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  1. The simulations are programs we write in C ++ or Java. They try to solve difficult problems (computationally) by an intensive search in the space of possibilities. This is not some purchased software. I was debating about threadripper, but in the end I decided not because some of the tasks will be single-threaded, and some will be multi-threaded, so it seemed to me As for the graphics card, as I wrote, the use of deep-learning will be in very low percentages, so I do not think it is worth investing in 5950. The ability of the computer to work on 3080% CPU (say) for a few weeks is much more important to me , Which is something that a standard gaming computer is not required for.
  2. The price is 17,000. The simulations do not require much memory. I also thought of settling for 16, but realized that 32 is already better. After all, I'm not sure about the quality of this memory. As for the other components - I wanted a very reliable supplier, a board with 16 phases (again, reliability), and the case was chosen because I saw reviews on it that it is particularly quiet. I can compromise on the graphics card, because no serious work is currently planned on it - training models that are not too large, once in a while
  3. Hello, I'm looking for a very powerful desktop computer - with a lot of cores and enough memory, but to be quiet - because it will sit in my office. It also needs to be reliable - it should handle running simulations - ie software that will keep its processors running continuously (24/7) for a few months. There should also be a NVIDIA video card, because I want to use CUDA to run Deep Learning. The budget is up to NIS 20,000 (at the expense of the work ...) Here is a specification they offered me. It contains expensive components to handle the continuous work: CPU: AMD R9 5950X 16-Core 32-Threads 3.4GHz up to 4.9GHz 64MB Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 AORUS XTREME (16 phases) CPU cooler: be
  4. Hello, I have not bought a computer for a long time, so I would be happy for your help, mainly because I have a slightly non-standard request. I'm looking for a very powerful desktop / server computer - as many cores as possible, with a lot of memory, but keep it quiet - because it will sit in my office. There should also be an NVidia video card, because I want to use CUDA to run Deep Learning, but do not need a powerful card. Budget - in the region of NIS 15,000, (not out of my pocket, but out of work ...) There is no need for peripherals, there is no size limit. The purchase of the entire computer will be in Israel, and only suppliers approved by the company. I just need to know what to demand from them. Thanks!
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