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  1. For this you have to issue an invoice and pay tax. On the other hand, also on the trade in dozens to hundreds of used video cards ...
  2. If you do not understand and are not knowledgeable, you will open a discussion with a request to assemble a specification, according to the questionnaire that exists in the forum. If you have a specific requirement for the above processor and you do not want to be directed to other processors, please indicate this. Excessive or knocked out due to overheating and all this should fit into the package and budget framework.
  3. A package that contains two ATX boards costs a lot of money. A case that contains two boards and is not particularly expensive is a case that the second board is ITX (and yet it is not a cheap case). Two simple cases that you saw and connect with a system of hinges will cost like two cases and a lot of work time without calculating the cost of the sawing devices, assuming you have them. Economically, it is better to buy two simple cases and put them next to each other and use the above time to make money. If the other computer is for coding only it can be controlled remotely via a local network with RDP and save all KVM. So the other computer can also sit in the room Another or the same room in a location that does not interfere (shelf near the ceiling).
  4. Ad validity: 25 days and also 14 hours

    • For sale
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    Processors for sale: xeon x5550 at a price of 1 NIS - flexible. E5-2620 at a price of 1 NIS - flexible. e5-2670 at a price of 50 NIS. Not flexible. e5-1620v2 at a price of 50 NIS. inflexible. Not having to take them all, I was too lazy to open a few posts.

    102 ₪

  5. Yes but even in hibernate it should not consume electricity, it save to disk.
  6. https://www.ynet.co.il/news/article/ByTJ8fPV00
  7. A clear fault in the board would have produced a faster linear decrease. A clear fault in the battery would have made it hold less in real use. It creates a sense that there is another hidden variable that affects everything. You can log in to the operating system log and make sure that the computer has really been turned off all that month without any power on. Just to make sure - was any external dongle connected to a computer? Mouse, keyboard Did you match any BT device to this computer? Mouse, headphones
  8. Check how much% he loses in 24 hours. Charge to 100% Wait a bit, turn off when charged. Turn on after 24 hours without a doubt power.
  9. True for 6+ generation. Generation 4 is about 90-85%, generation 3 at least 50% can be replaced. Generation 2 about 90% can be replaced. 4th generation M or QM processors It is possible to replace U and HQ processors it is not possible. The processor in question can be replaced with a processor. The question is whether it will be able to dissipate 45 watts of heat. The current processor is 35 watts. The 4-core processor in this generation was only 45 or 55 watts. Generation 3 and 4 had 4-core 35-watt processors. One should search the net if there are people who have performed and if it works for them. The i7-2640m is a 2-core, 35-watt processor. It is the most powerful that surely works on your computer. This computer is a lot of work, if you are going to upgrade then first of all replace a processor and you will see that you have done
  10. You did not enter the full specifications of the computer. A fan can be connected directly to the power supply with a MOLEX connection like old IDE drives or maybe today there are also other connections that go directly to the supply (like a floppy drive, maybe like a SATA drive) in such a situation there is no speed control and it works on 100% all the time. There are actually 2 wires, voltage and ground. (Plus and minus) Even in this situation the fan - which is not completely spilled - should have a cable with one or two wires that goes to the motherboard and allows reporting or reporting and control. On the other hand, it can be connected to the motherboard or a secondary controller with a connection that includes control and reporting of speed with a small connection that has 4 pins / wires. As hm
  11. One can be with the head in the wall and argue with the representative and waste time and follow the following principles: Activating XMP is not overclocking, it is an existing profile within the SPD of memory. Your CPU officially supports and should work with 2666 memory so 2666 is not OC on the contrary, putting your CPU with memory at a lower speed is to give you a computer that is not working as guaranteed. You could even say that Intel says that this processor does not support memory 2133 but only 2666 and in fact the computer is currently working contrary to Intel's specifications. https://ark.intel.com/content/www/us/en/ark/products/199271/intel-core-i5-10400-processor-12m-cache-up-to-4-30-ghz.html You Welcome to look for many processors a
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