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  1. Listen good darling, there are a lot of smart people here with answers I do not know where. I tell you the iron rule that decides everything - there is nothing that stands in the way of desire! It all depends on how much you invest and insist that the road is not easy at all. One age or another - it all depends on what you are projecting. There is an age effect that I also suffer from and there is also what you project that can greatly help. I have some tips for a beginner along the way. Talk to me in private.
  2. The FONT in PREFERENCE is on HEBREW, in addition I removed and installed again and does not help, gibberish shows. Thanks for the helpers!
  3. When I was young and beautiful when you put a card in the PCI it would automatically cancel the signal coming out of the board. So it's not like that anymore?
  4. So you can return their equipment to Cellcom and just put a router. Sabba.
  5. I do not know exactly what I need to buy, the speed is 1000 GB. I asked for a fiber adapter but the representative asked if I had all of the above: A. Gigabit WAN port x 1 - WAN socket in favor of interfacing with a fiber adapter - Ethernet at a speed of 1 gigabit per second or more. B. Connecting to Bezeq or IBC GPON infrastructure - support In the PPPoE dialer C. In connection with IBC's Active Ethernet infrastructure (Unlimited) - Support for obtaining an IP address via DHCP is this not true? Is it possible to recommend a good router with Mash and Mash point?
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