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  1. I bought a new computer and have a number of inputs .

    One entry 3.1, 3.1 and more TYPE C (red)

    Two entries 3 blue in the back. Two USB ports 3 yellow (not closed what it is).

    A few more 2 USB ports back and forth and two more 3 blue USB ports in the front.

    The problem is that I can not make the two sensors connect, only one connecting the other shows a problem.

    I tried to connect to all kinds of configurations, so they would not sit on the same controller. Nothing helped. Only one connects.

    How can I connect them both?

    In addition, how to position the two sensors if I intend to play sitting in front of the computer (but a little far from the table so I can get ahead).

    It seems that if I am too close to the sensors then they can not absorb my hands?

  2. There is a difference between earning a lot of money, and earning all the money.

    Investors do not want to make a lot of money, they want to earn all the money.

    So they push these companies into more and more extreme and more stupid moves, not in creativity but in seeing how much trust can be extended to the fans.

    For investors that Blizzard would be wiped out, if she made a cashier before she burned herself lightly, they earned.

    These companies are companies that are meant to burn down and make a lot of money in a short time and a lot of people are disappointed.

    But keep in mind that these companies operate according to the classic business method of increasing profits slowly and safely.

  3. It's not just the buttons, it's also the magic and lots of games.

    Are you naive to the level of madness? Do you think that Blizzard (actually Activism, some of Blizzard's founders have already left) cares about anything but the profits of investors?

    It has long been not a company that interests her to sell a good game to her fans.


    Of course it's only the rest and everything can change when the game is released.

    But chances are there will be no surprise for the better, because what drives the company is profits for shareholders, not to make the next big game.

    Get a little better, Blizzard is not what she used to be.

    I wish you were right and it would be a great game, the chances of it happening are like the chances of being selected You win the European Cup.

  4. The game will not be good because it is simply a RESKIN of an existing Chinese game.

    In any case, the magic of Blizzard is dissipating, you can attract fans on the nose on the basis of your old glory, but in the end people will understand the cynical exploitation of their enthusiasm and eventually Blizzard will fade and disappear like many before her. This is the first swallow.

  5. Quote of EGarchmorph

    Someone forced someone to buy a ticket? That's the most selfish thing I've heard. If there is not a declaration in the conference that interests you personally, then they will cancel the entire conference? It's also not a Diablo conference, it's a blizzard, it's a conference of all the company and all its projects, not just of PC's, not just of one game, and there were also at least 2 conferences that they talked about not even playing on inter alia but on the movie of Warcraft.

    There is an interest in what is expected of the conference. Since there is an element of surprise, they are expected to supply the goods. It's like I'll sell you a package with a picture of fancy underwear on it, you open it and find it has nothing.

    When you sell a product or service you should meet expectations reasonably.

  6. Your mother is crazy.

    Our country is neither a real democracy nor a free country. Luckily we have good rulers, whose hearts are good for their people, but in principle this country is not free in principle.

    And again, we live in a flawed democracy. We live in a country where the common good exceeds individual rights. We live in a country with many cheaters, thieves and corrupt people.

    We are not the worst, but not the best either.

    You probably do not understand how much corruption and fraud there is in this country. Maybe because you come from the middle class plus, and you did not see in your eyes what could happen to weaker people in the system. On the other hand, you did not see corruption at the top.

    Again I say. It's a state of combine. It has advantages but also many disadvantages.

    There is a certain degree of enforcement, and there is a certain degree of concealment and "oral laws."

    Maybe you're too young to understand.

  7. It does not matter that much ... Why do you think that on your country's servers your information is safer?

    Why do you think the judges and the police are not corrupt?

    We saw the judge, the face of Satan, who coordinated with her interrogator her sentences. What did she get? A sabbatical that was supposed to go out.

    You do not live in a free country, you live in a damaged democracy at best.

    Besides, I think that no system of government will change, because when the ignorant people themselves do not believe in democracy and individual liberties, then no system of government will help.

    There are not many people here in the country who know what democracy and freedoms are. It's a country of combats. It's a nation of combats. The Jews are not your friends and not my friends.


  8. My memory was 2133 but I changed it to XMP with the profile that was there and now it's 3200.

    Before that I also did a BIOS update.

    Updating the speed of the memories was stressful because the computer went off and turned on three times before they even saw the BIOS screen.

    I assumed it was because he did something with that profile.

    Now I will run some test I did when I bought the computer to see with the result changed.

  9. For companies that open centers here. Our engineers are not cheap, but they are also inexpensive. In Europe and the US, it is much more expensive to employ engineers. We may be the advanced Western country with the cheapest engineers compared to Europe and the US.

    Of course Poland is growing stronger in this field and they are cheaper.

    At a certain point, the laurels we rest on will be pulled out when other countries like Poland offer better and cheaper engineers.

  10. Let's sharpen it. In severity we may be strong. There were also significant developments in computer hardware from Israel. And chemistry.

    I focus more on computer science, with the Technion investing all its efforts in graduate students in computer science, and they do not deliver the goods in terms of research.

    Israeli engineers and researchers in computer science are either weak or have very few.

    Probably because the Technion thinks it will invest all its resources in students with high grades and high degrees will lead to discoveries and my name is not outstanding president can not develop important things. On the other hand, the outstanding students of computer science do not deliver the goods.


    My criticism is that the Technion neglects most undergraduate students because it thinks that only the outstanding students are the ones who will develop the important developments. When in reality it is really not like that. And the evidence is that there are almost no developments in computer science from the higher degrees at the Technion. At least not in the last ten years.

    This is if we ignore the poor ethics and lack of respect of the Technion that it is not trying to help each student to realize his potential and not just focus on those who receive the most spelling.

  11. Big deal.

    Again there is a difference between companies that succeed in business and research and good engineers.

    There is also this girl who raised billions for a blood test that does not work. This successful business woman, does not mean she is good at research.

    When you grow up a bit you will find that whoever makes money is not necessarily the one who produces value.

    There are companies whose products are worth nothing and they are sold to one of the giants simply because the CEO sat with a beer with senior people in another company.

    I agree that Israeli business is good.

    My argument is that graduate students at the Technion do not provide the goods in terms of research, whereas they are the students at whom the Technion invests the most.

    My comparison is between MIT and the Technion, from MIT going out lots of new and interesting studies every year (at least in computer science). The Technion is almost nothing. The Technion's excuse is that they do not have the same budgets, but it sounds like shit to me.

    Strong researchers have more in America than Israel. In Israel there are strong businessmen, those who know how to get into places that make money.

  12. Speccy is known as a strange tool?
    What tool can show me the processor's metaphor?


    I removed the tool and found a tool of To OVERCLOCKING but I think it will provide me with the information.

    Should I check for viruses after I have installed this SPECCY or have it already been downloaded?


    In the tool of He also tells me that the EDC is close to 100%

    I found the link below:


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