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  1. There is a problem with the cooling. Your case is limited to 160mm if there is no fan on the side and less if there is. This is exactly the height of the heatsink I suggested. Is there a fan on the side? It seems worth taking another heat sink that will not be borderline.
  2. I guess there are a lot of power supplies that do the job, your power supply is also considered a fourth division. I only know how to recommend first division suppliers. That does not mean you have to listen to me. The cheapest A-League supplier I found costs 290, an additional 50 shekels and you get a completely modular A-League (disassembled cables) you will choose, of course you do not need 2 suppliers. Apparently it is also possible to live with a lower quality supplier.
  3. I have a hard time answering, the case looks outdated, do not know if you can easily insert a 240 radiator even if there is a safe place you can put a single fan radiator instead of the existing fan in the back but it may be less efficient than the air cooling I suggested. In my opinion, if you stay if this case, you will choose the 212 hyper black instead of water cooling. Power supply I would replace. I was going to say in advance that you should know who he is and maybe replace, but you asked for a trinity so I refrained. Do not know how to recommend an intermediate model at the moment, wait for another opinion if you saw a picture you did not have to ask.
  4. I disagree with you, new processor performance is tested with compatible memories, I do not know a test of 11400 with 2400 memories. In fact, with quite a few discussions opening on the site, it can be seen that improving the bandwidth of the memories has a clear effect on the 99th percentile and the whole purpose of this upgrade is the 95-99th percentile. It is assumed that the memories are of 2133 or 2400 and it is assumed that the old parts are also not thrown in the trash but are sold or switched to use on another computer. If 16 GB of 3200 costs 322 NIS, it is better to sell the old ones for about 150 NIS and move on with new ones.
  5. 212 This is the model of the refrigeration unit selected in the photographed specification, when in fact it is a family of models. 1- Yes. It has 2 mounts for nvme drives. It is possible and recommended not to purchase on a blind and if you get a recommendation on a model of product roll it to at least see a picture. 2- All simple, all in one systems closed. What case do you have? It should be seen that there is room for installation. According to foreign publications - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3oulxTKOWg CoolerMaster Hyper 212 Black Edition - Air cooling for 150 NIS will give you almost identical performance in terms of noise and cooling to CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2 - cooling Water at 260 NIS. Water cooling has an advantage in appearance, in that there is no large heat load close to the video card (the heat is carried to the radiator which is a bit far away) and a disadvantage in that it needs space to install the radiator.
  6. In the TMS regarding the cooling, I did not delve into and do not remember the above. There are several versions for 212, probably not all of them were created equal. Probably it is better to take a more expensive version or wait for another recommendation anyway, With another 2200 MHz (about 11600 NIS) or 400 GB of memory (about 200 NIS) or water cooling (costs 32-350 instead of 250-350) or a board with wifi100 plus about 150 NIS if relevant.
  7. ryzen 5-5600x Excellent but slightly expensive processor, about 1200 NIS before cooling. Intermediate level board at about 400, 16 GB fast at about 400 and another quality fan and you get to 2100-2200. If you go for Intel memory prices the boards and cooling remain similar But the processors are cheaper. The 10400f processor will give good value for the price, in a physical start it costs less than 700 NIS. And at 800 you can get the 11400F name which is probably the ideal choice. It is worth noting that Intel processors consume a great deal of power today and if you go for this option you should purchase a slightly more expensive board with a good power supply. In such a situation you can sell the old parts when in my opinion they will sell better as a complete computer with a case and supplier. (And maybe you have a purpose for them ...) The same games you mentioned that take advantage of multi-cores thanks to the dx12 will overcome the load moments and the system will also be able to form the basis for a better video card in the future. If you have no problem messing with exceptional options, there is an option to put Frankenstein processors on your board. This requires an update to the hack bios you get from the Chinese. You can ask for it from the store before purchasing to see if you can install it without a problem - recommended with the software embedded in the BIOS. Since this is a gigabyte board with email BIOS, the option to go back to the previous BIOS always exists if you got a bad BIOS. Experience says that the bios they send are bios that have already received positive feedback from customers and are working properly. Then assemble a mobile processor board that has been adapted to the board. If you do not do OC then you can get by with normal cooling, if you do then you must liquid metal because the core is exposed. It is less powerful than new processors but the market is currently undergoing unclear transformations and it can acquire you two years of quiet as these are processors that match in power to the video card. See video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s0JVKdkkMmk I recommend not purchasing QS processors but processors with a formal name. i9-9980hk If you want 8 cores, about 620 NIS from Ali Express. It is a processor that even surpasses the power on the video card https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003065821446.html i5-9300h for 6 cores for 375 NIS . https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1005003227324853.html When even a 6-core processor will solve your problem in the above games. It is advisable to check that your memories are as the Chinese recommend. The service in this store is very non-Chinese and among other things it is possible to return without No reason within 90 days.
  8. What is the computer used for? In what situations / applications are you experiencing slowness that makes you want to power up your computer?
  9. Checking and searching for similar issues before posting a new post is a welcome thing. Did you go through the whole discussion, checking out what was offered to the original discussion opener? Is your problem really the same and a new computer?
  10. If the budget is limited then it is limited if you need the extra equipment and it saves you that is a different story, but it also changes the direction of what you are looking for. The computer is good, new and modern. The video card is good and you can in a few years if you need to upgrade it without having to change anything else on the computer. You can also take everything and sell what you do not need .... AOC 22 "screen is not worth anything unless you have something to do with it. Wireless headphones, depending on which model, their basics are sold on Amazon for 70-80 dollars depending on the mood , When it drops below 75 (as currently 74.97) then they rise to 250 while in the country they rise to 500. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07X64MTGL?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details If it's a better model then it's worth more Keyboard and mouse, depending on which model and in what condition, these are things that wear out. Two XBOX remotes, also worth it but only for those who need it. I guess it comes with the controller that allows working with a PC. The 27 "screen is not to my taste, personally I recommend going for more Small and if large, then a higher resolution - which does not match the video card. But it's already a matter of personal preference
  11. There are those who do not have the patience to dig in or you want to promote it soon so both the previous computer you showed and it will do the job well. I think they are worth between 1500 and 1700, I have a hard time deciding. There is an option to purchase parts separately from Amazon. With a little luck and depth you can sew a lot of components over the $ 65-75 range and purchase one by one. That means over 65 free shipping to the country, under 75 no VAT. Amazon prices without VAT and without shipping. Crooked but sucking the fyftem. The reliability is of new parts and it is better than used parts - warranty will not really be. The problematic part is the video card and you are probably inexperienced (or not ...) and would prefer to take the parts to the store that will assemble you. (200-250 including VAT I think, do not know) Forget it ... the question of whether or not it will hold for the next 3 years is more at the level of reliability. By and large computers today usually hold this time without a problem unless some external factor arrives and does unexpected damage. An external factor may also be a problem in the electrical system in the winter and then the question of how much quality power for absorbing it without killing the computer. Of course on a new computer from the store with a full warranty you do not have this problem, everything is under warranty. In terms of performance, the video card is the main thing for gaming, and as long as you stay in the range of up to 1060-6g / 1650super, all 4-6 core processors will be more than enough. The relevant game range is games in the POP categories in terms of (either Roni Superstar or Noa Kirl) that means fortnite, sims, fifa, minecraft, nba2k. Out of the above, as far as I know, nba2k is the heaviest. If you want to save, I also saw options with Risen 3 etc at 1500 and as long as it stays in the spectrum of POP games then also the i5-6500 processor will do the job. It just implies an older system ...
  12. Why open another discussion? It is better that all the data be in the same place. Will Fortnight run around? Yes. Is it worth it? In my opinion not even though the surroundings are quality. What is my criterion? Other options, comparison to a new computer. A sunroof raises the price of the car even if you do not want a sunroof ... All of these cards will run Fortnite as mentioned, even the 1050ti will run it fine when the 1050ti is positioned in this table by about 58%. The first computer in physical startup (I would not purchase such a specification, but it is for scale) will run Fortnite more like any other computer with 1060-3gb. Yes, it has less memory, yes the power supply is a bit suspicious but it is new with a 3 year warranty for most parts. https://www.startpc.co.il/new-pc/value In which geographical area are you looking for a used one? It's also a matter of how much time you want to spend and mess with in front of how important it is for you to save
  13. Seems expensive to me. https://www.yad2.co.il/item/xsqlp6iu https://www.yad2.co.il/item/1pcjd2hx Attached are two better computers for 2000 NIS (asking price, maybe you can bargain) Both with a better video card and a better processor. It is very relevant to have an SSD computer of at least 240 GB for the operating system. For the sake of good order, the 1050ti is a simple but good enough card for Fortnight.
  14. If you use the video card built into the processor then the monitor connects to the board and the board limits you. If you are using a separate video card then it is irrelevant.
  15. I guess it's a USB adapter. Try connecting it to a blue / red port, usb3.0 and the mouse and keyboard to usb2.0, usually black.
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