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  1. By the way headphones and KSP - I went into the branch in Hadera and asked on a budget that I have what they recommend for my uses. They answered me - "This is not our field, you should do your homework". I left with a face of shame and went to Ivory.
  2. Go for advice before buying a computer here in the forum and fill out a questionnaire according to the procedure here
  3. Download the installation file through their website. Trying to open it and nothing happens. Other software does not do this. what could it be? Please help me the child is going crazy. Thank you!!!
  4. Dude I just want a video running on a picture, I mean something zoomed out - you only see the reflection and in the background there is a picture I chose. Simply zooming is poor quality. Thanks!!!
  5. I did not find anything normal. If anyone knows I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  6. I set no 120% ZOOM but it is ignored when I open a new TAB. What am I not doing right?
  7. Three years ago I was knocked out of a gigabyte board that was really invested and expensive. So I bought an Asus. This week he got fucked and went for a sata visit. It was the z170i pro gaming. What to buy that will hold me longer asus or gigabyte?
  8. Excuse my ignorance. What is the fundamental difference between Z170 H170 H110 B250
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