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  1. Thank you very much, something small that I was told on TMS because of which I chose Intel anyway. They claimed my memories make trouble with boards that fit AMD know this? The cooling I have today - CPU cooling - Arctic cooling freezer 7 pro rev 2 provides? Will the new AMD processors be able to work on the board you proposed?
  2. After a lab test it turned out that the damage was greater than I thought, gone - motherboard, processor and SSD drive. This is what I was thinking of buying - https://www.tms.co.il/158918 What do you think? Will the motherboard be a bottleneck for the speed of memories? Is there a cheaper motherboard that can do the same job? Also what cooling is recommended to add to the i9 processor? What is the difference in performance that will give the 10900 compared to the 10700? (I'm aware that new AMD processors are coming out better soon, but I need the computer to get back to me in the next few days and not wait a few weeks or months for stock, without a computer). Thank you very much for your help
  3. I tested it with a volt meter power peak, after the test I also connected it to another system that even requires a little more than mine and it worked peaks. Eventually I came to the conclusion that the problem is with the processor or motherboard. And I sent the computer for testing. After that I will probably replace a motherboard (on the recommendation of the great people here in the pre-purchase consulting forum) and if there is no choice I will also replace a processor.
  4. Thanks, in short according to the article and given that in the future I am expecting an upgrade to the system I think it is smarter to buy a motherboard only tomorrow. Maximum on the day I upgrade the system in the future I will replace a CPU and motherboard. If even after replacing the motherboard the system does not work, which I9 processor is recommended?
  5. I will not last a month without a computer I heard good things about Ryzen but I want the computer to come back in the shortest possible time The Ryzen 5600X is expected to be more powerful than the current generation of intel?
  6. The specs are absolutely excellent, I have had them for two years and I built with the help of the great company here in the forum about the fact that the processor is probably working, yes I am aware of this from the tests I did I think chances are a cockroach will burn or there is a short and really good chance of working. But I thought that if I was already replacing a motherboard, this was an opportunity to replace the CPU as well. I know that in the coming year I will change the screen to a 4K screen and as a result I will upgrade to a more serious video card. Equipping with a newer processor will not help in this sector? Can upgrading to i9 improve performance? The computer is used 90% for games and occasionally for Netflix or YouTube.
  7. For some reason I can not upload an image, this is the existing specification - video card - Palit GeForce GTX 1080 Dual OC 8GB DDR5 power supply - Corsair RM650x PSU 80+ gold modular case - Anter p110 silent super mid tower CPU cooling - Arctic cooling freezer 7 pro rev 2 memory - Corsair dd4 16g (8x2) 3000 csl15 vegeance storage - 1. ADATA XPG DDF 480GB sx8200 M.2 2280 2. Seagate hdd 2.0 TB 64 mb sata3 barracuda CPU and motherboard replaced - Intel Core i7 8700 MSI z370-a pro regarding New processor, I thought this was an opportunity to upgrade to i9 but I see it will slightly exceed the budget
  8. Thank you! I tried to create a short in the motherboard and it did not help the problem probably in the processor or motherboard, I tested the computer with a voltmeter and tried to connect all the removable components including a video card to another system and they worked
  9. Of course I immediately cleaned all the water and then left the computer for the night in the morning I tried to turn on there was a light for a second and then stopped. I checked with a volt meter the power I saw was working, I took the computer to a friend we disconnected a component and connected to another system and worked except for a processor and motherboard and hence I think these are the damaged components or one of them. Questionnaire: 1. What is the maximum budget? Is an exception possible if necessary? Maximum budget 2000-2500 (preferably less if possible) 2. What is the use of the computer (games, graphic editing, office work, HD content for example), is there a specific example of a game or software? Games 3. Is there a need for peripherals (for example: keyboard, mouse, speakers and screen)? No, this is a demon
  10. Hi friends, unfortunately this past weekend I spilled water on my computer, and after a thorough check I did the problem either on motherboard or CPU. I decided that if already one of them went it was an "opportunity" to upgrade. I thought of upgrading to intel I9 and motherboard that could also incorporate 3080RTX (or 4080 when the day comes) I would appreciate your help in choosing a motherboard and processor - purchase from TMS or plonter is the existing system - thank you very much!
  11. Hi friends, I used a computer and accidentally spilled a glass of water some of the water was spilled on the stationary computer and before I could turn it off myself it just turned off. I wiped all the water I saw I opened the whole case and it seems that the whole area of ​​the CPU motherboard and video card was not damaged at all by the water. My main concern is about the power supply, currently about two hours have passed and when I tried the computer did not turn on (made half a second life signs and turned off) the power supply Corsair rm650 has a way to check if the power burned out? What is recommended to do in such situations?
  12. Thank you! I took this supplier with the 5 year warranty. We made the order left only to choose a screen that it will be done in a separate order in the coming days Thank you very much for the help again (not the first time you help me)!
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