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  1. Not intended for gaming, general use. I remain loyal to DELL. So this is either the 2K or 4K model with an increase to 125-150%.
  2. If I can get the 4K screen for the same price as the 2K? Still better to go for the 2K? Talking about the models: Dell U2721DE Dell U2720Q
  3. There should be no problem, just note that the timings are a bit different. Yes, will work on 2400.
  4. SATA? If so there are great deals on the Samsung EVO 860 on Amazon.
  5. shai82

    evo 970 plus - Buy on Amazon

    Because of you I ordered too
  6. In KSP the stock runs out. I was planning to buy, I hope the inventory will be renewed soon.
  7. The username in Windows is in Hebrew by chance?
  8. What memory frequency should you match to 5600? 3600 is that okay? I read that 4000 is better but they are significantly more expensive.
  9. Nice that they are already offering for sale, but I never understood why their site is still stuck in the 90s, a site that is inconvenient and not inviting at all.
  10. Listen, you don't have to be smart about anything. I asked a logical question, after all, Intel processors were available on launch day.
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