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  1. https://www.itech-store.co.il/items/874461-עכבר-גיימינג-Logitech-Rechargeable-Gaming-G700S https://goldtop.co.il/product-details.aspx?proid=45075 האם מדובר בעכבר הזה ? האם הם מפרסמים click bait שאינו קיים במלאים ? ברמת העקרון כל מעבדת אלקטרוניה אמורה להיות מסוגלת לטפל בזה אבל לרובן לא יהיו סוויצ'ים מתאימים של omron . הבעיה היא שעל כל שקל שאתה משלם לעצמאי שעובד מסודר , לפחות חצי לא נשאר אצלו . קשה לי להאמין שתמצא טכנאי זר שיבצע את העבודה בפחות מ 250 ש"ח .
  2. He's black and has a stickpoint! First time they try it on thinkpad.
  3. Today came out in toms test of 3 6800xt cards. I commented in the forum and noted the findings of lanzar. The writer of the article took me seriously and checked about metro. His findings contradict Lanzar's findings. https://forums.tomshardware.com/threads/amd-radeon-rx-6800-xt-roundup-asrock-asus-and-sapphire-reviewed.3681255/ Like I said, less substantial how much you get in relation to how much someone else got With another system. What matters is how much you get, on your system in 3 modes. stock (of the card you have not of the reference whose official price is 30% less) max gpu + max mem max gpu + stock mem.
  4. Because it sounds like you are describing a situation where you have a problem with the backlight of the screen and it is powered by electricity from the motherboard while the external screen is supplied with external power. Because even if the problem is deeper and is at the data level, the data of the internal screen is fed from an internal connection while the external screen is fed from an external connection. Because maybe the problem with the screen itself. Because maybe the problem with the monitor cable. In fact the only thing that will disable both is a video card and then for the most part the computer will also be quite disabled.
  5. If possible, at least in one of the games do the 3 steps of the 6900 stock max mem + max gpu stock mem + max gpu and Lanzar, leave some wallet address that we can invite you to the beer.
  6. He meant to say that installing a video card driver is one of the most basic things to do after installing an operating system and if the technician did not do this there is a high probability that he also did not perform other actions that need to be performed after installing an operating system. Accordingly, assuming the service was for a fee and not voluntary, contact the technician in order to complete his work, it may be possible to take over remotely.
  7. Recommended or not, your operating system is installed this way so you need it to work. Go to lighting warehouses, buy a map, talk to her.
  8. First of course you have to make sure that you do everything right. I recently came across an Asus laptop with a very old BIOS version that did not agree to get an up-to-date BIOS version with the same error message that you report when everything is done properly. The issue was resolved after updating to an intermediate version. (It was said that the computer had version 2.7 and the newest was 3.7, so I installed 3.1 and then also updated to 3.7). Maybe in order to enable a situation of installing an old BIOS, I need to mark a V somewhere in the BIOS regarding the possibility of installing old versions, I do not remember from Asus - yes, I know from other places. A few things: A. The connection built into the motherboard needs a processor with a mobile video card
  9. You said twice that you could get into the BIOS. If you can log in to BIOS then you can install an old BIOS version, go back and so on. If installing an older BIOS version does not resolve the issue, the issue is not necessarily related to BIOS. The board is under warranty and the store should exercise your warranty
  10. There is some entanglement here. An alternate or fake power supply can do some of the above problems when if the problems persist when you are on battery it means you have already done damage to the board. You can see in the BIOS if the computer detects the power supply. If when you play with the power supply's head it loses the power supply indicator, you have a contact problem with either the power connector or the power supply's head. There may also be another problem with the board.
  11. https://www.newegg.com/global/il-en/xfx-radeon-rx-6800-xt-rx-68xtacbd9/p/N82E16814150844?Description=6800&cm_re=6800-_-14-150-844-_-Product&quicklink=true במלאי כרגע תמורת כליה, כמעט 5 בצ'קאוט .
  12. Did you perform a BIOS reset? If the computer goes up to BIOS in some mode, then you have the option to install another BIOS version. I do not think this is something to explain too much, but a little Google search found the following too long explanation: https://edgeup.asus.com/2020/guide-update-your-asus-motherboards-bios-for-amd -ryzen-5000-series-processors / If the board under the warranty of the store should exercise a warranty on it or at least perform the above for you if you do not have another computer. Unless there was a power outage in the middle of the burn, it is certainly not your fault Casts responsibility on you.in the day (which will never come) mother extensions and processors
  13. The card should also have a DVI port. If it exists, it supports qhd / wqxga. If for some reason the card does not have such a port and you are looking for a solution for surfing only, you can contact me in private. I have a quadro 2000 for delivery. It has DVI and DP, both of which support qhd / wqxga. It does not have HDMI. Petah Tikva collection.
  14. I performed on an HP station. But the realization was with a burner.
  15. https://www.win-raid.com/t871f50-Guide-How-to-get-full-NVMe-support-for-all-Systems-with-an-AMI-UEFI-BIOS.html יכול להיות שתוכל למצוא ברשת ביוס שכבר עבר MOD , אולי בפורום הנ"ל . עדיף שתחפש לפי דגם המחשב ולא לפי המק"ט שלו .
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