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  1. Obviously but I guess the whole purpose of the discussion is because he wants to see the POST ...
  2. Is that how we were recorded? Lol I learned something new I agree with you that sometimes it's a matter of "who did you fall for" but in many cases the representative "deceived / deceiver / delusional / stupid / etc ..." is actually a rank like a five, a lab manager, or a branch manager. Which basically makes the answer you get an official answer from the store. Worse, it seeps downward to the "regular" employees who see the answers he gives and learn from him that this is the way to behave. Agree with you also about KSP vs. Ivory. Until a few years ago they were really balanced but suddenly KSP gave a crazy jump in a lot of things. They even started selling things unrelated to computers and electronics like perfumes, toys, product
  3. Do not agree with you. I do not think that "everything is shit in the country" there are companies that know how to provide good service and as you said Shufersal is one of them. And when you come across one that is really fun to go back and keep shopping there. The attitude of "trying to wave at the customer so as not to give service" and the attitude of "automatically seeing the customer as a liar / deceiver / offender" from the customer's point of view is the same. In 2 cases the customer has to do above and beyond to prove his case. That is, the default is that you are first and foremost wrong. Now let's try to prove you'm right. And unfortunately this is an approach in a great many stores.
  4. And Yashar pulled him after a few hours. But that only proves that their promises that "this is not just a driver but a secure handshake between Silicon and Bios" turned out to be one big nonsense.
  5. Like they said, you will get compensation for the money you paid but the store is not interested because it sells this card the most as a sum of what it will have to compensate you. So they act like a mafia. Whoever pays more gets. The only hope is that someone will organize a class action lawsuit and be able to prove that the stores are doing it on purpose to make more money at the expense of customers who have already paid in advance purchase. But it will not happen because it is very difficult to prove. So as long as the stores in the country have a shocking service, we will continue to recommend to A to buy from them and buy cash or Niagag instead. This is the most effective way to convey the message "Tired, pigs !!"
  6. You said you had a screen and it did show the POST process. This definitely sounds like a long "awakening" time of the new screen. You might try in the BIOS settings to put it DELAY. Most boards have the option to put a delay of a few seconds until the POST begins. Put say 10 seconds (intentionally extreme to check) and see if the new screen now shows the POST. Alternatively, try checking the settings of the screen (on the screen itself not through Windows) to see if it has a setting to stay on all the time even when it has no signal. Not sure there is such a thing but worth checking out. Of course temporarily
  7. It is not specifically KSP related. This is the mentality of the stores in the country in general. First of all "no". Then let's see what the problem is. I bought a red WD disk for my QNAP. After a few months there was a glitch in it. I took it to the store I bought from (Welcome / TMS) and was told, it is not possible to send to the lab without a report of the WD software. I showed him the report from the test that QNAP does and shows that there is a problem. Not good, just from WD software. But the software only ran on Windows. This QNAP is not connected to any Windows computer. There's nothing to do sir this is the procedure. In the end I bypassed them and went to a friend who works at WD. He spoke to the TMS lab manager and told him to send the disk with the QNAP report.
  8. Have you paid yet? I bet I know which store it is. This is exactly what I meant. They probably took your card and sold it to someone else who was willing to pay 30-40 percent more and then you say "not yet arrived" or something along the lines of "Corona dude, no inventory anywhere". A move that turned out to be a smart move. Today it is worth 2-2.5 times lighter. Even though he is a 2nd hand. tempting...
  9. You're a little confused. It is true that there is a supply problem all over the world. And it's true that a store can price a product the way it wants. But factually, if you compare prices today compared to the beginning of the crisis (in the country versus sand) you will find that the jump in price (in other words: the return index) is much larger in the country than in the sand. But okay, their right to sell at any price you want, what I call pigs is not only the price but the fact that you make an advance order for the card, the store goes to buy stock, and until the card arrives in the country it takes a few weeks, and of course during that time the market price of the ticket went up. So what does the nice store do? Cancels your order and sells the ticket to someone else who pays the new and more expensive price.
  10. Vomiting from stores in the country .... they do not understand that they are doing themselves harm. So it's true that world prices are world wide for all video cards. But in the country they exaggerate with the pigs. People are not retarded. Everyone sees how much it is supposed to cost compared to how much they are asking for .... Do not worry expensive stores, when the rush is over (and it will end sometime), people will do their best not to buy from you but only to buy in the sand. Why? Because in the country stores do not care about the customer. They will do anything to extort a few more shekels. I at least only buy from New Agag. Even if it costs me more. (And I already managed to buy a case from New Agag and it still turned out to be profitable even though it is both large and heavy, so the shipping almost doubled the price)
  11. Hey friends. I'm building a white computer. I am not interested in performance and certainly not the latest hardware (but not something antique ...) nor does it matter to me Amad or Intel. It is very important to me that everything is white because it is a computer for SHOW. I'm looking for a white motherboard. Most of the motherboards I see are not white at all but regular boards that have replaced all the covers with white (or silver) covers. It is not really considered white. I saw this board for example. It has lots of white elements including the PCB itself and even some slots. Although the white-painted slots are the slots that will be heavily populated and the black slots will remain free so that they can see the blacks ... In addition, I saw this board which is indeed a reg board
  12. The question is how much power you need versus how much you want to invest .... Good luck!
  13. You put NIS 3500 and you don't play at all?
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