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  1. I waited to update, after two shipments of the computer back and forth they replaced me with a proper motherboard for free and no more problems.
  2. That's fine, the technician is a third party, just plugged the computer into the power when I was next to him and the computer went up as usual what I did not have, I took back from the lab and it cost me nothing. I then sent to the store I bought from, claiming that the processor was broken. A broken processor can still somehow work partially no?
  3. I have no idea ... sometimes the computer works normally and goes into Windows and sometimes not, probably a point problem that does not disable the whole processor, I did not receive a lab report, I will receive the computer when a new processor arrives
  4. Update: The computer has been tested in the store's lab, found to be defective and will be replaced.
  5. What a board I bought, and now send to an out-of-town store
  6. Wandering the internet is probably the solution because it's a common problem, but I can not see anything on the screen
  7. Not working, I do not remember how I accidentally replaced the BIOS, where is it on the board?
  8. Strange, the computer is less than a year old, so far it has worked great
  9. I have already tried, did not work, if the CPU light is on and it is not a problem in the processor then what could it be? I also tried to replace the battery in the board and reconnect the card / RAM / hard disk, it does not even show BIOS
  10. Hi, when I turn on the ignition all the fans and components are working just fine as usual, there is simply no signal on the screen. A red CPU light comes on the motherboard. Last week I took the computer to a lab technician and for some reason the computer turns on and does a normal bot for Windows. Today again the same problem. I tried connecting different cables to another monitor and monitor using HDMI, DVI and DP without success. In addition, I switched to another case because the case that appears in the list, the power button tended to get stuck and did not cause the computer to turn on, at the moment everything is sitting in the Corsair 220T, which as mentioned worked for about a week without any problems. I have attached pictures of the bulb in the board and of the specification. How can I fix before I send to the lab again? Thanks
  11. Prefer to be structured, I already have one such dongle and it is not reliable. Not satisfied with it.
  12. Yes I noticed now that the chassis comes with a supplier in addition to the separate supplier, what alternative do you recommend for the chassis and board? WIFI is not critical but BT is yes
  13. Thanks a lot, does the TMS website also sell printers by chance? I did not find the category at all
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