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  1. Micho in the MDL forum managed to upgrade on an old computer while the installation was preparing the files he transferred the appraiserres.dll file from an old operating system like 1703 to the WINDOWS.BT \ Sources folder and the upgrade continued as normal
  2. Microsoft will no longer completely block the installation of WIN11 on older computers only critical updates and this of course will also find a way to install without a problem
  3. Try checking its condition with HD TUNE or CrystalDiskInfo8
  4. In the UK the vaccine also worked well with 2 doses because they were vaccinated with the second vaccine after a few months and this is what gave the effect of the vaccine with the memory there is a situation that the third vaccine will be the last
  5. The best is one vaccine and after that get infected in the first caravan and let the body work like this maybe the body will remember the best virus and on the other hand will not do much damage to the body that will not help the new mutations
  6. RTX3060 dropped to NIS 2300 There is no doubt this segment is starting to get interesting
  7. Sort the software before using CPU
  8. What ran her name about 10 percent that it happened? Try to fix the software you are working with HTTP SERVER etc.
  9. TRY TO RESTART WINDOWS EXPLORER Why do you have a 10 percent fixed CPU?
  10. Are you running HTTP SERVER on it? Why do you have 2GB of AV usage?
  11. Even if they bring you a coach link you do not really regret the argument
  12. https://twitter.com/stroughtonsmith/status/1410056281596039170?s=20https://twitter.com/stroughtonsmith/status/1410056281596039170?s=20
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