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  1. I am also hot + hotnet. But for some reason I do not think the blame is on the connection. Something is just wrong with their servers in connection to the country. I understand I can not fight alone against windmills. I would be happy if some could send a message on the matter to 2K. Maybe so, if they see that there are some applicants from Israel regarding the malfunction, they will really decide to do something about it.
  2. Hey. I understand that no one has an answer on the subject. Can you run the test on your computer? Just write the command "tracert" in cmd and let us know here what results were obtained. Thanks for the helpers.
  3. Hello everyone. Since I bought the NBA 2K Playground 2 game for the PlayStation 4 more than two years ago, I can barely find a game online, and when that happens, the game is so very laggy that I can't play properly and get a win. On the other hand, when I am connected in Coop mode with another user (from Europe by the way), the connection is already more stable and I encounter much less serious bugs, but you can still play the game, and of course the connection is more stable compared to mine. Last week I decided to try my luck in front of the company's support. In my application I mentioned the phenomenon. They offered me to perform a traceroute and pathping to the IP they gave me: The log (attached to this post)
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