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  1. The question was whether it was possible to exercise responsibility. In the exercise of warranty, you receive a card of the same model. "Everything comes this way" means that it is the quality of the product (at the model level) in a sweeping way and not a point fault, so it can be assumed that what comes as a replacement under warranty will suffer from the same problem.
  2. yoavke

    Difference between speeds

    As far as I understand you are testing in the real world and seeing a result in the real world. AS SSD seems to be checking a 1GB file, SSD 512 cache should be large.
  3. yoavke

    Difference between speeds

    Your description is still not entirely clear. The above software does a short test. TLC-based drives initially work on one or another cache that is fast but if you read / write the whole drive continuously the speed drops very significantly. This is very significant in writing but I think it also affects reading. The 970 is a very good drive where the above drop is moderate (but despite everything exists to the best of my recollection) the OEM drive you get in a laptop is certainly less quality. You can see the model in the device manager. Accordingly a continuous reading of a large amount of material will not match the performance of the short test.
  4. @ Moon-Mage Did you change the pads? Has the temperature of the memory improved? How much did you go down?
  5. The two above processors are soldered to the board. Fcbga. Everything that includes BGA is soldered and does not disassemble. LGA or PGA are the ones that disassemble. It is not possible to replace a processor since 4th generation and even then it was only for some of the processors.
  6. What you did is called wishful thinking. I gave you a general model of computer, it comes with i3, i5, i7 it comes with 8 or 16GB. You decided I made a mistake and compared to i3 but that's not the case. Anyway, you were told you could also ask for a million dollars but need to find someone who is willing to pay it. X415JF-EK007 costs from 2120 NIS and if someone would ask me I would recommend taking X415JA-EK025 which costs 2200. The first comes with geforce mx130 which is a waste of silicone, the second without. Both with i5-1035g1, both with ssd512 nvme which is bigger And faster than your own. Both with 8GB. Indeed, they both do not have a fingerprint reader. There is no doubt that this is a feature worth at least a thousand or two. If your computer is a year old, you bought it At the moment the market is not in short supply but flooding because all of Israel bought a laptop last year and now there is no demand. These are two questions with a different answer and the answer is influenced by the human factor.
  7. You can also ask for it a million, how much will you sell? Also very much depends on your bargaining links. By and large in the country everyone is haggling so you have to ask for more than you want. Your computer has been replaced with another model, so it happens all the time. The fact that it may still appear on this or that site with the old price does not mean that it is the price of such a new computer. The model that replaces yours costs 2200 and it with a slightly newer processor and larger SSD asus x415j also has other computers with similar specifications and similar price. Your computer has run out of warranty. No matter what you did with it, it's used, not new. It is difficult for me to see a reason to pay more than 1500 NIS for it and even if it is free of any defect or scratch.
  8. Do not know a lab that will allow you to do this. It is simpler and cheaper to order relevant screwdrivers from Mali Express or go to a store in the country and purchase a set of screwdrivers. A matter of budget. There are good screwdrivers, even at 25 NIS, there are kits with interchangeable heads. What you describe is not called a technician, is called hafer. Highly recommended, you can surely find a disassembly video of your exact model across the net.
  9. I recommend noting that the Lenovo comes with 512 + 2tb compared to the Dell that comes with 256 + 1tb. On the other hand, the Dell comes with a 3-year warranty and the Lenovo requires an extension of warranty. The spare parts of these computers are much more expensive than the spare parts of a desktop computer so it is advisable to extend warranty. If, for example, the screen breaks down, you can not purchase a 24 "screen from the shelf for 500 NIS, you will have to pay more than double for replacing a screen inside the assembly. Even the unique motherboard for each computer will cost much more than the average motherboard for a desktop.
  10. The temps you get are from a processor that works in OC. They are very high but they will not cause a shutdown. I hope 88 is what you get for it in 100% CPU effort and not while playing (because synthetic testing over-adopts the CPU). Let them check the direction of the fans. If all goes well then it seems to me just get off of it. After further specific elaboration regarding the 8700k I realized that it comes when the material between the core and the IHS is actually a simple ointment and not a liquid metal or solder. This means that its heat conduction is not ideal and what is more serious is that there is a decay over time because the quality of the material is impaired. The solution to this problem is to ignore (until it reaches overheating) or DELID. You may have suffered an injury to the internal heat conduction. Now that I say this to myself, I wonder if it falls under CPU responsibility ...
  11. I took 10 very deep breaths to be as polite as possible - sounds unthinkable to me, maybe I did not understand what they mean. Each case on its own: there is no problem with the temperature of the video card, is the temperature of the video card the reason for replacing the case? There is a problem with the CPU temp. As far as I have seen, your CPU works without overclocking. Am I wrong and your CPU is in a hurry? Has the CPU temperature improved after replacing a thermal ointment? There is no problem with your case, if there is a fan in the back and it works, it should clear what is needed. Is there a fan or two on your heatsink? If one, you should make sure it is aimed backwards. If two, you should make sure they are not in opposite directions to each other and that they are both facing backwards.
  12. I do not know how to explain to you how to get 100% accurate snapshots. There are the windows performance logs but it's complicated, there is the task manager that shows how many accesses have been to the drive so far since the computer was turned on but I'm not sure it includes everything. There is a matter of sleep - if it is set to go into sleep mode after time X then every time one has to wake it up and this creates a very noticeable delay. https://www.thewindowsclub.com/prevent-hard-drive-going-sleep-windows I think the simplest thing is to go for the obvious, maybe there are user folders sitting on it? Maybe it has cloud-synced folders sitting on it? I understand that a source is designed for games but over time material accumulates and then maybe by mistake a user who does not understand sets to put something on it that works permanently in the background.
  13. It is a very simple board and no NVME based SSD can be put in it. For normal student work this computer should be completely rotated and if there is a slowdown it is probably at a software level that is interfering with the background or the computer is just accessing the mechanical drive too much for one reason or another. I recommend trying to check the use of the mechanical drive, it would be very sucks to buy a new computer and connect the mechanical disk to it and then find out that it is causing the problem ... If you are still going to format the computer for the new board and processor, then format it now and see if This works out before replacing the CPU. It is also possible (I do not know if I have said it already) to disconnect the mechanical drive and see if the computer moves faster. You may find that the computer does not boot to the operating system at all when the mechanical is disconnected, which means that the bootloader is on it. (And it does not contribute to performance even if it does not explain daily slowness) As mentioned, I do not recommend you go this way right now but: the old memory should work with new processors but will prevent them from getting the most performance. Since you do not really need CPU performance, it does not matter. If you do not know how to do the job alone and at such a level that there will be no damage, I recommend considering replacing the entire computer. For the replacement of the parts will take you money, for the computer train do not take. Sell ​​your old computer without a video card and buy a new computer with a new case and a new vendor. So too will you have a front C tape. MSI B560M PRO WIFI is a board that costs about 600 NIS. It has what you asked for. Intel Core i5 10400F is a processor that costs about 700 NIS. Must have external video card (you said there). I would match the above quality NVME based SSD with a volume of 1 tera at a cost of 500-600 NIS. 16 GB of 3200 MHz memory is another 300 NIS.
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