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  1. Sort the software before using CPU
  2. What ran her name about 10 percent that it happened? Try to fix the software you are working with HTTP SERVER etc.
  3. TRY TO RESTART WINDOWS EXPLORER Why do you have a 10 percent fixed CPU?
  4. Are you running HTTP SERVER on it? Why do you have 2GB of AV usage?
  5. Even if they bring you a coach link you do not really regret the argument
  7. The leaked version in its CORE is the same core of the operating system 22000. They only allow the new GUI fighters. Suppose you download 22000.1 you will not see the changes after you install the update [.51] If you want to test my argument so that it is not wrong and all subsequent instances like ANDROID will be activated in the same way - with an update package
  8. No, just do not have to get so excited about it: X in general not you
  9. The advertising model with the WINDOWS STORE is not going well probably delayed the train so it adds ANDROID to get people used to
  10. MS can not spend more money on operating systems so it works with hardware companies there is nothing immoral here it is just business
  11. For example 6.0.6002.18005.lh_sp2rtm.090410-1830_x64fre_client-b-hb-hp-u_retail_ja-jp-FRTMCXFRE_JA_DVD.iso it is a build of a certain group the 21996 has no addition of one kind or another neither in ISO NAME nor in this REGS so it will not be lost Showing in the video I hope so because this operating system does not renew anything and is really uncomfortable to work with
  12. He says at first that there is a situation that it is not the full version with all the fighters but the name of ISO and in REGS indicates that it is a regular name and not of a particular development group
  13. What's the point of announcing WINDOWS11 that only another two and a half weeks will be released at all or AMD's FSR to exhaust us!
  14. It does not seem to me that this is a completely new operating system. Most of the time there will be changes in the GUI. Mostly the same engine
  15. The prices of the illusory ASUS OLED 120HZ 65 inch are cheaper than that
  16. Yes but statistically it is better to go for a high level supplier or product in general if it is going to serve for future computers as well because the old supplier I currently have is 10 years old and it is not a course or something just better to replace
  17. By Everyone at A - TIER I want to avoid them because the accept they name is probably old and it caused a leak you will know what happens if I get another and get her name Will hold half a year does it make sense what I say? It's hard for me to trust a company that gets an A TIER score and suddenly there are QA glitches at a simple level
  18. I will probably go for it NZXT 750W C750 Modular 80+ Gold PSU or also quality With 10 years warranty and my old supplier is also NZXT Bronze and there is this tempting offer but not enough information about it
  20. I assembled it on the computer already at the beginning was a smell and passed almost a whole day and still have a smell will we go back to sleep? EDIT: I went back to sleep
  21. But Intel does not make life so easy for buyers need such a motherboard and such a supplier and cooling to do OC ... It is better to bring a processor from EBAY for NIS 100 more if not from Ali to match a cheap motherboard reasonable supplier and this is it seems less difficult
  22. 550 שקל ל 3600 לאינטל יש הרבה כוכביות,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
  23. I think I heard on HARDWARE UNBOXED that there are some previous generation MSI boards that have PCIE 4 but AMD asked to cancel
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