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  1. I'm just afraid that according to the direction the games are going, the demand for graphic memory is rising fast so that even 10 GB may suddenly not be enough for another 3-4 years ... so maybe it's worth investing in a card with 16 GB? But it's 1: slower than NV's memory and 2: RT performance is alarmingly low (even at 1080 resolution) so that's my dilemma ...
  2. Which do you think is more worthwhile, the visuals of the RT? Or the extra memory in Amad's cards (16 vs. 10)?
  3. Even if the developers of the games incorporate support for AMD's RT? It will not give any boost? (Even if it would not be like a level of material RT)
  4. Hello everyone. I see that according to performance tests from across the network, the RT performance of AMD cards falls significantly compared to NVIDIA cards. My question is is this a matter that can be solved programmatically later by updating drivers or updates to the games themselves? Or is it related to something material in the card itself and will only be resolved / improved in the next generation of cards? Thanks in advance
  5. Hello everyone. In terms of the product you get, is there a difference between buying a set of 4 sticks and 2 sets of 2 sticks? I guess it's the same thing but I ask because I have already come across a number of sites that a certain set of memories runs out of stock in a quartet configuration but there are dozens in stock in a pair of stick configuration.
  6. Even on the more expensive cards that come with 6 arrays of expensive capacitors like the Asus Strix? So I probably missed it ... on the NVIDIA card it also happened? Because from what I saw all the reports were just about the AIB.
  7. According to what they said (again these men and testing of the manufacturers themselves) this ticket with getting more expensive this did not happen. That is, the problem itself came from the cheap capacitors that some of the companies used (as I said earlier, probably because of the lack of time and pressure from Nvidia). The solution was software (through the driver) because it is the cheapest and fastest solution.
  8. If I remember correctly the problem was not really in the drivers but in the quality of materials of the capacitors on the back of the cores. According to what they said at the time (right next to the launch) is that because NVIDIA did not give the other companies enough time to prepare and test the cards, they released models with cheaper capacitors that do not meet the loads that the core frequency table tries to dictate and then there are crashes, artifacts etc ... One was recall and repair of the design and materials of the same model. Not really applicable and will cost a lot of money. A second solution was to simply push in the next driver an update to the same core frequency table so that the card would not try to load so much. And that's really what they did.
  9. Great price on a Logitech keyboard. And participates in free shipping for those who find another product to reach 680.
  10. Can anyone tell if the operations in New Agag will all be released in Mecca or if every day or two there will be something different?
  11. Consider mechanical drives and this SSD are 2 very different types of storage. This means that even leading companies in one field will not necessarily provide quality products in the second type because after all a hard disk is a production of magnetic plates and heads with mechanical motors while an SSD is chips. So it depends on what products. For me personally, drives only drive WD. In SSD I prefer Samsung.
  12. How do you order from the American website? For me, it automatically exchanges me for shekels (with the higher price of course) as soon as I try to check out the cart.
  13. But from what I see, on the Israeli site the base price (if you click on the question mark it shows the base and the additions) they display is a price in dollars double the rate of the dollar double the tax in the United States. That means you are paying both United States tax and land tax. This is of course inaccurate because the tax varies but from what I see the base price they calculate with includes within it a component of 14-15 percent. Apparently in order to ship to the country the package has to go through a country whose tax is in the area of ​​this amount and then they are obliged to pay tax on it. Maybe this is not true but from what I see in the prices it looks like this ...
  14. And how do you ship? Does the American site allow you to enter an address in Israel? What about payment? Doesn't it require you to pay with American credit like you used to?
  15. As I noted in the first post, this card is an example of what I am talking about. In addition, Asus 3080 cards do not even appear in the search when you are on the status of Israel (they do appear on the status of the United States. Although not in stock, but they appear in the search)
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