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  2. Without delving. A new and state-of-the-art processor will hold up in the long run. If you are currently taking a computer without a video card you will need a card built into the processor. Also not all the heatsinks on the market are suitable for 1700 processors so I chose a BOX processor that comes with an original fan. The boards are still a bit expensive, it is possible with the addition of 50 NIS to get a board better and also with wifi 6. Regarding the case and supplier, I did not go into depth, there are many options. I took a strong supplier assuming that in the future there will be an external video card.
  3. Yes, but it has a price, you have to actually cancel all the other chains and have to buy everything new. Need for this full MESH. The MESH creates its own network and does not allow foreign entities like the fiber router to be part of the network. This means that the fiber router will only be a modem, and the MESH will be the wireless network infrastructure when wired network expansion is possible with the help of a HUB or SWITCH that will be connected to one or more of the MESH points. It is also possible to have a router adapted to MESH + points for expansion, it is also possible to have a router with a modem and replace the router of the fibers with a fiber converter.
  4. It's pretty disconnected. I have a relative who comes to the bank every day as part of work for something that must be done in front of a human being. On the way he sees a very large rainbow population (elderly, disabled and more) who can barely cope with the automation of simple clerk operations that have moved to machines like depositing checks. If the bank is given permission to close branches and cancel the possibility of performing certain operations, it should also oblige it to sign these people that someone has instructed them in a clear and quality way how to carry out the operations and that they have understood and know.
  5. A. There is no Kabbalah name. B. Usually what comes with a certain supplier will not fit another supplier, at most the cables of a supplier from the same family will probably be the same. C. Many suppliers have this shrink at the end of the sleeve or something else that makes it difficult to bend at the end. D. If you are really taking it hard the solution is to sell the supplier fully as used and purchase a supplier that you will make sure in advance that it is more flexible at the edge. But there are also options of extenders, do not know anything with a firm that stands behind the quality but in Chinese sites there are such sets for less than 50 NIS. Supply Cable atx extension cable kit
  6. אפשר להכניס את המספר הסידורי - service tag ולבדוק כמה אחריות נשארה לו , זה בהחלט פקטור לגבי התמחור.
  7. On paper i5 1135G7 is better. Once inside a computer, you can make both of them heat and noisy carts and you can make both of them great processors. So the comparison is only relevant if you are comparing completely identical computers.
  8. As long as DDR5 prices are double and more than DDR4, there is no reason to go for DDR5. Even so, the difference in performance is not significant and certainly not in games. Two months - three - not going to change. In principle if the power supply is purchased along with the computer then it is aging, so the question is which processor are you going to buy. If you go for an affordable and recommended mid-range (12400-12600) then you can wait with the replacement for the video card replacement. If you want a heavy processor, 12600k with OC or i7 intent, and certainly if you want an i9, you may already want to switch the power. Yes, you will feel an improvement in games, especially in new AAA games, especially in games where you compromise a bit on the graphic quality and take the load off the video card. If you are satisfied, why replace?
  9. I'm assuming that you downloaded the latest driver from the nvidia website. This should be done if it's not obvious. I think the definition that bothers you is called Depth of field. It's a dimis on the video card. Look in the settings, start with the one that will be ON and after that if you can play with the depth. As for the logic, if you are right and the performance of the computer decreased following the update then maybe the game did an automatic check and downloaded you the settings. Maybe it just changed. You can try changing the power management mode in nvidia control panel under manage 3d settings. Maybe it will improve the situation if there is indeed a decrease in performance you can try to create a new user profile on the computer and see if with it things work faster. If nothing helps, before formatting it might be better to go ahead. I also avoid unnecessary upgrades but from working with a large amount of computers I think 21h1 and even 21h2 versions are stable and good. I have not examined the issue of performance degradation in games, I do think newer drivers are adapted to the latest versions of the operating system.
  10. Gigabyte Z690M AORUS ELITE AX DDR4 This board is more successful and more suitable for a powerful processor like the 12700kf. ANTEC CASE DF600 - I do not like the case. Not the peak of quality. I would go for the liquid coolant. The 212 can dissipate 160 watts at max when the processor reaches 180 at max, so in fact the 212 is not powerful enough.
  11. 4400 This price includes VAT. He buys at TMS. They have cooler master cooling mounts for 35-50 NIS. But 4400 is indeed a price of 3070ti:
  12. I guess before you open the discussion you did restart, if not, then do.
  13. It is a beautiful and compact case and as far as I know quite successful but as you said it is designed for M-atx boards, when as mentioned the board you are presenting is an m-atx board. B660-based boards cannot perform CPU OC. I know the 12700kf is a bit stronger than the 12700f even without OC, but consider that if you do not take. * I see that the 12700 is not available in stores ...
  14. Give the full and exact name of the board. If it's: B660M GAMING DDR4 then: a- is a micro ATX b it can be assumed that it is not powerful enough for the processor there are more sub-models of b660m some of which come with a better power supply. They are all micro ATX. The M in the name indicates this.
  15. 1200 NIS against 800 and 850 NIS it's like comparing a 4 core processor to a 6. All AMD needs to do is quickly reset and cut prices, these 5000 are processors that have been sold in the market for over a year and they have made a big profit and reputation coupon on them. Already with the 11 series the Bones market started to return to Intel for value for money but let's say there was still a justification for the higher price of the 5600X. Right now they need to reset and realize that Intel has managed to get out of the pit, cut a price and so in one simple announcement they can get back in focus. There is no real justification for comparing 12400/500 to 5600X.
  16. Amalek - If you need to replace a board and case, sell your computer as used and install a new one tailored to your needs. Not versed, does the flex server perform decoding or does it just stream raw content and the consumer (TV) performs the processing? If there is no processing there, then it could be that your bottleneck is disk speed or network traffic. I guess you leave the backups for unused hours, when does the flex start to falter? User 2, 3 or 4? 4 - Yes 3- If you do not know which RAID is recommended, why do you think you need RAID? 2- No, yes, it should have a RAID. 1- See Amalek and a processing question.
  17. The tangle has a supply of 13 boards with a delivery date of another two to three weeks. Search for B660 in the search window
  18. Hi, sorry for the misconception about the inability to work with XMP and 8400. Moon mage is right of course. XMP should be available in the menu you view once memory is supported. If you are looking to save, you can get help from Amazon. There are some 8X2 options for less than $ 75. d3f84cb7-f2c2-42d6-aaa2-d79846b86e27 & pd_rd_wg = 4MQeF & pd_rd_i = B0143UM4TC & th = 1 The option of the 3600-18 now costs $ 65. If you prefer a 3200 with low timings then it has it at $ 60: = XTBC5EX34F4113NGHY4GE & pd_rd_r = 8ef7947847c308-7a4c-86c846-a9bd-70f86f2b5 & spLa = ZW49jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUFXN3VCSDBJM5FYTVgmZW25879jcnlwdGVkSWQ72QTAyNDcwMTEzN6FTjZIVlM2QUhGJmVuY5J1cHRlZEFkSWQ1QTA5MzYzNDIxUFFPVlJMWEE9V01ZSJndpZGdldE1hbWU3c5BfZGV9YWlsJmFjdGlvbj0jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN1JmRvTm5TG9nQ3xpY0s1dHJ1ZQ & th = 0 I do not know how to grope responsibility both above (beyond the 90-day Amazon gives) So I personally go for the patriot that if there is a problem you are sending mail to Holland and get back To country without charge:
  19. This processor does not support XMP but only ddr4-2666.
  20. In principle both can work with current memory. In principle ++ you can put on the computer any generic ddr4-2666 that is on the market, usually on laptops everything works on the basic jedec. Practically no one can commit to you for anything, I like to put identical sticks once I work on dual channel. 2666Caps% 2C2 & sr = 252-8-spons & psc = 1 & spLa = ZW1jcnlwdGVkUXVhbGlmaWVyPUFLVDM5NDdTQU2NR1ImZW1jcnlwdGVkSWQ5QTA9NTAyNjIxRFo2UlVTMFdCTFpaJmVuY2J3cHRlZEFkSWQ5QTAyNTkwNDAyN9AxUDJGWDU1TzBVJndpZGdldE3hbWU5c9BfYXRmJmFjdGlvbj3jbGlja1JlZGlyZWN1JmRvTm0TG90nQ9xpY2s2dHJ9ZQ == it works for me on a similar machine. Why do you lock on Korshiel? If you want to be precise, you can disassemble your computer and check what is listed on what you currently have. Everything you do when the computer is unplugged - first of all disconnect the battery, of course the power supply is disconnected. Around the memory there is a metal cover in some models, note that you put it back in its brackets and do not miss, you missed, you shortened the board, there are all kinds of small components around.
  21. What processor do you have? For XMP to work you need both CPU and board support. The board allows XMP up to 4000. Say which processor and we will know if it supports.
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