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  1. Hi friends, I am abroad but I need a new computer and I am really debating between 3 computers, the main use is normal work without serious graphic processing, sometimes basic video cropping or basic image processing ... I do not need a keyboard / mouse / Antivirus, but I will need WIFI capability (it is possible to add an external stick). * The two cheap ones look the same but it is noted that they have a different CPU SPEED * Does the difference between them liqueur justify a doubling of the price? Or affects
  2. thanks to both of you! I know docking stations, their price does not justify the purchase just for two screens. The question is whether it is possible to check according to the hardware / software specifications if this is possible, before I buy two screens ...
  3. Hi, I have an HP PROBOOK 455 G2 laptop with Windows 7 and I want to work with 2 monitors (instead of the laptop screen). It has a VGA port and an HDMI port and several USB ports but I do not know if they will work in parallel. Anyone know if this is possible?
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