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  1. Thanks more opinions? Updated Specification: This specification was compiled on - The reliable and professional computer network in Israel Processors: AMD 3rd Gen Ryzen 5 3600 Box Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 880 Motherboards: Gigabyte B450 I AORUS PRO WIFI Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪ 587 RAM Memory: Corsair DDR 4 16G (8Gx2) 3200 CL16 VENGEANCE LPX Black CMK16GX4M2E3200C16 Quantity: 1 - Price: ₪X: 412 - Price: XX: 1 Neo Eco Modular 219 + OEM New PC Quantity: 550 - Price: ₪ 80 Enclosures Fans: Cougar 1MM CFD series - BLUE LED FAN Quantity: 221 - Price: ₪ 120 SSD Drives: Addlink SSD 3GB S135 M.512 70 2 Price: ₪ 2280 Video Cards: Palit RTX 1 SUPER - DUAL 366G GDDR2060 8bit Quantity: 6 - Price: ₪ 256 G Gaming: COUGAR Gaming Mouse Pad - Speed ​​1 Medium Quantity: 1919 - Price: ₪ 2 Total: ₪ 1 guarantees a very lucrative price for the same specifications. Prices include VAT and are payable on credit up to 28 equal payments without interest.
  2. The 3600 really isn't ideal for that? I want to open this option, for that matter let's say 90% Games 10% DL
  3. After thinking further, I find it worthwhile to add more and take a new video card like the RTX 2060 SUPER already. The reason is mainly running deep learning models, etc., I realized that RTX is superior to any extent. Of course, the models won't run all the time, for me it would be a waste to buy a net stationary for gaming, so I'm considering this option so you can use a card that has Tensor Cores to run such models sometimes. what do you think?
  4. Hi, I have assembled the following specification from TMS, would love to consult about motherboard, chassis and whether a separate cooling is required for the processor, given the small chassis of course. 1. What is the maximum budget? Is an exception allowed if necessary? 4000 Enable Exception, I stand out if it is feasible to invest another 700 and buy a video card like RTX 2060 SUPER, since it has better support for deep learning models, it is important to note that just to open the option for me, I will not use it all the time. 2. What is the use of the computer (eg games, graphic editing, office work, HD content, etc.)? Net games 3. Do you need peripherals (eg keyboard, mouse, speakers and screen)? Not 4. Is there a basic component that doesn't need to be included in the specification? (For example, an existing SSD drive that can be attached) 5. How important is quiet computer operation? Important 6. Is Overclock (OC) planned? Not 7. Is it necessary to include an operating system / office (preferably a preferred version) and / or assemble a computer in the store? Not 8. Is there a preference to purchase the computer from a specific store? If it is also not possible to specify a residential area. Not 9. When is the computer purchase planned? Coming soon. Are there any special requests regarding specific ports and connections? HDMI port to 10 video card. Is it important to maintain your computer upgrade horizon? Not especially 11. Additional notes, extended detail and variance: A small case is required, I want you to have the option of moving it from the living room to a desk in the room when needed. It will be connected once to the 12 55K TV and once to the FULL HD 4 screen. Specification: (I also added Gamepad and 23 fans) Product name Model Quantity Price Total Express Courier ₪ 2 Total ₪ 0 COUGAR Gaming Mouse Pad - Speed ​​4,086 Medium CF-D2HB-RD 2 ₪ 1 ₪ 28 AMD 28rd Gen Ryzen 120 12 Box AR1-56B 56 ₪ 3 ₪ 5 Gigabyte B3600 I AORUS PRO WIFI GB5IAOPRWI 3600 ₪ 1 ₪ 880 Corsair DDR 880 450G (450Gx1) 587 CL587 VENGEANCE LPX Black CMK4GX16M8E2C3200 CMK16GX16M4E2C3200 16 ₪ 16 ₪ 4 Cougar Case QBX QBX 2 ₪ 3200 ₪ 16 ANTEC PSU 1W Neo Eco Modular 412 + NE412M 1 ₪ 219 ₪ 219 Addlink SSD 550GB S80 M.550 1 NVMe AD248GBS248M512P 70 ₪ 2 ₪ 2280 Gigabyte GeForce GTX 512TI GV-N70TOC -2GD N1TOC366GD 366 ₪ 1660 ₪ 166 Money Train (Free! To a new PC) silverassembly 6 ₪ 166 ₪ 6
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