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  1. No matter what your current Ivy is. Which IP you had when writing your message. This information is always recorded with your carrier ...

    And why would my Internet provider provide this information to just another person?

    you live in a fantasy.

    Every interviewer is allowed to ask what you did in the army, unequivocally. And most of them ask. You do not have to answer, and they'll put it in front of them, and in the end you have no way of proving that you were not hired because you did not serve in the army.


  2. I will explain this slowly so that you understand better: your username -> your IP number on the day and time the message was written -> contact your provider -> the name of the subscriber who was connected to this IP that day and time -> business name in management / Owned by the subscriber or one of his immediate family members : Has:

    Yes you are right. The director of Company X shall consult with the Director of Y (the Competing Company) regarding the employment of employees : kopfpatsch:

    And you know, there are other ways to contribute to the state besides military service.

    First off I can do REST to modem and router and then it's not the same IP.

    The second thing is not that he chooses just because of it but it affects because it also depends on the nature of the person.

    Third thing you do not even know how many colleagues consult.

    Not all companies compete !!!

  3. Nonsense, when I go to a job interview the interviewer can not know what happened in other job interviews.

    And it is enough that the applicant can prove that one of the considerations for not getting him to work is his military past. One thing that really strengthens this is if the interviewer asks him about his military past.

    Once someone is asked to come to a job interview about his military past, they do not get him to work or give him a logical explanation - he can complain about the job he did not receive and has a great chance of winning the lawsuit.

    Again you say nonsense. All the more so a public company does not care if the employee did Or not, it's just not a consideration.

    And repair: a society that respects itself does not break the law.

    And proud of it.

    Once you do not give an explanation, your chances of winning a lawsuit filed against you are nil.

    You must not ask about the military past of a job seeker, once you have done it you have incriminated yourself. As far as the court is concerned, you are guilty even before the trial began.

    Even if you refuse to get someone to work because of a mental problem and you say it or you can prove it - you ate it.

    This message will be forwarded to the appropriate authorities, thank you for helping me keep the law :D

    It will be difficult only in private businesses and not in many of them. A large public or private business just does not put a fuck on it. A private small business - usually does not care. Those who do care (and there are, I do not say they are not at all) are just bad managers and eventually get a lawsuit and stop it.

    You do not know how many managers know about you only by name !!

    What do you think colleagues are consulting with each other all the time about employees !!

    Please if I helped you keep the law, by the way which office is this? : bash: : bash:

    And I think that whoever does not care in the end is eating it because I'm a military visa and most people serve and I think it's unfair that we serve and defend the country when someone sits at home laughing at you.

    I'm not talking about someone with real problems, but about the dead.

  4. Like my father's situation, my father has one of the most famous and successful offices in Israel, and a lot of people want to come and work for him because that's why I'll work for him then ...

    And people came to him even more than an hour's drive away and all sorts of things, but he threw the mummies after the first interview.

  5. As I recall, a business owner who does not receive work because of a military past of the applicant will be able to stand trial.

    : nixweiss:

    First of all, those who need work will not put you on trial for one simple reason that is already giving him a bad reputation and causing people more resistance.

    Second, there are always a thousand and one reasons why to refuse and do not have to say because of the military past ...

  6. Let's start with a different question: What kind of work is this? If it's like a secretary, then what do you care if he's in a wheelchair (I'm just an officer.)

    Businessmen look at it at a different angle from ours, and in most cases there is an advantage to the employee who did not , They will never call him to reserve duty.

    Saving time, and brain confusion with replacements.

    Since when judges work according to military experience, if it is a private business then on ... Military service The main thing works well not going to reserve duty.

    That is not accurate!!

    My father has an architectural firm and he recently looked for an employee and came in draft dodgers and basically he said no.

  7. Memories Take Such - Memories DDR II 800 - 2x1GB OCZ Platinum Revision 2 XTC

    Processor Take the Core 2 Quad Q6600, 1066MHz, s775, 8MB

    Take Take-600W TT as recommended here.

    Motherboard Take such motherboards for my processors GIGABYTE - P35C-DS3R s775 1333Mhz, Intel P35, DDR2, , PCI-E

    Case Take Such- Thermaltake - Thermaltake Armor Jr VC3000BWS

    Or such- Antec - Antec Nine Hundred Ultimate Gamer Black

    Video Card Take what you've suggested.


  8. That's just it!

    It is not exaggerated that for example my friend has now traveled to several competitions (13 in Europe) and European Championship and I also plan something like that.

    So for such things you need a good bike.

    I do not finance the bike, but the treatments and some of the equipment.

  9. To ZeppeliN I'm future and in the future I hope citrus!

    Choose a pizza from Rome What's your name? If you want you can also in the details.

    I'll find her some cute teddy bear that's not junk and that's it. It's OK?

    This is one of the biggest (not stuck) ..

    It's time...

    I think it also helps others who are ashamed to ask no?

    By the way my parents have no problem giving money and everything but only if it's worth it ... say now there's a situation they buy me a bike at 10-15K but they said they had no problem financing just that I would ride ...

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