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  1. Interesting, looks like "unlucky" in the branch, if the discussion has already been revived: I am actually very satisfied with KSP, build cool computers, fix faults properly .. No complaints, excellent service. Here are some examples in BS branches: 1) Power supply made noises, was responsible a week and a half later came back without noises and everything is fine. 2) I accidentally bought an American cable connection, I had it at home I did not need it, I returned to the branch did not have problems. 3) I bought USB 7.1 Razer headphones a few years ago, Walla in one ear did not hear properly I spoke with Razer from abroad said something with the branch, I returned to the branch (was responsible) and got new headphones (I checked on their website even cost 5 NIS More, and still works great.) 4) I bought gaming screens and the seller opened the product at the branch before I took to make sure there were no problems with the screen before leaving the branch. 5) Online orders go smoothly. There were other things I don't really remember. It really depends on which branch probably. Just not nice to slander a person's name online (like the branch seller from the first page).
  2. Can you please give an opinion on the degrees in the package? I want to buy a new hard disk (replace with an existing one), on the way should / should I add a cooling fan. It will help a lot if I get an answer to my response with the questions above please. Thanks so much for helping friends. Besides very nice, 1,020+ views, probably cooling is something that is very important to people 🙂
  3. Hello, I really meant the temperature checking software. thanks for the correction. I uploaded 2 photos from HWmonitor, can you please review the Max Vaule entries? ZA the maximum temperatures listed there, if it is reasonable or better to add a front cooling fan. Water, its fan is placed in the back, it probably does not emit heat? One fan emits upper heat and one lower fan (under hard disks) for cooling. Thank you very much for the help and explanation :)
  4. Hello everyone, I have a kind of problem with the front cooling fan in the case (stock came with the case 120mm), when I turn on the computer sometimes it turns on its own, sometimes tries to turn but does not turn. Luckily not really serious because I can move the fan with my hand and it keeps turning and does not stop. 1) What easy cooling software do you suggest I use? 2) Do I need to do something for the front fan or replace it with another? -> The fan itself is lower, a refrigerator (puts air) under hard disks, and there is a water cooler that takes out air from behind (back) and another 120 mm stock fan that takes out hot air from above (top). Continued question (3) Is it worth adding a 120 or 140 mm fan for cooling on the hard disks in addition to the front (front) of the case or is it important to first check the temperature? Thanks so much for the help and recommendations.
  5. I meant I have a gaming screen with a 23.8 "which supports 2550x1440 (like 27" only smaller). I preferred to go for the first one, after reading reviews, testimonials and by chance I saw a streamer who wrote down the screen name in his specification and in addition also had some summer laying in ksp. And a preference for one game screen, the other for watching something else and the like. The name Asus PG279QE, I was not really interested in the name but what is the difference between PG279Q and PG279QE? There is only E between them. The screen box lists PG279Q and the Internet sometimes lists PG279QE. Another question of interest, the larger the resolution of the screen the smaller the items on the screen will be if you use the recommended settings of the screen? Recommended. Thank you for your help.
  6. Thank you. A friend recommended that I go for a 4K screen because of the new cards on the way out of the new generation 3000+ Nvidia but because of the space that requires the screen size does not fit. Just a little explanation, correct me if possible, before I choose a new screen: I have a Dell screen that supports 23 "G-Sync but with a resolution of 2560x1440 -> can move it to the side that will be used for screen # 2 and the new one will be # 1, more convenient For games and using streaming / viewing. As I recorded up to 27 "larger than the current screen, I saw that there is also a 27" with a resolution of 1920x1080 (smaller than the current resolution). Questions: -> Fix me if it is better to take a 27 "with a resolution of 2560x1440 , To be more comfortable as the current Dell screen? (Only small in inches) -> For screen games - 4 ms is recommended or worth less ms? -> No problem with the company type of screen and if the ms is different from the current screen I have? + Sabba, I will choose a screen with an IPS panel. The main thing that supports - G-Sync if there is no HDR. Thank you very much if you can just guide me through the questions please. Good week! Edit: @ amit14 Thanks but I saw the screen and it has built-in speakers, I bought a pair of Logitech speakers working fine. Prefer a screen without speakers ^^
  7. Hello, thanks for the correction. GTX 1080 video card, games: company of heroes 2, cod warzone mostly strategy and first person. And to use twitch stream sometimes. Thanks so much for the help.
  8. Hello friends, 1) Question: For games which type of screen is recommended more flat or concave? 2) Request: Allow a recommendation for a 27 "screen for gaming up to 3.5K resolution 2560x1440. Since I have an Nvidia video card, it would be good to have it with G-Sync. I prefer without built-in speakers. I would like to switch between the screens from ksp. More recommended than the other from there (because there is also a concave and convex screen). Asus PG279QE 27 '' LED Gaming Computer Screen - Flat Asus VG27BQ 27 '' LED Gaming Computer Screen - Flat Gaming Computer Screen Without Speakers Lenovo Legion Y27gq-20 165Hz Nvidia G-Sync Flat concave gaming computer screen Samsung Odyssey G7 C27G75TQSM HDR 26.9 '' QLED VA 240Hz - concave Thank you very much in advance.
  9. Please say, could it be that over time a black dot of intent like "dead" or "burnt" on the LED screen can heal with the passing of time? I returned from work, turned on the computer and the distressing spot suddenly disappeared. I was really surprised (yesterday she was). Can it heal alone over time or return to peace and be worse by surprise? Thank you so much for your dear friends.
  10. I tried to leave the pixel 10 thin but stayed .. didn't help. Have a warranty, should you check with DELL? I realized from a friend that only if 3 burned pixels can they help .. Is it true? Here's a picture of what it looks like on screen, I'd love to review:
  11. Hello friends, I have a DELL company screen with G-SYNC that has a black dot that can't be downloaded, even in the games you see it .. Probably a 'burnt' screen at a point on the screen? A pesky little spot. The first time I see it .. can it develop and be more severe now? - I have another small screen from Samsung, the screens did kind of "refresh" alone today, maybe that's why the problem was created? I'd be happy to answer what you can do in this case please. Thanks for the help.
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