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  1. A low-level article, it seems that an attempt has been made to paint an optimistic and restrained picture for one of Intel's most failed launches in recent years. The professional sites / visitors kill the 11900 without mercy, and here's dear Lior - you're trying to embellish an ugly act of Intel. Intel has been and remains a bullying company that has been selling air to tourists in recent years. Unfortunately - you encourage this phenomenon by actually formulating and washing this words of yours. Criticism is an important thing, but unfortunately I do not see criticism here, just an Intel fan who is not even trying to be objective.
  2. You took the words out of my mouth, I recognized Lior even before I saw that it was him. His style is not objective and very flattering to Intel. There is a good situation that he / the site gets something from it.
  3. I still do not understand, Intel processors have long since become a cliché in gaming, why do you insist on continuing with them in reviews? Is it so difficult to convert to 5900?
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