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  1. Hello Can you please put an end to my discussion (debate) between friends Where is the better build quality AUSU ROG ZEPHYRUS or ASUS ROG STRIX?
  2. iliagildin


    They are still at 9 and 14 and by the way whoever for a fee will not keep your log otherwise would have already disappeared
  3. iliagildin


    I would try the ipvanish
  4. Big one drive is also from the Microsoft Microsoft💩 what since the updates to the default was done on gpedit.msc besides strongly recommends DROPBOX has no limit to their order and works what is good😍
  5. First of all I have not seen another ARM processor equal to 9900K although I would always be more than happy to see second hand all third party software that do have support for MACOS all addresses for X86 need SOLIDWORKS MATLAB VIVADO MPLABX to switch to ARM for MACOS Mostly unstable and take a lot of resources Reserved LINUX WINE once again more than happy for such a leap also means that many things can be done on my mobile but in my opinion we are still far from it
  6. There is hope that the HDD will disappear from the world and so will the SATA
  7. I at TOP 100 Bezeq is currently getting 5 NIS
  8. Obviously the SATA HDD will disappear as well as optical drives so there is no need for so many wires that are just in the air every computer has NVME RAM and video card (good CPU clear טוב) if the connection is enough for water cooling of CPU and video card need no more ( From what I read air cooling consumes less electricity than water)
  9. His intention is without disconnections and with excellent reception (probably the large apartment developer opens) Obviously, the discussion opens is a complete NOOB that has no idea in wireless communication so I wrote what I wrote (this kind of questions will only cause the discussion opener to delete the discussion I write the explanation here to Don't think I've come to offend anyone)
  10. Don't know the strongest and most stable I have the NETGEAR D6400 I bought when it cost a lot of money and does the job
  11. I used to be good I have a very satisfied G5 (if not the "friends" would have been very successful too) now buy only ONEPLUS
  12. 2 kg and RTX 2080 😍😍😍 Buy me big and for those who wonder 10th generation does not scare me because in laptops the overclock is closed anyway and without it the processor works normally even if there will be a clear advantage in everything related to gaming and movies for AMD I for work will need Intel anyway ( Because of IPP MKL TBB etc ...) so it's bad in my opinion the only thing I as an engineer are dying to know about a cooling solution for 2080 that does not exceed 2 kilos XNUMX
  13. Hello I made a TOP 100 internet package with a flash (because they claim there is nothing else) at a price like I didn't care then but since the mess broke out during the day my internet speed drops to 1.5 mega day last night I checked (hour 4) was 68 today morning 8 If we stay at the same speed during the day it goes down to pen until it now stands at 1.5 megabytes (s) image from SPEEDTEST (this cycle has been going on for a week) yesterday my 5 hour technician did nothing at home claiming he did something down and the two hour speed back to be fine Then again it dropped to 1.5 (I'm currently in delusional mode that my download speed is lower than upload speed) I called Bezeq they remotely see that the OK and if I order a technician and a problem with my equipment (because I have a private router D 6400 wifi with their screwed up) then I have to pay NIS 92 who is wrong? What's going on? What can I check? (I can go in and change router settings) But I have no knowledge of networking any advice will help
  14. Bezeq answers after two hours of waiting if the bulb light bulb changes the color especially for you and the power switch offers you to replace the router you already saw that after resetting it helped you at least easy to debug the problem
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