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  1. I have a Corsair water cooling system from five years ago that sits on a 1151 bracket. It works really well. I want to upgrade to the 1700 chassis of the new generation of Intel. Is it possible to make adjustments somehow? Buy a suitable bracket?
  2. Who the hell? Anyone who wants to build a really expensive system from all sorts of constraints and wants it to be more convenient for him. What is this nonsense, it's a bad condition .... probably a mortgage or a car not to take yet because the milk is still dripping from your lips.
  3. This is how we all run to buy from them like suckers. Now also not only are they not the cheapest but also the payment terms are not something special.
  4. For screen 27 FHD this is even more likely, screens of 32 really are not. At least 1440.
  5. If it's professional you will not be able to escape from an IPS 4K screen. It costs more than 3K .... relevant?
  6. Chances are it will work at 60HZ. It doesn't matter .... 15 HZ is negligible.
  7. You can install on your current computer, I guess .... basically anyone who has a Z170 has a good enough processor.
  8. Do you have evidence that memory speed does not affect performance? Very strange. And if so you think then what are you actually asking?
  9. No need to buy a computer now, wait for Intel's ALDER LAKE, we were 12TH GEN
  10. I talked to the representative, I understood from him that they provide a router that costs 25 shekels a month, a router from a really unknown company. I need a good router. I do not have access from the computers at home to a network cable. My questions are as follows: 1. Is it profitable for me to do 1 GB of speed when I am connected via WIFI (no matter the price of the package at the moment)? 2. Is it true what the representative told me that if I do not want their router, I only need a router and not a router modem? Is it possible to get a recommendation for such a router? Up to around 3-400 NIS. Or you can settle for what Cellcom gives. 500. I am not a professional network person but not left hands, will I manage to install the router? 4. If I take the Cellcom equipment. Should I add 5 shekels for mesh? Thank you so much to all the helpers!
  12. There is no doubt at all. I bought everything, Office Windows and what not and it just works for many years. There was a huge lawsuit and Microsoft could not beat it.
  13. By the way headphones and KSP - I went into the branch in Hadera and asked on a budget that I have what they recommend for my uses. They answered me - "This is not our field, you should do your homework". I left with a face of shame and went to Ivory.
  14. Go for advice before buying a computer here in the forum and fill out a questionnaire according to the procedure here
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