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  1. Yes less than $ 230, 30 percent off right now there is nothing else to compare: X
  2. Yes I meant the ESPORT 240HZ 12100 has a lot of cash and will probably give a good performance like the 10400F at least
  3. Stable processor also at 1% LOW you should consider 12700F if there are some software running in the background regarding the graphics cards, if it is HIGH END the GPU USAGE fails to pass the 80 percent in most cases it can be assumed that a video card like 3070 TI will give a nice ratio of 3090 performance [ ?]
  4. There is a 4-5 percent improvement over the 12400 compared to 5 assuming it is linear it will give an extra 7-5600 FPS for games [?] 400X indeed expensive NIS 12700 difference [Amazon prices] It might be worth waiting for the 240 to be available for those who play eSport 314.00HZ Recommended Customer Price $ 660 b12700 + 32f + 3200gb XNUMXmhz Best performance / price ratio for this market
  5. If it's a game that requires more processing power then intel takes if it's a game that requires not much processing but it's important to be fast RYZEN take then eSport games - ryzen or higher segment: i7-12700 depends on the price ultra games - intel
  6. If 6 powerful cores come out with 16 economical cores at a good price it will probably break AMD and they will also have to go through a BIG LITTLE configuration to know how Apple will sell the M2 to DESKTOP maybe they will have to lower prices to be relevant in the market with Intel
  7. What about the Power Users group instead of ADMINISTRATORS by the network it is possible to install software
  8. https://www.greenware.co.il/portfolio-items/monitors-anywhere/
  9. I did not quote you you do not have to comment I just say my opinion will bring your arguments and he will decide for himself no need to turn it into a discussion or arguments whole try to help a person
  10. This is true for heavy tasks like rendering movies that take more than half an hour as a 100% processor all the time in games. Such
  11. Software but no difference between 6000MHz and DDR4 - only if it's very very large files 50GB compress to 720P If you ask me the Z690 is a marketing trick to come the Z790 seems to really make a difference in memories
  12. The board supports up to Support for DDR5 6000 (OC) / 5800 (OC) / 5600 (OC) / 5400 (OC) / 5200 (OC) / 4800/4000 MHz memory modules no such future upgrade horizon, there are already 8000MHz memories in production It is better to buy DDR4 maybe 64 GB of memory or fast memory for games [eSPORT mainly]
  13. Yes AMD and Intel are currently playing poker we will see what happens interesting with high demand or alternatively a rise in GPU prices how it will all end
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