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  1. Another reason (and I think more relevant) to buy this card is someone who has assembled an estimated computer and must have some card just to operate the computer. Personally, I would not pay more than 300-400 shekels for a roof (and I was in this situation that I owed a ticket to a new system)

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    Fans with special threading. You can chain up to 4 fans on one cable and 16 fans on one controller. Selling 7 fans, comes with 2 controllers and all the cables needed to connect to the board and control everything from the software. For more information, send a message. Flexible price.

    600 ₪

  3. For those who care about responsibility, it's still a kind of MEH ..... because shipping a video card (2-3 kilos minimum) to Germany can be expensive ... (a few hundred shekels) and that's what you're saving up against buying in Israel.
  4. So alternatively you suggest that the traffic in the forums be high and then its quality be random and purposeless? There is already such a site. fxp.co.il When someone turns to you for a question / consultation / problem, you must first understand the situation before recommending a solution. Just throwing solutions in the air is irrelevant and will not necessarily meet the guy's need. So instead, our job, the experienced, is to answer with guiding questions to pump the right information from the guy.
  5. I do not personally know the cooling you mentioned but it is an 240mm AIO cooling. Keep in mind that your video card (you did not specify which card and which cooling it has) is not in this water loop. This means that once you run performance tests that load the card, it will emit all of its heat into the chassis and heat the entire interior of the chassis (including the CPU). Note that although a radiator with 240 mm should be sufficient for cooling one component, I would still search Google for tests of this cooling, could it be that it is at the limit of its capacity? (Not sure but this is because it's worth checking out) In addition, you did not specify how many fans you have in the case, location, air direction .... General recommendation if "upgrading the case will improve the CPU temperature", I do not think anyone can give you that just about Just the data you mentioned because the situation you are drawing here is very general and there are lots of parameters.
  6. Maybe let the discussion opener respond? I did not understand until now what his uses for mobile .... nice that you recommended him a MAC without knowing what he needs. There are lots of reports of weird problems with M1-based computers when it comes to code. That is, developers whose main work is around code. So before the sage gets up and throws out the "It's not happening to me !!" Required .... Google search, there are a lot of discussions about it. (I personally have no Mac I just know it exists)
  7. Enough to get smart, well ... how hard you are. Did I say the quality is poor? I said generically. The definition of generic is that it has no brand. Company A manufactures the fans and sells them to both Company B and Company C. You're probably looking for someone to say you'm right to end this unnecessary discussion. You're right. Let's please finish the discussion and let the discussion open to carry out the process? Thank you.
  8. Lol obviously not .... but he asked, I answered from what I know. If he wanted world statistics, he could search on Google, we have no such information.
  9. Probably Gigabyte uses fans made by a generic company and just stick their brand on them. You can move the stickers if it matters to you. (Some heat and tweezers and it goes down)
  10. From my experience with Lenovo, what you said is true only about the business line. They are just great. (Ugly under but excellent). Their home line is not as good as the business but they are still great laptops. On the other side you have DELL I have one (XPS) I have already rolled it 3 hands in the family and it is still working properly (9 years) and another one from my wife (VOSTRO) who has had it since 2016 and now I have given it to a friend to have for school. And another one (XPS) that still stays with me from 2017 and still works great).
  11. Lol Are you comparing XFX to Gigabyte? Bali Express should be the same for a fraction of the price. I got out two weeks ago to look for just such a thing but for a 1070 gigabyte card and it cost $ 6.
  12. If I'm not mistaken, all the fans are chained between them. I do not understand big in electricity but maybe one of them will malfunction and it affects all three. Anyway it's a few bucks. It is worth trying instead to buy another refrigerator for a few hundred shekels.
  13. If you already have Eli Express, try buying replacement fans first. Such fans sell for a lot of models of video cards (this is just the fan itself, without the frame). It's a matter of a few dollars.
  14. Lol wow it was dry ..... sure you cleaned the old ointment well on both sides (both on the GPU and on the block itself)? Have you put enough ointment? Does the block create enough contact on the core? You can remove the block again and see what the residue on the core looks like. If the ointment does not cover all (or 90%) of the core then you have not died well. Upload an image of the fan. Could it be that it is full of dust around its axis at a level that is stopping it from moving around freely? I would clean it well and put a drop (really a drop) of oil in its axis (check on youtube there are guides on how to do it). It is important to clean the dust first so that the dust and oil do not form "mud"
  15. Processors used to have a static frequency. That is, the frequency was constant and unchanged, no matter what the processor would do. Today it is no longer like that. The CPU's logic is much more sophisticated and it knows how to change its frequency according to the load and power it needs at that moment. The power consumption also varies depending on the load of the processor at that given moment (which is why this figure changes and needs to be measured at the moment of load). There are many sites with written reviews (the site here is one of the examples), there is tomshardware, there is anandtech, and there are also YouTube channels that focus on the technology world like gamers nexus, there is linus tech tips, there is Paul's Hardware ... you can start with Some of these, and YouTube will already give you in the videos on the side more related recommendations
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