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  1. Hi, thanks for trying to help - sorry for the attitude, I'm just clueless in the field. At the moment the optical output connects the converter to the receiver and the TV is connected to the converter with HDMI and there is no sound and no answer. Do I need to connect the TV directly to the receiver in any way or is it supposed to connect through the converter?
  2. Hello dear friends. I recently renewed with a pair of floor-standing speakers and a center speaker (without rear speakers) by Morel and I am interested in connecting them to the receiver and of course also connecting the Cellcom TV and converter. This is the configuration of the rear receiver: the speakers are connected, according to the Test Tone it seems that the connection is correct. I am interested in using an optical cable connection to connect the TV and the converter. how do I do it? Also included is the manual of the receiver. I got really tangled up - I'd love help avr_2550.pdf
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