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  1. Write in a search in Windows sign in options There is an option called Require sign in
  2. Do not understand what you want from them, you bought a computer in parts, they do not owe you anything regarding the other normal parts.
  3. 1. Depends on whether you want to add another 2.5 size disc, if I would not go for the lower model. 2. You need DDR4 so dimm 2666 MHz, no matter what company, regulation of one of the well-known companies is simple.
  4. You would get the tax refund automatically even without asking them. And rightly so, their service is excellent. Prefers them over service in country stores.
  5. In Language settings, look for Unicode settings and there you will change to Hebrew.
  6. shai82

    RSM Kfar Saba

    Disgusting conduct. Sounds like they got tangled up with the test, they had to take responsibility for it and take care of it, even if it required them to get help from another lab and lose money. Offers you to repair the computer in another lab or the official lab of the importer and then demand from them the cost of repair.
  7. There is not too much truth, only there will be 2 M.2 connections. And a BIOS update button. It seems to me that all the B550s fit. Thanks.
  8. Hello friends, looking for a board for 5600X. I probably will not perform OC. I was thinking of the Gigabyte B550M AORUS PRO what do you think? Any other recommendations? Thank you
  9. Yes, they are fine. You have 2 slots on this computer and a maximum of 32 GB of memory.
  10. Not intended for gaming, general use. I remain loyal to DELL. So this is either the 2K or 4K model with an increase to 125-150%.
  11. If I can get the 4K screen for the same price as the 2K? Still better to go for the 2K? Talking about the models: Dell U2721DE Dell U2720Q
  12. There should be no problem, just note that the timings are a bit different. Yes, will work on 2400.
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