (3 years) Quote for a computer system - - The place for people who love computers Motherboard and processor - Board and processor AMD 3600-TUF-B450M-PLUS-GAMING - AMD - AMD RYZEN5 3600 (Gen3) BOX with Wraith Cooler With ASUS TUF B450M-PLUS GAMING ... Three years warranty - Official importer Quantity: - 1 - 1252/1227 ₪ Memories - DDR4 - Stationary CT8G4DFS8266x2 - Crucial - 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 2666 PC4-19200 - CL19 ... Lifetime Warranty Quantity: - 1 - 385/377 ₪ Video Cards - NVIDIA PCIe STRIX-GTX1060-A6G-GAMIMG - ASUS - GeForce GTX1060 ROG STRIX
  5. ^^^ more specific Take a look at the zoom setting
  6. As far as I'm concerned, the built-in home use of Windows is definitely enough in the business environment and the networks require something a bit more. Please edit a title in the future to be more informative
  7. ^^^ Technical - I agree with your opinion completely ... but please try to stop with the sarcasm. We are here to help and not to sting or be cynical. Continue a pleasant and fruitful participation
  8. event viewer starts from there - no need to search - the vast majority of operating system failures can be understood and solved by reading the logs correctly.
  9. If you are looking to mirror the computer screen on TV, the simple and easy solution is an HDMI cable, of course, with widi or miracast and the like. If you're looking to play content from your computer - and assuming that the two devices are on the same network - I do not know a media program nowadays that does not know how to play files from SMB you start from codes - it will simplify the matter for you successfully
  10. Beyond the specific issue - backup Today is better cloud services - it is available and reliable even more than an external hard disk for the price it is an individual matter - personally I think that less than 10 dollars a month to be in a quiet mind - worth it. I also have backup on an external hard disk but I really do not trust it and realize that it is much less reliable even than the existing disk on the computer (because it is removable and portable)
  11. Maybe it's not a sleep situation - look at an event viewer and try to figure out maybe it's a computer malfunction or a power loss.
  12. The discussion begins first - very glad that the matter finally worked out well. Second, such discussion was more in consumerism than technical support. Third - I think the absolute majority of brand computer needs offers much more peace of mind and service than is assembled by any small lab technician. I, too, who knows how to fix and assemble alone, prefer a brand 3 brand and warranty on the customer's site (NBD) - one of the big brands, and the peace of mind gained by adding a few dozen percent of the price has additional significance on the business level. Successfully
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