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  1. Make no mistake, windows has built-in samba support. On the other hand, from experience - not every smart TV reads everything and easily. There are TVs that do not read all the formats, or alternatively fail to pin the subtitles. The Plex is simple and convenient.
  2. I think Windows is just trying to mount it in the BOOT process and gets stuck because it fails. Apparently the drive is finished, if there are no important things on it just disconnect it and the computer will probably boot up properly. If there are important things about it, try restarting the computer until the drive is detected and working (low chance according to what you wrote here)
  3. Do you have any additional hard disks? If so, disconnect them and check again. Usually when there is a hard disk malfunction the windows gets stuck in the phase of the circle.
  4. You can install Plex on your computer, where you share the movies (coming out of a DLNA server). On the TV itself, if it's smart / you have a streamer, you download the Plex app. Works great and free.
  5. The only way is to write down a lower amount. If you are caught you may be fined heavily. I would not be particularly entangled in the knowledge that ticket prices on eBay are not far from the prices in the country. It is already better for you to buy in Eilat.
  6. Intended for the deployment of Bezeq's fibers. Bezeq is also committed to the fiber market. Therefore, it is possible to connect to Cellcom on Bezeq's fiber infrastructure. Regardless, Cellcom is also deploying fiber itself.
  7. Apparently the problem stems from the provider and not necessarily from the media, try to switch provider. In any case, if you do not want to stay with your partner - instead of paying a lot to Bezeq, you will switch to Cellcom, they can provide you with fiber infrastructure on Bezeq infrastructure.
  8. I think it will take some more time for prices to go down. Believes that by the end of the year / beginning of the coming prices will be more stable. Note that at the moment there are already relatively well-stocked stores in most stores, this is already progress.
  9. Sounds like a generic response, obviously the board supports XMP. This does not mean that the XMP will not work, but that it may not work well - as with you. In their own documents it is written that the model of the memories does not validate with XMP. The real question is whether the glitch is back.
  10. Got it, so hope the problem doesn't come back. If she does not return, it may be worth your while to stay with these memories, I'm not sure the difference between 2133 and 3200 is noticeable ... (depending on usage). If it does not come back and fast memories are important to you, I will probably recommend you or wait for support (do not build on this, or contact the manufacturer of the motherboard and ask) if you will replace memories for compatible according to the table. Successfully
  11. Even in Saturn can be found at completely reasonable prices. Of course it is local prices and without shipping or taxes, but the price is approaching the real price. In my opinion, by the end of the current year, prices have already fallen more in the country towards the MSRP. My concern is that the stores in the country will decide to milk the cow and continue to source at a high price even though prices are falling.
  12. I am in favor of not buying until the price straightens out. Not willing to buy at twice the price of what the ticket is supposed to cost and should not encourage stores to continue with this price line. In Germany, prices are already starting to fall in the normal direction (rtx 3070ti at NIS 3000).
  13. In my opinion no, the list on the site should be updated according to the latest BIOS version. You downloaded XMP and the issue was resolved?
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