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  1. It's a great screen but already quite outdated (released on 2016) and not everyone likes its awkward design and the green color of the leather. Already stopped producing it.
  2. Are you going to ask if it can be hung? If so, then the answer is yes. Is VESA Mount. The screen has a high quality stand / stand that is all metal, and not hard plastic like a few high quality screens.
  3. What resolution? Your card will be bordered with 2K screens, but an optimal 27-sized screen at this resolution recommends the Lenovo Legion Y27q-20. The fastest IPS screen on the market that fits both gaming and editing. 1MS and refresh rate of 165 Hz. In your budget, the ASUS VG279Q screen which is 1080P comes in as well as with the IPS and 144HZ panel. But I wouldn't spend that amount on the 1080 screen. A cheaper option but with the "compromise" on the VA screen is the AOC C27G1, the 27 gaming screen at 1080 resolution and the price of NIS 1288. If your refresh rate is not that important to you, go to Dell Dell U2719D.
  4. They are not exactly the same. Don't like all of Gigabyte's gimmicky marketing (tactical screen, ANC, etc.) designed to hide the following facts: Urus response speed isn't really 1MS but more towards 5. In Lenovo and LG it is measured (GTG) at a minimum of 1MS. In Urus you cannot run HDR + 10BIT at the same time, Blanovo is no problem. Gigabyte has released a new model that allows this, but is more expensive (FI27Q), which has angered many customers who purchased the "first" model. The Urus IPS panel is by Inulox, it's hard for me to believe that it is higher quality than LG's NANO IPS, and you will find other screens with the Inulox panel at half the price of the Urus (for example). Add to that the quality of the Lenovo construction, which is phenomenal in this case, the screen doesn't move a millimeter on the table, lacking any RGB but as stable as a tank. From what I understood the urus shakes a little on the table.
  5. The vendors are not to blame, neither are the shops. Lenovo has launched 4 screens of the same name Lenovo Legion Y27Q-20. 2 agrees with the NANO IPS panel, one with speakers, the other without. Both are FreeSync, but with G-Sync Compatible. 2 agrees with the TN panel, one with speakers, the other without, and both with Nvidia G-Sync. In addition to these 4 screens, it has also launched two 240Hz screens with the same name - Y27gq-25 and with support for Nvidia G-Sync.
  6. The importer in the country does not seem to understand what a stunning screen the company is importing to the market. The problem that Lenovo's strong side is probably not marketing either. The screen comes with the new LG panel called NANO IPS, the one on its popular screen today - 27GL850-B. The DP cable that comes with the screen is 1.4 to allow natural 165 Hz, rather than overclocking. HDR and 10 Bit are also supported. Unfortunately, one serious criticism is only in the Chinese language. On paper and in practice, it is currently the fastest 27 IPS screen on the market. Highly recommended.
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