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  1. If settings on HIGH does not mean that a processor needs to create the FRAME with more elements?
  2. It gives only half of the economic picture should also with load: HIGH settings to see if the processor "suffocates" or manages to cope
  3. Maybe the demand will drop as soon as the krona is under control at least here in Israel and the prices "more or less"
  4. There was a regional power outage and it worked out so far try to take down the whole main circuit breaker for a few minutes and see if it might help
  5. If it's 2K you might want to save on the CPU and motherboard and go for the 10400F with the B460 and if there will be a B560 soon then even better and improve the screen of course
  6. The money that can be saved on the storage drive may be worth transferring to 32 GB of memory The computer will work faster Total What resolution are you going to play? What is the goal of FPS? 60 or 144
  7. It seems there is an organization of some heavy with lots of bitcoins that set the price for outside buyers selling and then doing what they want with the prices and buying back cheap
  8. Even if you do a permanent IP there is no response to ROUTER I did a reset I tried to close the DHCP and return there is nothing Router knocked: X
  9. I'm not an expert but herd immunity does not lead to the extinction of the virus completely but to a reduction in infection to level 1 instead of something exponential flu causes a big load in hospitals and HMOs but there is a decrease after a while it is because there is a herd vaccine not 100 percent because it is new strains The ones that fall into the disease more severely it does not lead to extinction because the immune system does not always work 100 percent or viruses do not fight the body always viruses can also make the person carry without symptoms and develop into something new
  10. I do not think this is the situation to be like there is the flu and people are still sick every year because the people at risk or people with a weak immune system are not able to kill the virus completely and then it is possible to create mutations. In less than a year they found three mutations in a small number of people. Not all herd vaccines will help eradicate it. The immune system in Africans is not strong or poor nutrition it bothers me still flu swirls in the hemisphere
  11. It comes from people with a weak or partially functioning immune system as there are more people infected with it the possibility of the disease replicating itself and statistically creating more mutations just like how life was created because the water was full of unicellular, each formed with a certain change until a large Cells like this also work these mutations now there are from what 80 million tested infected of course there are people who were not tested because they had no symptoms tomorrow the economy will open wider than usual the infection you will not need canal hospitalization and so development of canal mutations in short we were knocked
  12. And what do we say if everything opens up and there are a lot of people who will be infected, the amount of mutations will double in the square the more infected there will be more mutations
  13. In another three weeks we will start to see a decrease in hospitalizations because the first dose of the vaccine is supposed to reduce serious illness.
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