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  1. On the face of a resolution of 1980 * 1020, this seems like a good solution for light gamers (according to the graphs presented in the article). Is that the case? Is there an expectation of arriving in Israel?
  2. Hi due to lack of storage space on my computer, I bought another hard drive - NVMe 970 EVO. My board is ASUS B150M-C. I understand I need a PCI-X adapter for M2. Are there any criteria for such a correlation? Otherwise I would love to get a link
  3. Thanks at the moment my board does not support this at all (Asus B150M-C), but plans to upgrade as part of the purchase of the new computer. My goal was at the moment to enjoy an up-to-date drive as a secondary drive, it is possible I understood using an adapter. The question is is it possible to work with two at the same time? Because I did not come across it in almost any specification
  4. Hi I plan to buy a new PC in the coming months, and put two NVME SSDs in it (and am interested in buying the secondary drive already on sale at Amazon). One drive connects to the M2 input on the motherboard, and the other connects via an adapter? Is it supposed to work properly? Which adapter is recommended and should it support all types of NVME (PCI4 to be exact)?
  5. Hi I am building a new computer and the main hard drive will be 256/512 GB NVME. In all the specifications I've seen, the secondary disk is a standard mechanical hard disk and not an SSD, probably because it costs another NIS 500 per gigabyte (don't get me on the shekel). Is there any reason not to prefer a SSD disk to a regular hard disk other than the money ? Because every time I am forced to work on the secondary disk today, I go crazy slowly.
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