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  1. If the budget is limited then it is limited if you need the extra equipment and it saves you that is a different story, but it also changes the direction of what you are looking for. The computer is good, new and modern. The video card is good and you can in a few years if you need to upgrade it without having to change anything else on the computer. You can also take everything and sell what you do not need .... AOC 22 "screen is not worth anything unless you have something to do with it. Wireless headphones, depending on which model, their basics are sold on Amazon for 70-80 dollars depending on the mood , When it drops below 75 (as currently 74.97) then they rise to 250 while in the country they rise to 500. If it's a better model then it's worth more Keyboard and mouse, depending on which model and in what condition, these are things that wear out. Two XBOX remotes, also worth it but only for those who need it. I guess it comes with the controller that allows working with a PC. The 27 "screen is not to my taste, personally I recommend going for more Small and if large, then a higher resolution - which does not match the video card. But it's already a matter of personal preference
  2. There are those who do not have the patience to dig in or you want to promote it soon so both the previous computer you showed and it will do the job well. I think they are worth between 1500 and 1700, I have a hard time deciding. There is an option to purchase parts separately from Amazon. With a little luck and depth you can sew a lot of components over the $ 65-75 range and purchase one by one. That means over 65 free shipping to the country, under 75 no VAT. Amazon prices without VAT and without shipping. Crooked but sucking the fyftem. The reliability is of new parts and it is better than used parts - warranty will not really be. The problematic part is the video card and you are probably inexperienced (or not ...) and would prefer to take the parts to the store that will assemble you. (200-250 including VAT I think, do not know) Forget it ... the question of whether or not it will hold for the next 3 years is more at the level of reliability. By and large computers today usually hold this time without a problem unless some external factor arrives and does unexpected damage. An external factor may also be a problem in the electrical system in the winter and then the question of how much quality power for absorbing it without killing the computer. Of course on a new computer from the store with a full warranty you do not have this problem, everything is under warranty. In terms of performance, the video card is the main thing for gaming, and as long as you stay in the range of up to 1060-6g / 1650super, all 4-6 core processors will be more than enough. The relevant game range is games in the POP categories in terms of (either Roni Superstar or Noa Kirl) that means fortnite, sims, fifa, minecraft, nba2k. Out of the above, as far as I know, nba2k is the heaviest. If you want to save, I also saw options with Risen 3 etc at 1500 and as long as it stays in the spectrum of POP games then also the i5-6500 processor will do the job. It just implies an older system ...
  3. Why open another discussion? It is better that all the data be in the same place. Will Fortnight run around? Yes. Is it worth it? In my opinion not even though the surroundings are quality. What is my criterion? Other options, comparison to a new computer. A sunroof raises the price of the car even if you do not want a sunroof ... All of these cards will run Fortnite as mentioned, even the 1050ti will run it fine when the 1050ti is positioned in this table by about 58%. The first computer in physical startup (I would not purchase such a specification, but it is for scale) will run Fortnite more like any other computer with 1060-3gb. Yes, it has less memory, yes the power supply is a bit suspicious but it is new with a 3 year warranty for most parts. In which geographical area are you looking for a used one? It's also a matter of how much time you want to spend and mess with in front of how important it is for you to save
  4. Seems expensive to me. Attached are two better computers for 2000 NIS (asking price, maybe you can bargain) Both with a better video card and a better processor. It is very relevant to have an SSD computer of at least 240 GB for the operating system. For the sake of good order, the 1050ti is a simple but good enough card for Fortnight.
  5. If you use the video card built into the processor then the monitor connects to the board and the board limits you. If you are using a separate video card then it is irrelevant.
  6. I guess it's a USB adapter. Try connecting it to a blue / red port, usb3.0 and the mouse and keyboard to usb2.0, usually black.
  7. Not usable even for non-network based work? If so then there is a fundamental problem here. If the lag is only for network-based work then it is a quality problem at worst or settings at best. Either way, tests that can be performed: Replace the router with a telephone-based Hotspot. Connect the computer to the router by a network cable. Of course if the download is done by file sharing this is a very good reason for a serious lag in network work since file sharing creates very many connections and produces more load.
  8. This laser is a very focused light. It does not produce environmental radiation. If you aim a laser directly at the eye it can be dangerous. The technician who assembles the router connects the optical fiber to the router and you should not touch it. Once connected, there is no "light escape" it is closed. One must be very uncoordinated or with substantial physical / brain limitations in order to reach a state where the optical fiber is aimed directly at the eye. All wireless communication produces radiation. Also 2.4 GHz. Also 5 GHz. Also a cell phone. Both the screen you are currently reading and your computer produce electromagnetic radiation. Did you have another ear on your leg next to the computer? The lamps, too. There is also radiation in the microwave - an oven that heats food by bombarding it with radiation. If you do not accept the general idea that there are standards regarding radiation attenuation and at what stage it ceases to be dangerous - you need to get rid of all of the above. Optical fiber is better than 5G
  9. Not sure I understood the question. Does performing the above tasks create a load? Yes. Is a load on the router supposed to disable the computer - no.
  10. Traffic speed refers to the speed of information transfer between the router and the computer. File transfer on the home network is computer-router-computer. If everyone works at 300 then it will work at 300. If one works at 433 and one at 100 then it will work at 100. If you have a router separate from the modem, then they connect in a network cable and the input in the router can be 100 or 1000, usually it says WAN speed The DL of the router from the modem depends on your WAN port, maybe 100, maybe 1000. But if the speed between the router and the computer is 300, it does not matter if the router downloads from the network at 5 million, it will still send to the computer at 300. Yes, 300 megabytes is 37.5 megabytes. The working speed of wireless communication is descriptive. That means the maximum in the lab is free of interference, noise, and blocking objects. In real life if you get 75-80% it's great. Working with 300 wireless is less good than working with 100 with a network cable. Even 433 in continuous work is less good than a network cable of 100. By and large, a network cable constantly talks in both directions with no problem. Wireless is a bit like a walkie-talkie, transmitting only in one direction and constantly waiting for the other side if the other side wants to talk. It happens in milliseconds but it happens. So if 2 computers in the house are trying to play online (even one is playing and one is just surfing) wirelessly it will create lags and a network of wires it will work smoothly without interruption.
  11. The above rates define the speed of your home network traffic, between your computer and the router.
  12. If you buy i9-11900k, then also buy a magnifying glass that you can see the performance differences in relation to i7-11700k core-performance-i7-11700k-in-generation-review 11-of-Intel-Successful /
  13. I rely on online tests. A site that is easy to see comparisons in is techpowerup. Sometimes data needs to be cross-referenced if an old card does not appear in a new test. In FHD at 6600 xt slightly better than the 2070super which is slightly better than the 1080ti. The 1080 (without TI) gives about 75% of the performance of the 6600xt. I just saw one posted used in the Trade Zone in 1200. It might be a reasonable deal if you want to save but it's probably a 4-5 year old card and that means there's a risk. So I still recommend 6600XT, maximum possible in 12 installments.
  14. It is a laptop, there is a whole world of qualities hidden there and will be much more essential for you for the period of use than the technical specifications. The E14 is a better quality computer even though it is in the base league, look for an e14 with an i5 processor and add a little to the price. The cheapest is expensive and I hope you know who pays twice. The v14 is the flagship theme of the cheap
  15. If he "imports" them then he is an importer and he should give you an invoice and warranty. If he's just someone who bought an overseas then: hardware sold in the US and in my opinion also in Europe accepts the warranty directly from the manufacturer and not from the store (except for a grace period of 30-90 days) which means an RMA procedure with the manufacturer. EVGA has a real international warranty. Most others do not and this may be complex to the point that they will not be sent back to the country but only to a local address (relative to the country of purchase).
  16. I'm talking to you only about gaming: for gaming, Gigabyte's computers are the most lucrative. Despite this once you switched to a mobile format you lost a lot of power in relation to my desktop. Feel free to read a test here on the site, there are also tests for the other 3 computers that are in comparison: laptop-gigabyte-aorus-17g-with-geforce-rtx-3080- in review- Unusual-at-all / Note the ratio compared to a desktop card. Only a computer with 3060 goes into your budget. Gigabit computers with the 3060 only come with a 512 disk, you will need to upgrade yourself.[]=10000 Alternatively, your gaming may be light and you can settle for a simpler card and see a different range of computers.
  17. Facing the two you brought it is not forces at all. The 3060 apparently still has dlss / rtx but I do not know if DLSS works when you are in FHD anyway.
  18. It is difficult to answer you, on the one hand the budget is very high on the other hand the delusional prices. You do not need a 1000 provider if you do not put 2 cards in the computer. 850 is above and beyond, if you're with AMD probably 750 too. The intels consume a lot of electricity and if you are looking for quiet then I would go for water cooling. Are you going to perform OC independently? I with NVIDIA, the DLSS gives a very respectable improvement in heavy games that support, I think it's a deal breaker compared to the Reddown but if you get 6900 at 6000 NIS and you have to pay 8200 NIS for 3080ti it feels too much to me. In any case, with such a resolution, focus on the video card - see attached image, this is a minimum FPS. Whatever you do not do, keep in mind that this is a time when every year there is a significant improvement because of the competition, you do not really buy a computer for very many years. Some of the updates may be out in the next two months. So if you are buying, do not look back. If you are not going for the 6900 in a tangle, check out the startpc.
  19. In principle, they have no performance advantage, often even slightly weaker than their core counterpart. XEON processors have ECC memory support so anyone who wants increased stability and reduced chance of a BSOD based on a random memory error will prefer XEON. There are weak XEONs, there are strong ones. Some models do not know how to work in a multi-processor system and have no advantage over the usual beyond ECC. There are those who know how to work in a multi-processor system, 2, 4, 8. Once again it could be said that XEON always supports a square memory channel but this is no longer always true and on the other hand there are core i9s that do support. There is a chance that XEON will also support these or other "security and remote management" features on behalf of Intel that will eventually be revealed as one back door or another. I'm less up to date on these features.
  20. פחות מתחייב בפניך , וגם לוקח את התקציב די גבוה אבל יש מצב שגם quadro rtx a2000 מתאים. הוא עבה, יושב על שני חריצי הרחבה אבל LP. על פי מבחנים ב notebookcheck הגרסה הניידית של ה a2000 נותנת ביצועים של 3050ti נייד חזק ושניהם עוקפים את ה 1650 super השולחני . אז אם אין בעיית תקציב, זה נראה כמו הכרטיס הכי חזק שאתה יכול לקבל ב LP .
  21. כל מה שמוגדר low profile ואינו דורש חיבור חשמל נוסף אמור להתאים . אפשר אולי למצוא 1050ti משומש .
  22. In my opinion a- for over 80% of people, it can be assumed that a more basic board with a 10400 or 11400 processor will give an almost identical or completely identical value. In at least 20% of the remaining, such a processor "will not be enough" seemingly and they will go for something more up-to-date and fast. You are left with a very small percentage in between that will want a little more and a little less so in order to realize a sale you need to be with a competitive price. The problem is that if this is someone who understands then he will check a bit in depth and he will find that in generation 11 it is possible to do OC without doing OC even to 11400. Even without the OC, the 11400 is probably better than the 8700K, and as mentioned, another 15% can be taken out of it with a quality board and loose power settings. So that drops another 250 or so from the price ETAL said. And to this of course should be added the difference of parts of the nylon compared to parts of two years +. And if they are already 3+ years old and without responsibility, then in general then in fact what you have already been told is the most true
  23. Mechanical - The low prices are tempting, but my mechanics are just wd black \ gold. Although a slide of 2 simple ones might do the job ... Non-EVO drives that are based on TLC and certainly QLC drives will get you the 200GB at such a rate - about 20 gigabytes first at high speed thanks to SLC's cache and everything else will work at less mechanical drive to files Large and not much faster than multi-file mechanics. These drives are supposed to be pretty good for everyday work but once you make a big copy you will actually suffocate the SLC cache and it will hurt normal work. EVO drives are an example of a very high quality TLC application when I think in fact Samsung's TLC chips are better than the rest. And in them you should get good performance for the entire "depth" of the disk regardless of cache damage. It could very well be that what needs to be stored on the side is better left on a quality mechanical drive (or a simple SSD of less than 4T) and the daily work to realize on a fast and quality SSD. 5 Explanatory first paragraphs about working with QLC and SLC cache. Note the performance chart, the crucuial p1 is a cheap QLC drive even though it is NVME. Look for a test that shows the performance differences between the QVO and EVO at 2 or 4Tra. If you are already deducting from a purchase of something cheap, I suggest you avoid buying a cheap product that costs a lot of money or at least match editing expectations: QVO has a respectable cache: qvo-1tb-4tb-ssd-review-qlc-refreshed but the EVO takes it in turn.
  24. In the latest Prime Di QVO it sells for $ 323 before shipping and tax on Amazon. The price at the end of November can be assumed to be lower if you can wait two months. The EVO reaches price levels similar to NVME drives. The other two are mostly for storage, but I guess you'm looking for something suitable for storage. In terms of longevity, keep in mind that if most of the information is static and only slightly moves the drives will hold for a long time, what is the drive for and what system does it go into? Does it really give an advantage over a mechanical disc for you or is it at all a size limit?
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