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  1. Shopping&utm_campaign=Copy Google shopping EXON&utm_medium=cpc&utm_term=40655&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIq8mzmei97QIVYoBQBh1XIgcyEAQYASABEgLZtPD_BwE האם מפתח המוצר לWindows חוקי?
  2. For video editing, effects and XNUMXD. And render in realtime. What is worthwhile? Their price is more or less equal.
  3. Recovery company said they can (on SSD) which is very strange to me, so I ask.
  4. Refine the question: I deleted files, and then created a bit by bit (or sector by sector) duplication of the original drive, and discarded it. Is it possible to restore files on the duplicate drive? (I emphasize that I deleted the files before duplication)
  5. I mean not on the original, but to perform a restoration on the new copy. Thanks.
  6. The device has been updated to Android 10 and has not recorded since. Is there a way to overcome this?
  7. Just updating here (sorry for the delay) the router was not working properly. He was replaced, and everything's fine.
  8. Peace. I had a KASDA router for a few years. I wanted something more powerful and bought the VR600. Two days ago I switched. There is an HP laptop - which does not see the network. He saw her at first for a few hours, and that's it. One computer sees fine, and everything works fine. Another wired computer, working fine. And a Xerox wireless printer, I set it up and worked for a day and a half, and now it does not see the wireless network. what could it be? The distance between the computer that does not see the network, and the printer and the router is 3 meters!
  9. Thank you! This is probably the problem. This computer is problematic. Even the touchpad doesn't recognize until a driver is installed, as well as the wireless network card. Just nothing. The drivers on their site are not working as well. I manually installed the wireless network driver and updated everything through Windows Update. Is there any recommended software?
  10. I bought 2 new mobile Asus VivoBook X512JA I installed on both clean operating system. And Office 2019 clean with license. I get blue screens on the 2 laptops. I tried to install everything again, but the problem was not resolved. The blue screens show a different problem every time: kernel_data_inpage_error once browser.sys, once cdd.dll, once win32kfull.sys and more ... Sometimes this system service exception happens every time the computer is turned on. What to do?
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